20 Creative Donation Jar Wording Ideas


You may find yourself in the position where you need to set up a funeral donation box at a loved one’s funeral. The box would gather funds for your family member’s end-of-life expenses. You can use donation jars to raise funds for the surviving family members’ household, medical bills, or college funds.

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Are you having a difficult time with the wording for the label of the jar? Read through some ideas.

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Donation Jar Wording Ideas for a Funeral or Memorial Service

Creating a donation jar to gather funds for a funeral is different than asking for donations to a nonprofit in the name of your loved one. Use these donation jar wording labels to request funeral attendees for assistance with paying for the burial, cremation, or service.

1. To Honor John Smith’s Final Wishes

Consider using a subtle request to raise funds for your loved one’s funeral. You don’t have to share the reasons why the request was made.

2. Thank you for your assistance in paying for the funeral expenses.

You may want to offer a preemptive thank you to those who will throw some money to help pay for your loved one’s services. 

3. If you feel comfortable doing so, our family would appreciate any donation toward Michael’s celebration of life. Thank you.

You may feel like some of the previous examples are a bit soft-handed. You could write a more obvious request for money to help pay for funeral services.

4. Thank you for supporting our family during this difficult time by donating to the funeral fund. 

Your friends and extended family want to show how much they care about your loss, but many people struggle to know what to do or say. This jar label will tell people how they can be the most helpful.

5. The family requests that all donations on behalf of the deceased pay for funeral expenses.

Funeral homes help families collect donations for nonprofit groups during a visitation or funeral. Funeral home staff sometimes collect the money, record the contribution, and provide receipts. You may ask the funeral home if they will create a sign to display at the funeral on your family’s behalf. The wording of this sign will allow you to distance yourself from the request.

6. As you know, our family was shocked by the loss of Jamie. We were not prepared for the high cost of a memorial service. If you could find it in your hearts to donate to the funeral fund, we would appreciate it greatly.

Most people would connect with this heartfelt plea for donations, especially if your loved one died suddenly. If this donation box is placed at the funeral, you don’t need to go into the details of the family left behind or the circumstances of the death, as most would already know that information. 

7. Officer Porter spent 28 years protecting the members of the Hidden Valley community. To show appreciation for his service, please consider donating to her funeral fund so her family can say a proper goodbye.

Sometimes friends or extended family members take it upon themselves to collect donations on behalf of a deceased’s family. If you know someone will struggle to pay for a memorial service, you may ask them for permission to place a collection jar at the visitation or funeral. They may feel more comfortable receiving donations if the request doesn’t come directly from them.

8. If your heart moves you, please consider donating to Mike’s funeral fund. All additional money over the costs of the services will be donated to a veteran’s charity that was close to Mike’s heart.

Of course, you wouldn’t feel comfortable profiting from the death of your family member. To clarify to those who donate, you may explain where the additional money will go.

9. It will take time for Pamela to adjust to providing for the family without Drake’s paycheck. Please consider donating to this fund to help Pamela pay for the funeral and household expenses for herself and the three children Drake left behind.

Families who rely on a single income may feel especially devastated when they lose someone they love. This may be another reason that someone would request assistance with funeral expenses. 

10. James’ last request was that he would be buried next to his parents in Michigan. If you find it in your heart, please consider donating to help cover the transportation costs. 

Perhaps there is one specific bill that you know you will struggle to pay. You may want to ask for assistance to help you cover those costs. Some families choose to disclose the amount they need to raise.

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Donation Jar Wording Ideas for Other Types of Fundraisers

The untimely death of a family member can be financially devastating, especially if that person was the primary breadwinner for the family. If this describes you or someone you are close to, read through some ways to ask for financial help from those attending the funeral services.

11. Bryon Family Scholarship Fund

Consider using a simple label for the collection box instead of a plea. This succinct message needs no other information.

12. If you would like to donate on behalf of the Family of Sam Smith, please drop your cash or checks made out to Sam Smith Memorial Fund below. All donations will cover the family’s living expenses until Monica can find a job.

Of course, you may want to provide a link for the family’s GoFundMe account as well. This request would also have the dual purpose of letting people know that the family member who is left behind needs a job. 

13. Donations for the Roberts Family

Sometimes you don’t need to donate. If others feel that the money is needed, they will be happy to donate. 

14. As many of you know, Samantha was in the hospital for 48 days before she passed away. She didn’t have medical insurance. If you can, please consider donating to this fund that can help cover the hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills. Any size donation would be appreciated.

Sadly, some families are unable to pay for the medical bills for the deceased family members. These bills can be financially devastating to those left behind. 

15. It was Dao’s wish to have his ashes scattered in his beloved homeland. Please consider donating to help pay for the travel expenses for his family so they can fulfill Dao’s last request. 

Moving bodies for burial often requires expensive maneuvers.

16. Smith Family Childcare Fund

Childcare costs prevent some families from being able to have both partners work full time. You may ask for donations to help you cover childcare while looking for a job or beginning a career.

17. Rebuilding Fund

Did the family lose a loved one during a house fire, tornado, or hurricane? Perhaps they need assistance with replacing the items they lost in the disaster or rebuilding their homes. 

18. As you know, Mitch died as a result of a car accident. The car was the family’s only form of reliable transportation and it was totaled in the accident. Please consider donating so that Denise can purchase safe, reliable transportation for herself and the kids.

Requests like this may inspire someone to donate a car to the family. If this is the case, the family could use that money to tag the vehicle and buy insurance.

19. Please visit the Franco Family’s Crowdfunding Site at www.gofundme/123456.

Many people do not carry cash, so having a jar for donations may not work well to raise money at a funeral. Instead, you may include a line in the obituary or funeral program asking for assistance through a crowdfunding website.

20. If you find it in your heart, please consider donating to help Mike’s family with the cost of daily living as they adjust to life without their dad.

Even if your loved one left a paid-for house, some families may need help to pay for house insurance, utility bills, and repair bills to get the home prepared for sale.

Consider Your Own End-of-Life Plans

To prepare for your eventual end-of-life services, consider making a funeral plan through CAKE. Let your loved ones know if you wish to be buried or cremated. Choose the funeral home and cemetery plot. Pick the music you want to have played at the service and choose who you would like to have speak at your funeral.

You may also consider how you will pay for funeral expenses. Doing so will relieve your family members and friends and will ensure that they will not need to ask for donations at your memorial services.


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