How to Permanently Delete a Twitter Account


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Twitter is an easy way to stay connected. And with the rise of the digital age, it’s become a quick way to get information. With strict character limits, essays on Twitter are rare.

Short and to the point is Twitter’s primary messaging approach. That makes it a very popular social media platform. But if you’ve given Twitter a try and realized it isn’t your cup of tea, you can always delete your account. Here’s how to do it. 

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Post-planning tip: If you are the executor for a deceased loved one, handling the details of their unfinished business such as closing active accounts can be overwhelming without a way to organize your process. We have a post-loss checklist that will help you ensure that your loved one's family, estate, and other affairs are taken care of.

How to Permanently Delete Your Own Twitter on Mobile or Desktop

Deleting Twitter can feel like a big step. What if that’s the way you kill time at the doctor’s office or your main time-waster? In an age where many people struggle with social media addiction, it might be a difficult choice. Or, you might never use it and realize your account is unnecessary. No matter your reasons for deleting Twitter, it’s a pretty straightforward process. 

Log in to your account

Before you can delete your account, you’ll be prompted to log in with your password. Once you log in, click on your profile icon. A drop-down menu will appear. 

Deactivate your account

From that drop-down menu, select “Settings and Privacy”. On that page, there will be an “Account” option. Click on that, and then scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the “Deactivate Your Account” option.

You’ll be prompted to read through the account deactivation information before you can proceed. If you read through everything and still want to deactivate your account click “Deactivate [username]”. 

You’ll be required to reenter your Twitter handle and confirm your password at this point. You will be prompted to select the “Deactivate Account” button again to finalize the process. 

Why can’t I delete it?

Deactivation and deletion mean two very different things in the online world. Deactivation means your account is invisible. No one can see it or access it, even you.

But that doesn’t mean it’s erased from the Internet. It can be reactivated, usually within a window of time set by the company. Deleting something means that it’s gone completely and can’t be restored. 

Twitter doesn’t allow for immediate deletion of accounts. Deactivating puts your account in a temporary freeze. If you don’t reverse the deactivation after 30 days, your account will be deleted. There’s nothing you can do to speed up that process. 

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How to Permanently Delete a Deceased Loved One’s Twitter

Deleting someone else’s Twitter account can be important for safety reasons. Many hackers use the information of deceased people to take out loans and credit cards. Not only can this be unsafe, but it also gives you an opportunity to save any of your loved one's digital assets or tweets. 

Taking care of your loved one's affairs after they're gone can be confusing and time-consuming. Make it a bit simpler by following along with our post-loss checklist. We help you navigate each step of the process, from deleting accounts to managing their finances.

Twitter’s privacy policy

When you’re logged into your account, you can submit requests or reports. This is helpful if you have a question or need to help close down the account of someone else. Go to "Help Center" > "Submit a Ticket" > "Report a Violation" > "Twitter privacy policy inquiries" to find it.

Then, click on the “I want to request the deactivation of a deceased or incapacitated person’s account.” 

Fill out the form 

The form that Twitter provides is full of simple questions. What was the deceased person’s Twitter handle? What is your name? And what is your relationship with them? 

Once you’ve answered all these questions, Twitter will review the form and then reach out to you again. 

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Submit your documents

Twitter will email you with instructions after they’ve reviewed your request. If you’re responsible for managing someone’s digital assets after death, it’s helpful to know what they wanted to be done with their social media.

The process for deactivating some else’s Twitter account is straightforward. You will need to submit a copy of the deceased’s death certificate and a copy of your ID. Once the request has been reviewed and confirmed, Twitter will deactivate the account. 

It's important to know whether your loved one shared any instructions in their will for their digital accounts. In the future, you might wish to do the same. You can easily share your wishes and instructions by creating an online will with Trust & Will. Otherwise, talk to your loved ones about what you want to happen to your own accounts. 

Deleting Twitter: FAQs

You might not want to delete your account. But you might want to delete a single Tweet, or just step away for a time. If you’d like to delete Twitter on a small scale, here’s what you need to know. 

How can you delete an old Twitter account?

Some of us have an old ‘graveyard’ of social media accounts. Maybe you tried Twitter years ago and decided that it wasn’t for you. But you never went back and deleted it.

The good news is even if you haven’t used your account in a long time the process for deleting an old account is simple. You follow the same steps as the deactivation process listed above. 

If your account is old, and you don’t remember the password, try searching through Google’s password manager. It might have been saved for you. Otherwise, you should be able to request to reset your password to help you access your account. 

How do you delete a Tweet?

You can’t delete someone else’s Tweets. You can only delete your own. And to do that, you’ll need to log in and visit your profile page. Then, scroll through your posts until you find the one you want to delete. Look for a downward arrow icon. This will provide a list of options for what you want to do with your post. "Delete Tweet" will be one of the options. 

What’s the difference between Twitter deactivation and permanent deletion?

On Twitter, deactivation isn’t a big deal. You can try deactivating your account to see if you miss it, or if you’d rather have Twitter in your life. Twitter gives you 30 days to make that decision.

Follow the steps listed above to deactivate it, and your account will exist only in limbo for thirty days. If thirty days have passed, and you’ve done nothing to reactivate your account, it will be deleted. 

Deactivation is an easy way to hide everything from the Internet. It renders things invisible and keeps you offline. Reactivation isn’t challenging to do, but you have to do it within the appropriate window of time. Deletion is permanent. You can’t undo it, recover your account, or change your mind later. 

Creating a Plan for Your Social Media

Twitter and other forms of social media can be time-wasters. And so many people have accounts now, it can be difficult to switch off. But deleting your account or the account of a loved one might be the right thing to do. If you have a lot of social media accounts, consider making an end-of-life plan.

That way your family will know what to do with your social media after you die. Making a plan will help your family and friends during a difficult time. And with so many things going on, some things will slip through the cracks. By planning and communicating your wishes, you can make sure that your online accounts are taken care of. 

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