16 Personalized Engraved Gift Ideas for a Loved One


When you pick out a gift for a loved one, you want to make sure it’s something special. Most people put a lot of time and care into picking out gifts that are special and memorable. One way to ensure your gift really stands out is to pick out an engraved gift for your loved one.

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Engraved gifts are often highly personal. The message can be customized for the intended recipient. They often carry a lot of sentimental value, as they usually commemorate a special occasion. And even though engraved gifts are often thought of as high-end, they can be surprisingly affordable.

Here we explore some personalized engraved gifts you can give on a multitude of occasions.   

Memorial or ‘In Loving Memory’ Engraved Gift Ideas

When someone you love loses a friend or family member, it’s hard to know how to comfort them. Sometimes you want to make a bigger gesture than just sending a condolence card. These engraved memorial gifts can be a sweet and memorable way to help someone through their grief.

1. Engraved memorial locket

Memorial jewelry is a lovely gift for someone who is in mourning. It can be comforting for people to hold a tribute to their late loved ones close to their hearts.

An engraved locket is a simple and thoughtful gift. You can enclose a small picture of the deceased on one side of the locket, and get their initials engraved on the other side. This gift is sweet, elegant, and classic. 

2. Engraved garden stone

When people die, we often erect headstones to serve as a memorial. But with more people than ever opting to be cremated, not everyone has a headstone where they can go to feel connected to a deceased loved one.

An engraved garden stone can give someone who is grieving a tangible monument where they can grieve. It’s also portable, so even if they move away, they can bring it with them.  

3. Engraved photo frame

When people lose a partner or family member, they can have very different reactions. Some people have to put away photographs and other mementos. Seeing them can be too painful, especially when that loss is still fresh.

Other people find a lot of comfort in looking at treasured photos and reveling in the memories they bring. For people in the latter group, an engraved photo frame can provide a special place for a favorite photo of their lost loved one.   

4. Memorial wind chime

Many people send condolence gifts when a friend or family member loses a loved one. But death anniversaries can hit people very hard as well. If someone you know is coming up on the anniversary of a loved one’s death, death anniversary gifts may lift their spirits a little. 

It helps them to be reminded that other people care about them and are still honoring their sense of loss. We love a memorial wind chime for this purpose. It’s something people can hang up outside. Whenever the wind blows, they may feel like their loved one is right there with them. A custom engraving makes this gift even more special. 

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Engraved Gift Ideas for a Birthday, Graduation, or Milestone

There are certain moments in our lives that are worth celebrating. These momentous occasions are ones we want to hold onto as long as we can. We all have certain milestones we hit in our lives. These could include graduating from high school or college, or an important birthday.

If someone you love has achieved a milestone, consider getting them an engraved gift. It’s a great way to commemorate an important occasion.

5. Personalized compass

When someone graduates from high school or college, it’s the end of one journey. But it’s also the start of a new one.

This can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. A personalized compass is a thoughtful and symbolic gift for a graduate as they embark on the next phase of their life. It will remind them that there are tools available to help them if they feel lost along the way. Have it engraved with a personalized inspirational message to make it more unique.

6. Engraved watch

When people move onto a new phase in their lives, it’s nice to commemorate the occasion in some way.

When people retire, they are often gifted with watches. It symbolizes the fact that they have all this newfound free time. If someone you know is retiring, an engraved watch is a thoughtful and meaningful milestone gift.

7. Engraved leather portfolio

When people think about engraved gifts, they often picture things made out of metal, or maybe wood. But you can also engrave leather.

If someone you care about is embarking on a new job, an engraved leather portfolio makes a great gift. It’s enough of a status symbol to give someone a major confidence boost. 

8. Engraved wine glasses

Do you have a friend who fancies themselves as a bit of a wine expert? You may not be able to afford their preferred vintage.

But you can swing some custom engraved wine glasses! Something like this could make a great birthday gift. For another variation, you could get champagne flutes engraved for someone who’s getting married. 

Engraved Gift Ideas for Her

If you have a woman in your life who deserves a special gift, consider getting her something special with a personalized engraving. An engraving can take the simplest of gifts and elevate it to family heirloom status.   

9. Monogrammed bookmark

There are two kinds of readers. One group that doesn’t mind dogearing the pages in a book to keep their place. The other group insists on using a bookmark to keep their pages pristine.

If you love a reader that falls into the latter group, a monogrammed metal bookmark makes a lovely gift. She’ll treasure it as much as her favorite books.   

10. Engraved jewelry box

Many women have pieces of jewelry that carry great sentimental value. This includes wedding rings, or jewelry passed down through their families. Special jewelry deserves a special storage place.

An engraved jewelry box is the perfect place to put jewelry that means a lot to the woman in your life.  

11. Personalized Christmas ornament

Some people take Christmas very seriously. They put a lot of time and energy into decorating their homes and their tree.

If you know someone like that, an engraved Christmas ornament will mean something special to her. If she likes it, you can even make it an annual tradition.

12. Engraved luggage

Do you know someone who loves to travel? If they are a frequent flier, their luggage may be taking a beating. Get her set up with their next set. Having it engraved will make it a lot easier to pick out on the baggage carousel.

Engraved Gifts Ideas for Him

There’s a common misconception that men are difficult to shop for. But men want the same thing everyone else does. They want people to put care and thought into their gifts, and they want people to pay attention to their interests. Get the man in your life a gift that’s truly specialized and unique. Here are some suggestions:   

13. Engraved wallet

It seems like women have no end of accessories they can use to express their personal style. Men don’t tend to have the same options.

Help a guy in your life stand out from the crowd with an engraved leather wallet. Something as simple as his initials can make an everyday item feel special. 

14. Engraved wooden storage box

Is there a man in your life who has trouble staying organized? A simple wooden box can make a surprisingly large difference.

Get a wooden box etched with a special message. The recipient can use it to store his wallet, keys, phone, and other items that seem to constantly wander off. (Hopefully, he doesn’t misplace the box.)

15. Personalized cutting board

If you know a man who likes to get serious in the kitchen, you might be wary of getting him any cooking implements.

After all, he probably has everything he needs already, right? A well-made maple cutting board is a classic for cooks. You can get the wood engraved with a personal message. Even if he already has a cutting board, this one will be his new go-to. 

16. Etched scotch glasses 

If the man in your life likes to unwind with a nice glass of scotch, you can elevate his drinking experience.

Get him a set of personalized whiskey glasses engraved with his initials. This is a classic and elegant way to round out a wet bar.  

Engraved Items Make Memorable Gifts for Special Occasions

Gift-giving can be really stressful. When you buy someone a gift, you want to show how much you value them. But it can be hard to find something special enough to really show how you feel. An engraved gift can be the perfect solution. Engraved gifts are often very elegant, and can feel special.

And well-chosen words can convey some of the meaning you wish to convey. These items suggested here can help inspire you to pick out a gift that will (quite literally) speak to the recipient. 

If you're looking for more ways to send a thoughtful gift, read our guides on get well gifts and gifts for grieving friends.

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