How to Permanently Delete a Tumblr Account: Step-By-Step


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Nothing says “Infinite scrolling overdose” quite like Tumblr does. This blogging website grew in popularity for its attractive templates and addictive design. It also fosters community through an easy ability to “reblog” something that you find interesting, from photographs to quotes to longer writing.

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Still, after many years in existence, you might be ready to try a new blogging platform or just take a break from the Tumblr life. You can choose to delete your Tumblr account using the simple process created by the site.

On the other hand, if a deceased loved one of yours was an avid Tumblr user, you may want to delete their blog as a part of closing down their digital accounts for an uncluttered digital legacy.

How to Permanently Delete Your Tumblr Account

If you only want to delete one blog within your larger Tumblr account, there is a separate path to getting rid of it. You go to your blog’s settings and click “Delete Blog" just for your secondary blog. If you're leaving a group blog and letting others continue, you’ll click a button that says “Leave Blog” instead.

Deleting your primary or only blog, it turns out, is associated with deleting your whole Tumblr account. All of these choices are irreversible, so be sure you’re ready when you complete these steps!

Here's how to permanently delete your Tumblr account:

  • Go to account settings or blog settings.
  • Review the consequences of deletion, and proceed.

Tip: Ensure that your digital assets are taken care of according to your wishes by making a will. You can easily create one from home with an online will maker like Trust & Will.

Go to account settings or blog settings

If you use your primary blog as your only blog, you can go to either the settings for your whole account or settings for that particular blog. In either menu, you should find the “Delete Account” option.

Review the consequences of deletion, and proceed

Deleting your account on Tumblr deletes all the blogs that you’re the sole owner of and releases your URLs so that someone else can use them as a blog title.

This option, unlike deleting secondary blogs, is only available in a browser. If you have been working with iOS or Android, log into a computer to make this step official.

Once you click “Delete Account,” you cannot get your account back. Be aware that your email address can be used to start a new account, which is helpful if you ever want to start over with a new Tumblr account.

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How to Permanently Delete a Tumblr Account for Someone Who Has Died

You can request that an inactive Tumblr be removed from the site on behalf of someone who’s died. As part of our post-loss checklist, we highly recommend deleting personal accounts and social media pages for your loved one. This keeps their information private, and it avoids having the account fall into the wrong hands. 

If you've got log-in info already, you can use the above process, but most people will need to reach out to a Tumblr admin to get help. Here are the steps to make this happen.

  • Start by contacting Tumblr about the account.
  • Share any follow-up information they need.

Tip: You can continue a loved one's digital legacy with a virtual memorial on a platform like GatheringUs. They even have specialists who can guide and support you through the planning process.

Start by contacting Tumblr about the account

Use the Tumblr support form to contact them with the Tumblr URL or username that your loved one was using. Include your request that they take the Tumblr page down and delete it, along with evidence that your loved one has passed away, like an obituary.

Your best choice from the dropdown menu of topics is probably “Something else.” They have an attachment option if you want to upload the death certificate or a scan of the obituary. Including this information may be overkill, but in some cases, it can expedite the process.

If you prefer not to share that information yet, you can wait till the support rep contacts you personally.

Share any follow-up information they need

Tumblr’s support team will reach out either with a confirmation of the deletion or with a question or concern.

You can help by responding promptly and giving them whatever they are asking for as confirmation of identity, such as proof that you're the estate administrator.

In any case, you can use the public URL for the Tumblr page to confirm when it’s been deleted.

Tumblr Account Deletion FAQs

As you consider how far you want to distance yourself from Tumblr, you may want to delete posts rather than your whole account.

You also may wonder about the best way to start the process of deleting Tumblr. Here are some commonly asked questions about backing away from Tumblr.

How do you delete Tumblr on your iPhone or Android app?

For now, deleting your Tumblr account from your iPhone or Android app isn’t possible. You must delete the account in a browser, then uninstall the app from your phone once your blog is gone.

How do you delete a Tumblr post?

You can delete Tumblr posts as long as you are signed in, either on your mobile Tumblr app or on your browser-based Tumblr page.

You will see a trash icon on mobile at the bottom of your post, which you can click on. If you're using a laptop or desktop browser, click on the gear icon at the bottom of the post and choose “delete.”

Can you mass delete Tumblr posts?

You can mass delete Tumblr posts! The Mass Post Editor, which is accessed through, allows you to fairly quickly find and delete a bunch of posts.

Taking Time Away From Tumblr

Tumblr had its heyday a few years ago. While it remains an active blogging platform, you may have found a different spot for blogging you prefer. You might even be at the stage where you want less of an online presence, or you want to delete yourself from the internet entirely. 

Getting rid of your Tumblr might not be your first priority if you’re preparing resources for your family after death. If you’re planning, end-of-life planning tools can help make it easier. Your loved ones will be able to grieve without the stress of handling a messy estate.

If you're looking to delete more accounts for a deceased loved one, read our guides on deleting eBay accountdeleting Skype accounts, and deleting Uber accounts.


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