20 Great Blogs About Living with Dementia or Alzheimer’s


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You can find online communities that assist dementia or Alzheimer’s patient caregivers. These groups and bloggers discuss real-life struggles of caring for adults who are not safe on their own. Instead of reading books about caregiving, you can discuss all aspects of care, from the emotional side of caregiving to technology that can be used to keep your loved one safe. 

Some of these blogs even talk about a loved one's death. If you're planning a virtual funeral or memorial, services like GatheringUs have specialists who can guide and support you through the planning process. 

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Are you a caregiver for someone with dementia? Here are some blogs to consider following. Some are related to dementia or Alzheimer’s and others are focused on elder care. 

Blogs About Living with a Dementia or Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

Whether you are looking for resources or to connect with someone who is going through the same struggles as you, here are some blogs about Alzheimer’s and dementia. You may be able to form personal connections with these individuals by contributing to discussion boards or commenting on posts. 

You may also want to research support groups for aging adults for additional resources. 

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1. Alzheimer’s Association Blog

The Alzheimer’s Association encourages visitors to its website to share stories whether you are: 

  1. Suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s
  2. A caregiver
  3. A healthcare professional
  4. A researcher

Besides providing support to people who are suffering, the goal of the Alzheimer’s Association blog is to raise awareness of the disease. You can also contribute to the foundation through this website. 

2. Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Blog

Although this blog’s focus is much more science-based, it still has plenty of resources that support the caregiver and the sufferer.

Learn about the top scientific advances in Alzheimer’s research, how to get involved in clinical trials, and technology that can assist caregivers in keeping their loved ones safe. 

3. National Institute on Aging

Check out the National Institute on Aging’s Alzheimer’s page to find lots of resources on the disease. This resource keeps caregivers informed of available programs, including those that provide help with legal and financial issues.

The website also posts periodic articles about how to deal with aggression, cope with sleep issues, and stay physically active as a caregiver.

4. Turning Six Thousand

Not all people who are suffering from dementia-related illnesses have Alzheimer’s. This blog is about a family caring for a mom who has frontotemporal degeneration. 

You may also check out this blog about a man who was diagnosed with the same illness at the age of 40. 

Reading the personal stories of these people can be agonizing, especially if you are just starting your journey as a caregiver. Still, sometimes it is helpful to face your potential upcoming struggles so that you can prepare yourself physically and emotionally. 

5. Early Onset Alzheimer’s Blog

Of course, it is not just the elderly who suffer from Alzheimer’s. This blog shares the story of a wife and caregiver of a person diagnosed with the debilitating disease early in life.

Her blog received a shout out from Healthline as well as the Alzheimer’s Association.

6. Alzheimer’s Speaks Blog 

You may have to dig a little through the Alzheimer’s Speaks website to find the “stories” tab. The main page has links to radio shows and ads for clinical trials.

Once you arrive, you will find the real-life story of a woman whose family has been affected by Alzheimer’s. 

7. Dealing with Dementia

The Dealing with Dementia blog writer walks the reader through her journey on slowly becoming a caretaker. Often, people become caretakers gradually.

As your loved one regresses, you have to increase the amount of care that you provide.

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8. Us Against Alzheimer’s

The blog has a little of everything, from personal accounts of caregivers to recipes that support brain health. There are a variety of contributors to this blog, so you won’t follow one specific person’s story.

9. Alzheimer’s Society Blog 

This U.K.-based blog allows users to search for specific types of content. Choose from information, news, real stories, and research. Since the website is updated often, there are a plethora of resources available.

10. Alz Authors

If you are interested in reading the personal stories of caregivers, this website is a valuable resource.

You cannot only read the real-life stories of people sharing their journey with dementia and Alzheimer’s, but the site also provides links to those people’s individual blogs and social media pages. 

Blogs About Caring for Someone With Dementia

Do you need help with your caregiver duties? Are you unsure how to help your loved one get into bed without hurting either of you? Do you need to know how to hire someone for respite care? Do you need help keeping your loved one safe? 

While earlier blogs offer tons of caregiver resources, you may consider these blogs as well. 

11. ElderCare at Home

If you are looking for practical advice for assisting your loved one at home, check out this website. The blog discusses the importance of reminiscing, mealtime management, and other daily aspects of caregiving.

12. Transition Aging Parents

This blog covers all topics involving the aging process. It discusses Medicare benefits, home care services, the financial aspects of aging, and helpful products for people living with dementia. 

13. As Our Parents Age

While much of the recent blog posts on this website are about COVID-19, there are many articles in this blog about fall prevention, retirement communities, and a loved one’s death. 

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14. American Association of Retired People Blog

Of course, one of the best resources for aging Americans can be found on the AARP website.

This blog is the ultimate resource for caregivers as well as older Americans who want to stay informed about age-related topics. This resource is available to members of the organization as well as non-members. 

15. Aging in Place Technolgy Watch

Technology has made it easier than ever before to age in place. With fall detection devices, live-streaming cameras, and iPads, you can be in constant contact with a loved one who chooses to live at home during his or her golden years.

This website offers reviews of technology and recommendations of what to use for your loved one with dementia.

16. Time Goes By

The subtitle to this blog is “What it’s really like to get old.” Reviewers of this website say the writers tell it like it is. This blog is for you if you’re looking for a view of aging from a person who is experiencing it.

17. Changing Aging

This is a great website because it discusses topics that many of the previous sites on this list avoid. It speaks about ageism, aging literacy, and how cultures views the aged. The blog challenges the traditional view of aging. 

18. Life With Father

The first post in this blog was dated 2005, and the final post was in 2013. During this nine-year-span, the writer describes a son’s caregiving journey that ultimately ends with his dad’s death. 

19. The New Old Age

This blog about aging was a project of “The New York Times.” It has been discontinued but readers can still look through the previously written content that covers topics about dementia, caregiving, and end-of-life care.

20. Dementia By Day

If you are a fan of podcasts and YouTube videos, consider checking out Dementia By Day. You will feel like you are truly getting to know Rachel, a dementia care consultant. There is little written content on this website, so only visit it if you are a listener. 

What Are Your Favorite Alzheimer’s and Dementia Blogs?

It’s staggering to realize how many online resources and dementia blogs are available for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. You can read personal stories of caregivers and those who are suffering from dementia-related diseases. You can find blogs that focus on research, clinical studies, and the science behind these terrible diseases. You can find websites that speak about the legal and financial ramifications of aging. And, of course, many blogs discuss practical caregiving strategies. 

Besides online resources, you can also find plenty of books that have been written about aging and caregiving. Check out these books about dementia

Even though you feel isolated as a caregiver or a person living with dementia, you are not alone. Millions of families across the country are learning a new way of life due to a difficult diagnosis. Although attending support groups is difficult, you can interact with people online who are going through the same things. This form of communication may feel odd, but having that outlet, especially if you have no other familial support, is essential.

If you're looking for more great blogs, read our guide on the best blogs for caregivers.

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