20 Simple, DIY Gift Ideas for Mom’s Special Day


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Whether it’s her birthday, Mother’s Day, or any other special occasion, there are plenty of times when you may want to show your mom how much you care about her with a special gift.

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One way to make sure you express your feelings properly is with a gift you’ve made yourself. A DIY gift for Mom shows her you cared enough to actually create a gift, instead of merely buying something from a store (although that can be an entirely fine option in most circumstances too).

The following are a few ideas worth considering. If you’re thinking about giving your mom a DIY gift sometime soon, keep them in mind.

DIY Gifts for Mom’s Birthday

Make Mom’s birthday truly special with such gifts as:

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1. “Enjoy the Day” gift box

One of the best ways to wish your mom a Happy Birthday is to simply let her know you appreciate her hard work and would like nothing more than for her to relax and enjoy the day.

Help her do so by putting together a gift box featuring items she’ll love. These may include bath bombs, scented candles, wine, and anything else you know will help her relax more easily.

2. Her favorite cake

A DIY gift for mom doesn’t need to be a permanent object. On the contrary, if your mom was the type to bake her kids their favorite cakes or sweets on their birthdays, repay the favor now (so long as you’re confident in your baking skills!) by making her a birthday cake.

You might even want to write a thoughtful birthday message in icing on top of the cake if you think your mom would appreciate that.

3. Birthday bouquet

It’s a tradition for many to give birthday cakes with a candle for each year of a person’s life. You may want to put a unique spin on this common birthday idea by giving your mom a bouquet of various gorgeous flowers. The number of flowers in the bouquet should correspond with your mom’s age.

Sure, this isn’t the ideal DIY gift for all moms. Plenty of people don’t love it when others remind them of their age on their birthday. However, you probably know your mom well enough to know whether this is the type of gift she’d appreciate.

4. Bath bombs

A bath bomb is certainly an item you might consider including in a gift box for Mom on her birthday. You could take this idea a step further by making the bath bombs yourself.

Plenty of online guides offer instructions for doing so, and you can even purchase a bath bomb-making kit to make it easier.

5. “More Memories to Come” corkboard

Help Mom celebrate her birthday while reminding her life is full of happy years to look forward to by printing out some of your favorite photos of you and your mom (particularly those that bring back happy memories) and arranging them on a corkboard or decorative photo board

Homemade Gifts for Mother’s Day 

DIY gifts for Mom are just as special on Mother’s Day as they are on her birthday. Ideas to consider include:

6. Tea wreath

This simple DIY gift for Mom is nevertheless a perfect Mother’s Day present for a mom who needs her daily tea fix.

All you have to do is get a piece of relatively sturdy cardboard and cut it into a circle shape with a hole in the center—a wreath shape! Decorate it as you please (you can paint it or simply apply wallpaper) and fasten equally-spaced clothespins in a circular pattern around the cardboard. Each clothespin should hold a different tea bag.

This DIY Mother’s Day gift offers Mom a fun way to choose her tea at the start of the day!

7. Customized planters

Many people know planters make ideal Mother’s Day gifts for moms who enjoy gardening.

However, you could make this common gift even more special by building your own planters out of balsa wood and painting such messages as “Thanks for helping us grow!” on them.

Tip: If you want your mom to be able to use the planter inside and outside, make sure you use non-toxic, weatherproof paint!

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8. Mother’s Day notebook

You don’t have to have tremendous arts and crafts skills to give Mom a DIY gift she’ll love on Mother’s Day. For instance, you could get a plain notebook or journal and decorate it yourself.

More importantly, while the notebook should serve as a diary for Mom, the first entry can include a heartfelt Mother’s Day message you wrote yourself. This ensures every time Mom opens up the notebook to write one of her own entries, she’ll also have the chance to read a message from you explaining how much you care about her.

9. Mother’s Day playlist

A DIY gift for Mom doesn’t necessarily need to be a physical object! If you put effort into creating any kind of gift, it’s something you made yourself.

