20 Unique Ideas for a Dog’s Grave or Headstone


Your dog is a member of the family. Like any member of the family, you want to honor their memory and their legacy. If you’ve lost a beloved furry friend, this pain can be real and lasting. Creating a gravesite or headstone in honor of your pet not only brings peace, but it gives you a safe place to remember them. 

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These days, there are endless pet headstones to choose from. Depending on the type of grave you’d like to make in honor of your dog, there are no limits to your creativity. Making something unique in honor of your dog’s memory keeps these feelings close for years to come. 

Show your love and affection for your furry friend with one of these unique ideas for a dog’s grave or headstone. This treasured member of the family deserves a memorial space just for them. 

Ideas for Your Dog’s Headstone Type or Design

With so many different types of grave markers, it’s important to find something that speaks to you when honoring your pet. A headstone is a physical reminder of your pet’s legacy, so choose a headstone type or design that stands out.

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1. Heart headstone

One of the most common headstone types for dogs is heart-shaped headstones. These are memorial plaques shaped like a heart, symbolizing your never-ending love for your pet. They might be gone, but the love you shared will always be with you. 

2. Bone headstone

Another headstone design that’s perfect for a dog is a bone-shaped stone. If your pet loved playing with bones and toys, why not honor this love with a headstone? A bone-shaped headstone reminds you of your pet’s happiest moments. 

3. Dog photo engraving

For a personalized touch, you can also get your dog’s image laser printed or engraved on their headstone design. Including a photo of your dog helps you honor their memory. After we lose anyone, whether we lost a pet or a friend, remembering them as they were at their happiest is important. 

4. Stone marker

For a natural headstone that blends into a garden or other greenery, a stone marker is a perfect fit. These memorial stones are heavy-duty alternatives to a traditional plaque. At first glance, they seem like a large stone. Upon further inspection, it’s clear this is a memorial for a special pet. 

5. Paw print

Another design idea for your pet’s headstone is to include a paw print. While this is something you can capture during your pet’s lifetime, many vets will get your dog’s paw print after they’re deceased as well. This is a fun tribute to a forever friend. 

6. Memorial diamond

For a high-class design option, include a memorial diamond. These can be made using ashes or fur from your pet, and they’re a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind statement. With Eterneva, you can customize your memorial diamond to any shape, color, or size that speaks to you. Including one of these embedded in a headstone keeps a part of them close.

7. Tree plaque

If you’d prefer something less traditional, a tree plaque is a unique alternative to a traditional headstone. These are plaques designed to be placed on a tree in a pet memorial garden, backyard, and so on. These plaques can honor your pet’s life in the same way, even if your pet isn’t buried on the property. 

Inscription Ideas for Your Dog’s Headstone

Including pet epitaphs on your dog’s headstone is another way to honor their memory. The shape and design are the first steps, but what you say about your pet is how they’re remembered. To spark your inspiration, here are the best inscription ideas for a dog’s headstone. 

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8. “Our sweet friends forever in our hearts.” 

For the sweetest of pets that was always there, it’s important to remember that their love will go on. This simple inscription honors your pet’s loyalty and love no matter what comes next. 

9. “Paw prints on our hearts forever.” 

A special pet leaves more than grief behind. Their memory lasts long after the pain has faded. Like paw prints on your heart, you’ll never forget your special dog and what they meant to you. 

10. “Always a good boy/girl.” 

One of the most common praises for a dog is “good boy” or “good girl.” Honor your pet’s memory with this final praise beyond the grave. Everyone who encounters this grave will know that this was a great dog. 

11. “Until we meet again.” 

The pets we love never really leave us. Not only do we feel them with us for the rest of our days, but we’ll meet again. For those that believe in the afterlife, this reminder is a form of hope and peace.

12. “Our best buddy forever.” 

Dogs really are man’s best friend. Your pet is your best buddy, and this is a love that will go on forever. Honor your closest, most loyal friend with this dog headstone inscription. 

13. “This gentle spirit will always shine on.” 

It’s important to remember that your dog’s spirit will never be dulled, even in death. For the gentlest of dogs, this touching tribute is a reminder that nothing can outshine the love of a pet. 

14. “Eternally loved and remembered.”

Last but not least, sometimes it’s best to use the headstone’s inscription to share your unyielding love. Your love for your pet didn’t end at the grave. This is an eternal, lifelong love that will last further than a lifetime. 

Decoration Ideas for Your Dog’s Headstone

If you’d like to decorate your dog’s headstone with a special addition, there are so many ideas to choose from. These are perfect for honoring your pet while also encouraging you to revisit their final resting place. 

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15. Windchime

A wind chime is a symbol of life and remembrance. When you hear the gentle music with each gust of wind, you’re reminded that you don’t have to see your pet to feel them with you. 

16. Flowers

Just as you might leave flowers on a human’s grave, you can also leave flowers for a pet. With so many flowers symbolizing life, loyalty, and innocence, what better way to show your compassion? Not only do flowers lighten up the grave, but they also remind you that life always goes on. 

17. Pet toy

Leaving pet toys on your dog’s grave in honor of them can be a great source of peace. Though they aren’t here anymore, they’re always with you in spirit. After dedicating the toys to them, you can also donate them to a pet shelter in their honor. This is a meaningful way to honor their memory.

18. Birdfeeder

Another symbol of life is to install a birdfeeder at your pet’s grave. A birdfeeder encourages birds and other small animals to flock to your pet’s grave, a reminder that nature is always in bloom.  

19. Wreath

One of the most common grave decorations is to install a wreath. These are perfect for celebrating seasonal holidays, and there are many that can be themed to suit your pet’s memory. Keeping your pet’s grave lively and beautiful is a form of remembrance in itself. 

20. Dog treats

Last but not least, a dog treat container or dispenser at your pet’s grave treats your pet’s memory as well as other furry friends nearby. If your pet is buried in a public graveyard, this is an opportunity to spread the love to other pets passing through on their walks. 

Honor Your Dog’s Memory

Burying your dog can be difficult, but honoring their memory with one of the ideas above brings comfort when you need it most. Whether you customize the headstone, inscription, or any decorations, you’re sure to honor your pet in a way that is meaningful to you. 

A dog’s love is not something to take lightly. Your pet was a beloved member of the family, and they deserve a touching memorial just as much as anyone else. How will you remember your dog with their headstone?

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