How to Write a Meaningful Eulogy for a Dog: 10+ Examples


It’s common to feel sad and lonely when you lose your beloved pet — as anybody who has ever welcomed a pet into their life knows, that bond develops quickly. It’s natural that you’d want to pay tribute to your dog through a thoughtful eulogy after dealing with their death

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A eulogy is a piece of writing that’s meant to praise someone — whether canine or human — who has passed away. Eulogies are typically spoken as part of a funeral service and are written by someone who knew the deceased well and had a special bond with them. 

Eulogies are a great way to discuss what you loved about your dog, all the things you will remember and also offer closure. The tone can be light, somber, or whatever mood you want to create. Here are the steps you can take to help you memorialize your best friend.

Step 1: Consider What Makes Your Dog Special 

How to write an eulogy for your dog

You might want to include specifics about what made your animal who he was. You may want to discuss his breed, temperament, and maybe even some of the quirky things that he did.

This is the time to paint the picture of who your dog was and why he was special. This can be just a few short sentiments and is a great way to kick off the eulogy. 

Example:Buddy may have been the smallest lab I ever met, but he could swim better than any dog. If he wasn't at my feet, he was in the water. I don't think I've met a person or dog alive that could have as much fun in a lake than Buddy did. I can still see his floppy, dripping ears after he’d given himself a bath in a mud puddle.”

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Step 2: Details of Your Dog's Death 

One of the most difficult parts of a eulogy is touching on how your dog passed away. You can get as general or as specific as you want with this part because your dog’s manner of death may be traumatic or hard to talk about.

However, it could also be a great time to shed light on illness or safety that could help protect other pets. 

Example: “Sadie was a sweet puppy who left this world too quickly. When we adopted her, she already had parvo, an incredibly contagious disease. We spent our time trying to make her comfortable and loved. We're thankful we could give her a little bit of peace with the short time that we had her in our lives. A simple vaccination could have prevented her suffering, and our hope is that you’ll see her death as a reminder to be diligent about your animal's health.”

Step 3: Happy Memories with Your Pup 

Sharing memories is one of the best ways to pay tribute to your beloved furry friend. These memories may be laced with both humor and sadness, but they allow for an opportunity to share the special bond that you had with your dog.

Talking about what you loved most about your dog will help you celebrate him as you mourn. 

Example: “Spud loved the dog park. Not in the way that every dog gets excited — this was different. Every time I told him we were going there, he'd spin around in circles until he got too dizzy to walk! But you know, that was Spud — goofy and unapologetically excited.”

Step 4: Tips for Quality 

There are certainly a number of valuable things you should include in a eulogy, but you want to be sure that the delivery is appropriate and of high quality. It’s a good idea to be mindful of the amount of time you spend talking.

You could probably go on and on about your best friend, but try to condense the eulogy down into no more than a few paragraphs. Remember to highlight the most important things.

Try to recite the eulogy in a way that’s conversational. It's okay to laugh or choke up during certain parts — this is an emotional tribute, after all! 

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Step 5: Closing Remarks 

Don't forget to close out your eulogy in a way that you want people to remember your dog.

Maybe you end it with a quote, a memory, or even a simple goodbye. This will help kickstart the road to closure. 

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Quotes to Use in a Dog Eulogy

Quotes to use in a dog eulogy

It's not always easy to muster up the right words to say. It can feel overwhelming to come up with additional anecdotes, too — including a quote. A quote about your beloved friend may be the perfect way to express how you feel. It may spark just the right inspiration to create the perfect final words about your pet.

Here are a few funeral quotes for a eulogy that epitomize the love, connection, and uniqueness of the relationship you may have had with your four-legged comrade.

  • "The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog." — M.K. Clinton, author
  • "Dogs don't rationalize. They don't hold anything against a person. They don't see the outside of a human, but the inside of a human." — Cesar Millan, dog trainer
  • "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." — Anatole France, French poet
  • "A dog will teach you unconditional love. If you can have that in your life, things won't be too bad." — Robert Wagner, actor 
  • "Happiness is a warm puppy." — Charles M. Schulz, cartoonist
  • "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." — Roger Caras, wildlife photographer
  • "If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went." — Will Rogers, actor
  • "Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out, and your dog would go in." — Mark Twain, author
  • "Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really." — Agnes Slight Turnbull, writer
  • "If I could be half the person my dog is, I'd be twice the human I am." — Charles Yu, writer
  • "Having a dog will bless you with many of the happiest days of your life, and one of the worst." — Unknown

Short Dog Eulogy Examples

Dog eulogy examples

Not sure where to start? There are so many ways that you can approach your dog eulogy so it’s customized appropriately for your dog. Here are a few excerpts to consider as you start writing your very own eulogy. You can also read our guide 

Remember to think about your dog's personality and what you really want to express about your relationship with him. 

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Funny example

“Leroy was the worst dog. The absolute worst. He chewed up 31 shoes (the 32nd was never found), he drooled incessantly, exactly two feet away from the dinner table, and to say he suffered from horrific morning breath is a gross understatement.

"But you know, it wasn't always so bad with old Leroy. He was pretty good at watching the game with me and never turned down an afternoon nap. He wasn't the best at staying in his own yard or leaving the cat alone, but he knew how to be there for someone. I'd take the worst day with Leroy over the best day with anybody else. He was my very best friend.”

Uplifting example 

“Jerry, our beloved cocker spaniel of 15 years, passed away peacefully at home with his lifelong friends by his side. You've heard the saying ‘a dog is a man's best friend,’ but we believe that somewhere along the way, Jerry became more like family.

"Everybody in the world deserves a pal like him. Wherever he is now, we hope there's plenty of wet dog food and tennis balls to go around. We are comforted by the fact that Jerry lived a full life and spent every moment knowing that he was loved.”

Sad example

“When my wife asked if I thought we should adopt a dog, everything in me wanted to say no. But we were newly married and I didn't want to disappoint her. Truth be told, I hardly even looked at the pups when we went to the shelter. She found one she liked, and I agreed on the spot just to get out of there.

"Shortly after we brought him home, I lost my job and went through a really hard patch. Chester never left my side. Sometimes he would just lay at my feet; other times, he'd nudge me to insist I take him on a walk. Dogs always seem to gravitate to the person that needs them the most. I didn't know it, but I needed him in my life.”

The Importance of a Eulogy 

Eulogies are such a special form of expression. Include it as part of your dog's funeral to open up that discussion about who your pet was and what he meant to you.

It allows you to think back to happier days and also how the relationship impacted your life. Your dog was an important part of your family, and this final farewell is an excellent way to bring closure and peace to his passing. If you're having a hard time after the experience, you can always talk to a loved one, read a book about pet loss, or journal about your pet.

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