How to Delete Your or a Loved One’s Uber Account


Whether you are a driver or a rider, having Uber may be a very useful thing for you. That is until you no longer want it! Maybe you have decided that you aren’t just done for now but done forever with your Uber account. It can be difficult to know if your account is completely deleted or if you just removed it from your phone. 

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Or, you may be working on deleting and removing old accounts for a loved one who has died. Having this information is helpful when closing out accounts. Closing accounts also prevents your information from being hacked or stolen. Unfortunately, closing digital assets after death can be surprisingly time-consuming. But following these simple steps can help you cross something off that list. 

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How to Delete an Uber Passenger Account

It may be tempting to only delete the application from your phone and move on. But your Uber account still exists if you choose to go in this direction. Your account and all the information in it is still available. It just won’t show up on your phone. Here is the best way to completely delete the rider portion of your account.

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Open the Uber website or app

Uber offers clear instructions about how to delete an Uber account. When you're in the app, make sure that you're signed in before you get started.

Select settings and choose privacy settings

Then go to "Settings", then "Privacy Settings", and find the "Delete Account" button to start the process that way. You’ll have to re-enter your password and read through a section where Uber explains the consequences of deleting your account.

Follow instructions in the “Delete Your Account” pages

Some of the pages will ask you why you are leaving. If you have additional Uber accounts, like a Driver Partner account or Uber Eats account, you’ll be asked if you want to delete those too. These pages tend to be fairly straightforward.

However, knowing that they are coming can help you decide how you want to proceed. If you want to get rid of every facet of your Uber account, or if there are parts of it you want to keep, now is a good time to decide.

Once you’ve followed all the instructions, your account will be temporarily deactivated for 30 days. Even though you may not have Uber on your phone your account will still exist for this period. Uber does this just in case you decide you want to reactivate your account.

Having this buffer period saves the company a lot of effort. It means they don’t have to create an entirely new account for you if you decide to reactivate your account within these 30 days. So if you change your mind, your account will still be accessible during this window.

Just remember that signing back in will reactivate your account, so make sure you stay signed out of the account for at least 30 days. You can do a test after that to ensure your account is completely deleted.

How to Delete an Uber Partner or Driver Account

Deleting a Partner Driver account is a more complex process. An Uber representative will have to review your request before it can be approved.

Since you're a contractor with the company, they want to make sure that all payments and tax information are correct. They don't want you to disappear without resolving any unfinished business.

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Click “I want to delete my account”

The process for deleting your account as a driver is similar to how you would delete a rider account.

The same button above (either at this website or under “privacy settings” in the app) will begin the process. As someone with a Driver Partner account, the process will involve additional questions.

Select and explain which accounts you’re deleting

Like your Rider account, any Uber services you’ve used will be available for deletion, including your Driver Partner account. You’ll be given a list of reasons why you might want to delete this account, or you can fill in a custom reason.

Wait for confirmation that your paperwork is in order

After you submit your request, Uber will send you an email letting you know if your driver account has been deleted or not. The email will inform you if there are outstanding issues that need to be resolved. These could be relevant for your taxes so don’t be frustrated.

It’s also important to note; you can delete this account without deleting your Rider account. If you want the whole account gone, you’ll need to select both options, Rider and Driver Partner, for deletion.

How to Delete an Uber Eats Account

Deleting Uber Eats as an application is easy. However, to completely close your Uber Eats account, you have to delete your whole Uber account, since they are tied to each other.

Quick solve: delete the app

If you intend to keep using Uber for transportation but don’t want Uber Eats to tempt you, just delete the app! Your account isn’t gone, but it won’t show up on your phone anymore. 

Longer solve: go through the whole Uber account shutdown process

As described above, deleting your Uber account can take a little while. Deleting your account is the only way to fully shut down an UberEats account.

If you wanted to, you could delete your full Uber account and then make a new account just for rideshare. This would allow you to use Uber’s ride services without having UberEats associated with your account. 

The Deletion Process for a Loved One’s Uber Account

No need to guess the password on a loved one’s Uber account. Send an email to explaining your relationship to the deceased. Be prepared to share any account information you have. Let them know you want to close their account and ask what steps you need to take to do it.

If your loved one was an active Uber driver, they may have pending payments. Working with the support representative you may be able to get those funds added to your loved one’s estate. If you are working to shut down accounts, Uber may require some documentation, like a death certificate.

Find out what version of the certificate they’ll accept. You may be able to submit a scan of the document rather than sending a certified copy.

Tying Up Loose Ends with an Uber Account

The steps outlined above may seem complicated, especially if you don’t have any log-in information to help you. But the process is more time consuming than complicated. If you find yourself getting frustrated, take a break. If you’re really feeling frustrated ask a friend or family member to take over so you can focus on something else. 

If reading this article made you realize you have a lot of password-protected accounts and apps consider creating an account with a reliable password manager.

Once you have all your usernames and passwords in one place, you can use it whenever you need it. You can also share it with someone you trust, who, in the event of your death, could close and delete accounts easily. This is all part of the process when you start end-of-life planning


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