List of 30 Disneyland Bucket List Activities & Food


Disneyland is the Happiest Place on Earth, and it attracts millions each year. The original Disney park, Disneyland Resort was created according to Walt Disney’s dreams, making it a must-visit for all Disney lovers. Located in Anaheim, California, we’ve compiled a list of the top Disneyland bucket list activities and food for all guests.

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Whether this is your first visit to Disneyland Park or your hundredth, make your bucket list count. While a bucket list can be created for anything, many people like to make an adventure bucket list focused on traveling. 

In this guide, a Disneyland Magic Key annual pass holder lists the top Disneyland bucket list activities and foods every Disney lover needs to do (or try) at least once. Perfect for all budgets, there’s something on this list for everyone. What will you explore next?

Disneyland Bucket List Activities for Kids and Families

When you’re making a Disneyland bucket list, you’re most likely looking for fun for the whole family. These Disneyland bucket list activities bring family members of all ages together.

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1. Get a celebration button

First, honor a special celebration with a celebration button. You can snag these buttons by asking a cast member at guest services, admissions, or any merchandise location. They honor occasions like birthdays, first visits, anniversaries, and more. 

2. Buy a set of Mickey Ears

Would it be a trip to Disneyland without an iconic set of Mickey Ears? Buy a classic cap at the Mad Hatter or shop at World of Disney at Downtown Disney. 

3. Identify the names on Main Street

Did you know you can spot a lot of history in Disneyland? This is especially true along Main Street. Peek up at the many windows lining Main Street and see if you can identify the history behind the names.

Tip: You’ll spot many tributes to Walt’s family at Disneyland, including Elias Disney, his father, above the Emporium. 

4. Pause at the top of the Fun Wheel

Riding the Fun Wheel in California Adventure is one of the best ways to spot the full view of the parks. The slow loop on DCA’s Fun Wheel is perfect for taking in the sights, though you probably don’t want to be afraid of heights. 

5. Watch a cartoon at Main Street Cinema

Not far from the Disneyland main entrance, you’ll find the almost-always-empty Main Street Cinema. This is where early Disney cartoons are screened all day long. Not only is this a trip down memory lane, but it’s also a great place for the family to rest on a hot day. 

6. Ride the Mark Twain Riverboat

The iconic ship named after American author Mark Twain circles Frontierland every hour. You can ride on this ship for some special sights and a laid-back atmosphere. 

Tip: If you ask nicely, you could get the honor of steering this iconic ship. If you do, you’ll add your book to the legacy guestbook that dates back to the park opening. 

7. Become a Mountain Tamer

Have you ever wanted to be a true mountaineer? Conquer Matterhorn, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain in a row to call yourself a Mountain Tamer. 

8. Disney-bound as a character

Next, Disney-bounding is when you dress up subtly as a character of your choice. Though anyone over the age of 14 can’t wear a costume in the parks, you can still adapt your fashion to Disney-bound.

9. Ride the monorail

Another way to see the park is to ride the infamous monorail. Take in all of the park at once while also escaping the warm California weather. 

Tip: Again, if you ask nicely, you might be invited to the front of the monorail to ride in the nose. 

10. Do the “Goat Trick” 

Lastly, a fun thing to do as a family is to try the “goat trick” on Big Thunder Mountain. As you reach the second hill, spot the iconic goat on the right. Stare him down as you summit down the drop, and you’ll notice yourself becoming dizzier than usual. 

Disneyland Bucket List Ideas for Adults

Who said Disneyland is only for kids? Walt Disney designed these parks to be fun for all, even those who visit without kids. Here is your Disneyland bucket list of must-do activities for adults. 

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11. Visit Club 33

First, opened in 1967, this exclusive lounge is one of the most coveted things you can do at Disneyland. With a VIP initiation fee upwards of $25,000, this isn’t something most people will experience. However, sometimes cast members invite regular guests up to this lounge—no membership needed. 

Tip: The door for Club 33 is hidden in plain sight. Spot the entryway in New Orleans Square . . . who knows, you might just get an invite?

12. Try a famous drink at Trader Sam’s 

Located at the Disneyland Hotel, Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar isn’t your average experience. It’s a fully immersive spot with special effects, tasty drinks, and a tropical menu.

13. Run through the parks with RunDisney

RunDisney events are held throughout the year, and they include shorter runs like 5Ks all the way up to full marathons. Why not earn a medal during your trip?

14. Visit the Lilly Belle car 

Walt Disney dedicated a private car on the infamous Disneyland Railway for his wife. The Lilly Belle car is still a hidden part of the train today, though you’ll need to request special access from a cast member. 

