How to Permanently Delete Skype for Yourself or a Loved One


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Skype is a very popular video calling service around the world. For many years, it has served long-distance friends, partners, colleagues, and collaborators. Skype also offers a secondary chat service, where you can type messages to your video contacts. Today, Skype is a part of the Microsoft suite. This includes other internet-based products such as Xbox, Live, and OneDrive. Through single sign-on, one username and password grants you access to each of these services. 

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These days, many people are considering deleting their online presence. Should you decide that this is the right move for you, you might start by finding out what websites you have an account with. If you no longer use or need Skype, you may want to reduce your online presence by deleting this account. 

Wrapping up the digital legacy of one of a loved one who has died is another reason you may be deleting a Skype account. This is a smart thing to do to prevent cyberattacks and hacking of unused accounts. 

How to Permanently Delete Your Skype Account

Deleting your Skype account by itself has become a thing of the past. At one point, Skype was a standalone software. Then it was purchased by Microsoft. Now, to fully delete your Skype account, you’ll need to delete the Microsoft account that it’s associated with.

If you want to hang on to your Microsoft account, there are some alternatives. Instead of just deleting your account, we’ll cover some options that can help you curb Skype's influence on you, too.

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Cancel any Skype subscriptions

Skype subscriptions give you a monthly or yearly amount of minutes to call a particular country or use another service they offer. When deleting Skype, the first step is to make sure you won’t continue to be charged for these subscriptions.

On your Skype account page, you’ll see a link that says “Manage” referencing your current subscriptions. When you click it, you should see a link that says “Cancel Subscription" beneath the details of each one. Follow the prompts after you’ve clicked this button to make sure they are canceled.

Cancel Auto-Recharge on Skype Credit

If you use Skype Credit rather than a subscription to make calls, make sure you don’t have Auto-Recharge activated. This setting automatically purchases more Skype Credit when you run low.

To deactivate Auto-Recharge, access the link “Buy Skype Credit.” From there, un-select “Save Time With Auto-Recharge.” This ensures you won’t continue to be charged if your credit expires and runs low.

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Delete your Microsoft account

Once you’ve deleted your subscriptions and ended auto-recharge, Skype should not charge you anymore. At this point, you need to decide whether untethering from Skype is worth deleting your Microsoft account. There isn’t a way to delete Skype without canceling your Microsoft account as well.

If you are set on deleting Skype but want to continue to use Microsoft, there is a workaround. You’ll need to delete your current Microsoft account and start a new one that uses other services, but not Skype.

To delete your Microsoft account, follow these steps:

  • Review the contents of your account. Download any data from services you use that you don’t want to lose.
  • Go to the “Close Your Account” page. Double-check that you are signed in to the right account. This is extra critical if you use a shared computer.
  • Check the boxes indicating that you understand the results of this process. You can pause the process if you don't agree with any of the terms of the deletion. You can always come back and delete the account later.
  • Pick the reason why you wish to leave your Skype account and thus your other Microsoft services. Microsoft uses this info to improve their products.
  • Select “Mark Account for Closure.”
  • Stay signed out of your account for 60 days. This procedure is necessary because of the “waiting period” that Microsoft imposes. If you log back in, the closure of the account will be canceled and you’ll need to start over.
  • After 60 days elapse, your Microsoft account (and your Skype account) should be permanently deleted.
  • At any point during the process, you can start a new Microsoft account. You can use it for other services, like OneDrive and Xbox, but not Skype.

How to Delete a Skype Account on Behalf of Someone Who Has Died

If you are tying up loose ends and closing accounts for a deceased loved one, you will need to contact Microsoft to delete a Skype account. As mentioned, Skype accounts are part of a larger Microsoft account, so you have to request that Microsoft close the entire account.

They cannot pick and choose between Microsoft services, much like you cannot do this for a personal account. However, closing important accounts is a big part of handling someone's final affairs. If you're currently experiencing a loss, our post-loss checklist is a great guide through your next steps.

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Contact Microsoft Support

To remove a Skype account, you’ll want to contact Microsoft Support. When writing to them, offer any information you have regarding the Skype account. Helpful details include your relationship to the deceased, their username, and an obituary.

You might also send a copy of the death certificate. Providing this information up front will ensure the process moves as quickly as possible.

Follow-up as necessary

A Microsoft Support representative should respond to your message. If they request more information, respond to them quickly to keep the conversation alive. If you aren't the executor or administrator of the estate, they may request their contact information.

As soon as you’ve provided any outstanding information, they should delete the Microsoft account along with the attached Skype account. 

Escaping Your Old Skype Account

Skype is a great resource for those who rely on video calling. However, if your loved one has passed away, canceling their Skype account is a smart way to tighten up their digital legacy

For your Skype account, you may find that you don’t miss it. Getting rid of accounts you aren’t using can be a relief. The simpler your online presence is, the easier it is to focus your time and energy on what really matters. It also makes things easier for your family members and friends after your death.

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