Consider the example of a Mother’s Day playlist. If you’ve invited Mom over to your home on Mother’s Day, you could make her feel particularly loved by curating a playlist for the day featuring songs about mothers, as well as any songs that have particular sentimental value for you and your mom.

Tip: If you still want to give a physical gift, you can give your mom her special playlist on a dedicated MP3 player

10. Instagram calendar

Mother’s Day offers the ideal opportunity to remind your mom she’s raised a happy and well-rounded family.

One way to do so is to collect photos of yourself and your siblings from Instagram or Facebook, print them out, and organize them together in a monthly—or daily, if you have enough photos—calendar.

Easy DIY Gifts for Mom From Toddlers

If you want to help your toddler show some love for Mom, try some of these creative gifts!

11. Handprint or thumbprint flower pot

Help your toddler give a simple DIY gift to Mom by getting a basic flower pot and letting your kid decorate it with handprints or thumbprints. Just make sure they’re using safe paint or ink that will wash off their hands easily!

12. “What I Love About Mom” book

If your toddler is old enough to form basic sentences and understand the idea of saying, “Thank you, Mom, for everything you do,” you could ask them what their favorite things about Mom are, and record them in a custom notebook. This is a lovely gift that will let a mother know her child already appreciates her hard work.

(If you’re an older child, you can modify this gift idea by writing a more in-depth tribute speech for your mom.)

13. Favorite memory picture necklace

This is a DIY gift for Mom that you may only want to try if you have decent arts and crafts skills. It involves showing your toddler a few digital pictures featuring them and their mother. Ask your toddler to choose their favorite.

Once they’ve made their choice, you can print out a small version of the picture and apply it to a pendant with a clear resin keeping it in place. Add this pendant to a necklace or bracelet, and Mom will have the freedom to take one of her toddler’s favorite memories along with her whenever she wishes.

It’s also worth noting that plenty of artists on Etsy and similar platforms can make this type of jewelry for you if you like the idea but don’t believe in your skills to pull it off yourself. Sure, it’s not technically DIY if someone else made it, but that’s not always important.

15. Mom and me headbands

A much simpler (but still very thoughtful!) DIY gift for Mom that a toddler can “give” is a pair of matching headbands.

You simply need to choose a fabric design you believe Mom will like and cut it to the appropriate lengths. These matching headbands will result in a surprising number of cute photos when your toddler and their mom are wearing them together.

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DIY Gift Ideas for Mom From a Baby

A baby may not be able to make a gift, but they can still contribute! Try these ideas:

16. “Thank You, Mom” double frame

Bringing a child into the world isn’t easy. Thus, you could help your baby show Mom how much they appreciate her (and how much you appreciate her) with a double picture frame.

One side can feature a picture of your baby. The other side can feature a custom-designed printout with a message thanking Mom for the various difficulties she may have put up with during pregnancy. Giving a child life can be challenging, but at least your baby can thank Mom for it.

17. First year notebook

Customize a notebook that can serve as a gift from your baby to Mom. She can use to record all the special memories she and her newborn will make during that always-eventful first year.

18. First year storybook

This is the type of DIY gift for Mom that you may want to give to her in the name of your baby if you have decent writing and graphic design skills.

A simple but incredibly warm way to help Mom look back on the first year of her child’s life is to give her a custom storybook featuring illustrations and brief “stories” corresponding to some of the most important memories Mom has made with her baby that year.

19. Video montage

A more high-tech spin on the above idea could take the form of a video montage featuring classic moments between Mom and her baby—with the perfect song playing over the video.

It’s the type of video Mom is almost sure to look back on more than a few times over the years.

20. New mom “survival” kit

This naturally isn’t the type of gift a baby can help make, but a spouse, sibling, or any other loved one could make this easy DIY gift for a new mom and give it to her pretending it’s “from” her new baby.

All you have to do is put together a basket of items that make life for a new mom much easier, such as cosmetics, calming teas, and anything else you believe would help a young mother handle the stresses of raising a baby.

DIY Gifts for Mom: Say I Love You in a Special Way

Although buying a gift for Mom is perfectly acceptable, sometimes a DIY gift is the best way to go. These ideas will help you give her something she’ll truly appreciate.

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