How to Permanently Delete a Venmo Account


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As you probably know, Venmo is a popular financial app that allows you to send and receive money easily between two people. You can send your $20 for brunch to your friend through your phone before you even get up from the table.

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But if you’ve found an app you like better—such as PayPal or Google Wallet—it might be time to close your account. Or, you might be responsible for a loved one’s digital assets after death and are in charge of closing their accounts. If that’s the case, take a look at these tips to make deleting a Venmo account easy. 

How to Completely Close Your Own Venmo Account

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For most people, the Venmo mobile app is the easiest way to use the service. But when it comes to deleting your account, you can’t do it from the app. 

Here are the steps to completely closing your Venmo account:

  • Log in
  • Transfer your funds
  • Delete your account
  • Check your email
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Log in

You might use Venmo often. If that’s the case, your password is probably stored within the app. You don’t have to log in every single time.

But that means you might’ve forgotten your password. If that’s the case, Venmo provides a handy link to reset your password. You can also dig through your password manager, or Google Chrome or other browsers may already store your passwords.

Transfer your funds

Venmo won’t let you close your account if it still has funds available or transactions in progress. You’ll need to do one of two things. You can always return the funds to the sender. 

If you want to keep the money, transfer it into your bank account. Normally this will take a few business days, but if you want an instant bank transfer, Venmo will charge you a small fee.

Delete your account

After you’ve transferred all your funds, and logged into your account, click “Settings.” Near the bottom of the page, click “Close My Venmo” account, then “Next.”

Before you close your account, you’ll need to review your most recent statement. Once that’s done, click “Close Account” again.

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Check your email

When your account is finally closed down, Venmo will send one final email to the address associated with your Venmo account. It’ll include your transaction history and a goodbye message.

How to Delete a Deceased Person’s Venmo Account

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If you’re responsible for keeping track of someone else’s digital afterlife, you might need to close their Venmo account. An important step in the post-loss checklist is deleting any unnecessary accounts, like a Venmo account. Because Venmo is tied to finances, it could pose a risk if it's left open. Luckily, there are many options for deleting a deceased person's Venmo account. 

Here are some steps to delete a deceased loved one's Venmo account.

  • Try to log in
  • Contact Venmo

Try to log in

If you know your deceased loved one’s username and password, try logging in. Then you can delete it by following the steps above.

If you know how to get into their email, you can always use the “Reset Password” option, too. Or if you are in charge of their entire digital legacy, you might be able to get into their phone. If they have the Venmo app, this will let you change the login details. That way, you can log in through a computer and delete it from there. 

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Contact Venmo

Venmo doesn’t have an established policy for family members to follow. If you can’t log in to your loved one’s account, try to call Venmo at 855-812-4430 to explain your situation. And be prepared to fax or email them important documents, like your ID and their death certificate

Venmo Deletion: Frequently Asked Questions

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You might not want to delete the entire account, or you may want to do it privately. If that’s the case, try these tips to make it easier. 

Can I delete my Venmo account from my personal computer?

Yes! In fact, it’s recommended. When it comes to logging into personal sites, especially ones that store your financial information, it’s best to use a personal computer. This ensures a greater level of security. And, it also helps ensure the next person using the computer won’t hack into your bank account. 

How do I delete payment or bank account information on Venmo?

You can delete this information from the app. Log in to the account, and tap on the icon with three horizontal bars. Then, go to “Settings.” Navigate to “Payment Methods,”, then tap on the bank account or payment information you want to erase. Tap “Remove Bank,” and you’re set.

How do you delete transactions or transaction history on Venmo?

Venmo doesn’t allow you to delete transactions. You can, however, make them private. Log into your account and go to “Settings.” This lets you navigate into the “Privacy” portion of your account. Then, adjust your settings. 

You can be the only person who sees your transactions. With that setting, only you and the person you sent money to will see it.

Handling Financial Affairs

A deceased loved one’s financial affairs are a touchy situation. But if they started end-of-life planning, your job might be easier. Do your best to sort through their digital life, and take it one step at a time. By prioritizing financial accounts, you’ll avoid any surprises later on. 

Post-planning tip: If you are the executor for a deceased loved one, handling the details of their unfinished business such as closing active accounts can be overwhelming without a way to organize your process. We have a post-loss checklist that will help you ensure that your loved one's family, estate, and other affairs are taken care of.


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