20 Minimal Dog Memorial Tattoo Ideas


Dogs really are man’s best friend. These furry friends are at our sides no matter what, through life’s biggest highs and lowest lows. When your dog’s time finally comes, it’s understandable to feel a lot of grief and pain after the passing. 

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Many people look into pet memorial ideas to honor Fido and these happy memories. From memorial urns to an online memorial page to trips to the park, there are so many ways to create a lasting legacy of your dog’s life. One popular idea is to get a minimal dog memorial tattoo. 

Memorial tattoos are becoming more mainstream with the prevalence of tattoos. These aren’t the taboo form of body art they once were, and a minimal dog memorial tattoo is a tasteful way to keep your memories of your furry friend close. 

No matter the design and style you’re interested in, there’s a minimal dog memorial tattoo that’s right for you. Let’s explore the 15+best memorial dog tattoo ideas to inspire your next ink session. 

What’s a Minimal Dog Memorial Tattoo?

If you’re not familiar with different tattoo styles, you might not know what a minimal tattoo even is. There are different tattoo styles that match many of today’s popular art styles, so it’s no surprise that minimalism is on the rise. 

Minimal tattoos have a few things in common that differentiate them from other design styles. First, they usually use crisp, black lines. Color is uncommon, though it’s occasionally used when it serves a purpose (like a pop of color). Minimalist tattoos also usually feature a lot of negative space, creating a clean, simple design. 

Many people are drawn to minimal tattoos since they’re easier to match with your daily style and aesthetic. Unlike more eye-catching designs, they blend into your skin easily and don’t draw too much attention. These tattoos are perfect for first-time body art, and they’re a lasting choice you’re sure to love for years to come. 

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Small Dog Memorial Tattoo Ideas

Small tattoos are one of the most popular things to do in memory of someone. The same goes for dogs, so it’s no wonder these small dog memorial tattoo ideas are popular amongst dog owners today. 

1. Paw print

The first and most well-known option for a minimal dog tattoo is a paw print. Pawprints are unique to each dog, and they’re a literal footprint they leave on the world. Because this design is simple, it’s easy to create a simple paw print that you love. 

2. Dog toy or bone

Dogs love their toys almost as much as they love their humans. A dog bone tattoo is a perfect symbol for a life well-lived. Remember a few of your dog’s favorite things or just honor their favorite toy with lasting body art. 

3. Lifeline

Your lifeline is your heartbeat, and this is something that often goes unnoticed. Honor your dog’s lifeline and his ties to your own life with a simple, minimalist lifeline tattoo. 

4. Name or initials

Honor your pet with their name or initials in your tattoo design. Whether you keep them on their own as a small symbol of what they mean to you or add another image, this is a touching tribute. 

5. Portrait

For the ultimate dog lover, a pet portrait keeps their memory close to your heart. A simple, minimalist portrait is something many tattoo artists are skilled in. While a photo is meaningful on its own, a picture of your pet’s face keeps them closer than ever. 

Feminine Dog Memorial Tattoo Ideas

For a more feminine dog memorial tattoo, look no further than the ideas below. These are not only a great way to express yourself, but they’re also a permanent memory of your furry friend. 

6. Heart

Hearts are a classic memorial tattoo idea. Since the early days of tattooing, people have used hearts to share their love for someone special. While you can leave this simple with a basic heart, you can also add additional designs, textures, and colors to suit your style. 

7. Infinity symbol

Another common memorial design is the classic infinity symbol. The infinity symbol is a metaphor for the cycle of life, which always continues, even after death. The infinity symbol can be a beautiful reminder of your dog’s presence always being with you. 

8. Angel wings

For many, knowing that your dog watches over you from above is a beautiful form of comfort and peace in a time of grief. Angels wing tattoos symbolize this idea, keeping your angel watching over you no matter where you go. 

9. Dog ears

All dogs are adorable, but their ears are sometimes what really sets them apart. When memorializing your dog with a minimal tattoo, it can be cute to focus on their ears. This is a simple, minimal way to capture something unique about them. Whether they had floppy ears or pointed ears, memorialize them in your own way. 

10. Dog emoji

With so many emoji tattoos gaining in popularity, use one to say something important. The dog emoji is a classic, and it’s a subtle nod to pop culture and your furry friend. Customize the colors and appearance of the emoji design to match your beloved pet.

Masculine Dog Memorial Tattoo Ideas

Last but not least, these masculine dog memorial tattoo ideas are a bit less obvious in their appearance. They hint at having another story to tell, and they’re the perfect balance of traditional and new to share your feelings after losing a pet. 

11. Tree

Most dogs love the great outdoors. If your furry friend was always chasing squirrels and running free in the park, honor this love for nature with a tree tattoo. Though simple, this is a touching tribute you’re not soon to forget. 

12. Dog outline

If you’d like something a bit simpler than a portrait, a dog outline is a good compromise. This is when the artist creates a portrait outline of your dog, making a cartoonish rendition of Fido that lives forever on your skin. Perfect for an arm, shoulder, or wrist, this is a great tattoo idea. 

