How to Completely Delete a Walmart Account: Step-By-Step


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The name Walmart is synonymous with fast shopping and low prices. Most of their locations are open 24/7, and you likely have one—or several—in your town. In past years, they’ve stayed on top of the quick-and-cheap retail market. 

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In recent years, Walmart has moved its services online. And they deliver right to your doorstep. One feature of their online services is the ability to create an account. That allows you to track orders, and easily find details of old orders.

But there might come a time when you want to delete your account. Maybe you’re done using Walmart’s services, and want to get rid of your account. Or, you are working your way through a loved one’s digital assets after their death. If they had a Walmart account, you’ll need to shut it down to prevent fraud. Unfortunately, Walmart’s site doesn’t offer step-by-step instructions,  which makes it a little more difficult to delete your account.

How to Permanently Delete a Walmart Account

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Deleting an account often requires a lot of documents and information. This is a good thing. It prevents scammers from stealing your information. It also prevents malicious activity, which can be frustrating to manage. 

When you’re ready to delete your account, Walmart makes the process very straightforward. You only need three items to delete your account.

And if you run into any trouble, Walmart offers a variety of service options to help you with the process. If you like talking with a real person, they have a customer service phone number. Or if you prefer instant service, there’s a chat room. If you’re not in a hurry, you can also email their customer support team. 

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Gather your documents

You’ll need three items. The first one is your email address. Since most people have more than one email these days, you’ll need the email associated with your account.

Once you’ve worked that out, you’ll need to find your Walmart account passwordIf you’re having trouble remembering it, you can always use the ‘Reset my Password’ option. If you know your email password, you can request a reset link via email. But what if you can’t get into your email? In this case, a password manager might save you.

If you use a popular browser, like Google Chrome, your password will often be stored in your profile. If you saved your account password, it will automatically appear when you attempt to log in. 

The last item you’ll need is a billing address. For most people, this is their home address. Once you have all these items collected, you’ll need to contact Walmart. 

Contact their customer service team

Since you have your information and documents in order, it should be a breeze. In this case, it’s probably the fastest option to pick up the phone and call their team.

They can be reached at 1-800-925-6278. Have your information handy to speed up the process of closing your account. With the items listed above, their team can easily close your account. 

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How to Delete a Walmart Account for a Deceased Person

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Managing someone else’s digital legacy can be a challenge. Luckily, Walmart makes it easy for you to close the account of someone else. You will need to assemble some basic information to do it. But once you have the necessary information, deleting their account is simple.

Why would you need to delete someone's Walmart account? As part of our post-loss checklist, deleting accounts is important. Not only do these accounts contain sensitive information, but they can pose an identity risk in the future. 

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Log in to their email

Unfortunately, this step is non-negotiable. You have to get into their email to find an order number—which Walmart requires. Like most online retailers, they send order confirmation emails. These come with a personalized number. You can use this number to get a refund, track your package, or return your purchase. But they also provide proof of an active account. 

There are a few ways to figure this out. There are tried and true options—password managers and the Forgot Password option. But what if neither of those options works? You might be able to find some information in their papers.

Order numbers are often included with the packing slip that ships with a package. And sometimes the last four digits of a credit card are on there, too. Because of these details, many people save this pile for the shredder. These documents might have the order number you need. 

If you didn’t find anything in their paperwork, check if you have access to their cell phone. Most email providers, such as Gmail, have an app, and almost everyone stays logged into the mobile app.

So, if you can access their phone, you can get into their email. Search through the Inbox and Deleted folders to find what you’re looking for. Walmart only requires one order number, so once you’ve found one, you can stop searching. 

It might feel a little uncomfortable to go through your loved one’s emails. But if you’re trying to tidy up a loved one’s digital legacy, you’ll need to access their emails anyway. 

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Assemble your information

Besides an order number, you’ll need your loved one’s email address. Many people have more than one email. But the primary one they use for online accounts should do the trick. You’ll also need their billing address.

This will be located on a credit card or bank statement. More often than not, it’s their home address. 

Contact their customer service team

Chat or email is probably best for this process. That way, there’s no chance of miscommunication about the order number or email. It also provides a written record of the information you submitted to Walmart. 

Once you connect with someone, provide them with the information you collected. Let them know what you want to do, and wait for a response. Chat will usually garner an instant reply. And Walmart’s customer service promise is to answer emails within four hours. Either way, wrapping this up should be quick.

Make It A Priority

Unless your loved one started end-of-life planning, their digital assets could be messy. How can you sort through it all? Sometimes, it feels like everything needs to be done at once. But that’s not true.

Try prioritizing accounts with financial information attached to them. That way, your deceased loved one’s identity isn’t exposed to hackers for too long. After that, you can slowly work your way through the list.

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