15. Dress up for Dapper Day

Twice a year, join in the fun by dressing up for Dapper Day. This special event revisits the 1950s tradition of dressing up in your “dapper” finest to attend the parks. 

Tip: Dapper Day is held in April and November of each year at the Disneyland Resort. 

16. Join the resistance at Galaxy’s Edge

Ready to join the resistance to fight with the rebels to save a galaxy far, far away? Ride the infamous Rise of the Resistance at Disneyland’s new Galaxy Edge to take part in the action. 

17. Bar crawl the resort

Disneyland has some of the best bars in Southern California, so why not hold your own bar crawl? While most alcoholic beverages are found at Disney’s California Adventure, you can enjoy special adult libations at Oga’s Cantina in Galaxy’s Edge. 

18. Relax in 1901 Lounge

Speaking of bar crawls, step back in time with the hidden 1901 Lounge inside the Carthay Circle Theatre. This leather-chaired space was named after Walt Disney’s birth year, and it’s like stepping into an animator’s hideaway. 

Tip: This is a members-only lounge for Club 33 Platinum and Executive members, but you can be the guest of existing members. 

19. Visit Walt’s apartment

Located above the Disneyland Fire Department on Main Street, you’ll find Walt Disney’s personal apartment. Not open to the public, you’ll need to book a tour to explore this special residence. 

20. Unlock secret points in Toy Story Midway Mania

Lastly, take your gaming skills to the next level by learning some of the secret tricks to Toy Story Midway Mania in Disney’s California Adventure. This 3D game can result in some sky-high scores with a bit of practice!

Disneyland Food Bucket List Ideas

Would it be a Disneyland bucket list without food? A food bucket list is easy to create at Disneyland with so many sweet and tasty treats to choose from. 

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21. Eat at the Blue Bayou

Though one of the pricier dining experiences, this is well worth it for the location. Enjoy your lunch or dinner while sitting inside the launch area of Pirates of the Caribbean. 

22. Book the dinner show for World of Color

One of the best ways to see World of Color at Disney’s California Adventure is to book the dinner show. Though a deluxe experience, this is a spectacular way to see this memorable show come to life.

23. Enjoy a dole whip

Dole whips are a Disney classic, and there’s a reason so many people flock to the parks for these tasty treats. This pineapple soft-serve treat is available in Adventureland in a variety of forms. 

Tip: Want to cool off on a hot day? Enjoy your dole whip inside the Enchanted Tiki Room. 

24. Sip a mint julep

Few things are as iconic to Disneyland as the infamous mint juleps. In New Orleans Square, you’ll find the tiny Mint Julep Bar. This drink is also non-alcoholic, so it’s fun for the whole family. 

Tip: The Mickey beignets served at the Mint Julep Bar are also well worth a snack.

25. Snack on a churro

Another Disneyland foodie favorite is the churro. Available in seasonal flavors, this is something you’ll want to try again and again. 

26. Try the famous Monte Cristo Sandwich

Often called the best meal at Disneyland, there are two places you can snag the famous Monte Cristo Sandwich. You can find this at the Blue Bayou or Cafe Orleans in Disneyland. More than a ham, turkey, and cheese sandwich, the whole thing is battered and fried. 

27. Supersize your meal at Pym Test Kitchen

Eat like an Avenger at California Adventure’s Pym Test Kitchen in the new Marvel Campus. With hidden easter eggs from your favorite superhero films, this is a must-do for any superfan. 

28. Visit during the Food and Wine Festival

Though not as big as the East Coast version, the Food and Wine Festival is an annual event each spring. Enjoy adventurous dishes from across the globe as well as cooking demos. 

29. Eat a chili cone

Theme park food often gets a bad reputation, but it can truly be out of this world. The chilly cones at the Cozy Cone in Car’s Land combine the best of the American Southwest into a crunchy, delicious cone. 

30. Find Mickey-shaped classics

Finally, don’t overcomplicate your Disneyland food bucket list. Enjoying Mickey-shaped classics like waffles, pretzels, and ice cream bars are half the fun of your trip! 

Disneyland Must-Do Activities

Ultimately, Disneyland belongs to the dreamers of the world, both young and old. If you’re wondering how to make a travel bucket list, it’s easier than you think. You don’t have to travel far or spend a lot of money to have a great trip, even at a world-famous theme park like Disneyland. 

What’s on your bucket list? Whether this is your first trip to this magical place or your 10th, there's always something new to explore. What’s even better is when you make these new memories with those you love.


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