13. Important dates

Sometimes you prefer to keep your design subtle. Not only does this protect your privacy, but it makes your tattoo all the more personal and meaningful to you. By honoring important dates (like your dog’s birthday or birth and death year), you keep their memory alive without drawing too much attention. 


There are so many touching ‘Rest in Peace’ quotes to honor your pet. Typography memorial tattoos are always in style, so this is something you’ll love for years to come. From simple words to entire phrases, this is a tribute that goes beyond your pet. 

15. Feather

Last but not least, feathers are a common choice for memorial tattoos. Like a feather in the breeze, your dog’s memory is at peace now. You will still see them and their memories in nature and the world around you. Though simple, a feather memorial tattoo is highly meaningful. 

Realistic Dog Memorial Tattoo Ideas

If you prefer a more realistic memorial tattoo design, you’re in luck. There are so many options to choose from, and each of these highlights something special and meaningful about your pet. These realistic dog memorial tattoo ideas are inspiring yet tasteful, making them perfect for anyone. 

16. Realistic paw print

If you have an existing mold of your dog’s paw print, this is a great way to make it a part of your story forever. While a paw print outline is a cute tribute, a realistic depiction is all the more special. Not only is this simple and discreet, but it’s a real part of your pet. 

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17. Pet ashes

Another unique choice is to use your pet’s ashes in your memorial tattoo. If you had your pet cremated, it’s not always easy to determine what to do with the ashes. While many choose to keep them safe in an urn, why not also use them in your tattoo design? Many tattoo artists can mix ashes with tattoo ink to create a permanent imprint of your pet.

18. Flowers

If you want a memorial tattoo that’s more discreet, opting for a flower tribute is a great choice. Flowers are a common symbol of remembrance, and this doesn’t just apply to humans. In fact, yellow tulips in particular are a sign of friendship—perfect for man’s best friend. 

19. Dog nose

One of the most memorable parts of your pet is their soft, wet nose. Dogs are very nose-driven, so this is a powerful tribute to your furry friend. If you have a photo of their face, most tattoo artists can replicate their unique nose, creating a permanent reminder of your favorite snout. 

20. Collar

Last but not least, you can honor your pet’s memory with a memorial tattoo of their collar. For many pets, a collar is a part of them. Though you might keep their physical collar, you can also get a tattoo of it somewhere meaningful. This is a simple yet powerful way to keep them close in your thoughts. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Getting a Dog Memorial Tattoo

If you’re considering a dog memorial tattoo, it’s normal to have questions. Whether this is your first tattoo or you’re a pro, a new tattoo is a big decision. Read through these frequently asked questions below to make sure you know what to expect. 

How do you get a tattoo of your dog’s paw print?

One of the most popular tattoo ideas is a paw print. How do you go about getting this? There are many different ways. If you have a mold of your dog’s paw print, this is the perfect solution. Tattoo artists can usually trace these molds to create a realistic re-creation. Otherwise, if you have a print of your dog’s paw, this works too. 

However, what happens if you don’t have any specific molds or prints from your dog? Luckily, most tattoo artists are able to help. If you have photos of your dog, they can often estimate your pet’s paw size using similar reference photos. Through their artistic abilities, it may be possible to create an accurate replica, even without a print to work from. 

Where should you get your dog memorial tattoo?

Whenever you choose to get a new tattoo, you have to consider its placement. There are so many different options to choose from, and it’s entirely up to your comfort level and pain tolerance. Some parts of the body are more painful to tattoo than others (wrists, ribcage, ankles, and feet are some notable examples). Similarly, some places are more discreet than others. 

The most common places to get a dog memorial tattoo is on the arm, chest, ankle, or wrist. Before you make your choice, consider whether you want your tattoo to be easy to see or not. From there, determine whether you’re comfortable with the sensitivity of a specific region. 

How do you know if you’re ready to get a dog memorial tattoo?

Getting a tattoo is a big decision, so how do you know if you’re ready? If this is your first tattoo, it might be intimidating. In order to know if you’re ready, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you comfortable and happy with your design choice?
  • Have you found a reputable, trustworthy artist?
  • Do you know the location where you’d like that tattoo?
  • Are you prepared for any pain and aftercare?
  • Is this a design that’s meaningful to you?

If you feel passionate about honoring your pet’s memory, then odds are you’re ready to get a memorial tattoo. Remember, this is a lifetime commitment. However, a memorial tattoo can be a powerful, comforting way to keep your pet’s memory close no matter where life takes you. 

Honor Your Pet’s Memory with a Tattoo

Humans have used tattoos to honor deceased loved ones for hundreds of years. With this in mind, it’s not a surprise that many choose to honor their pets in the same way. Our pets are truly part of the family. They’re a part of our lives for years. When they die, we lose a part of ourselves too. 

You can honor your pet’s memory with a minimal memorial tattoo. These ideas above fit every budget and style. Whether you’d like something classic and subtle or something that catches the eye, there is no right or wrong way to memorialize your pet’s memory. For many, having a permanent reminder on your skin helps you feel closer to their legacy. 

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