35 Personalized Engraved Gift Ideas


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Are you looking for a gift for a special occasion that stands out from all the rest? Why not buy a personalized gift that is engraved?

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Engraved Gifts for Wedding Party Members

Engraved Gifts to Welcome a New Baby

Engraved Gifts for Mom or Dad

Engraved Retirement Gifts

Engraved Memorial Gifts to Remember a Deceased Loved One

Engraved Anniversary Gifts

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Buying a personalized, engraved gift tells the recipient that you cared enough about their life event or occasion that you planned ahead when selecting a gift. Also, since engraved gifts can’t be returned or recycled, the recipient can feel comfortable using the item instead of returning it for something more practical.

Here are some of our favorite engraved gift ideas to consider for specific events and occasions. When appropriate, we will also provide a link to an online company that offers the items. However, don’t forget to shop locally.

Engraved Gifts for Wedding Party Members

Your friends and family members who agreed to be in your wedding may have sacrificed a lot getting ready for your special day. Here are some gift ideas for those bridesmaids and groomsmen that stand the test of time. 

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1. Glassware

You can’t “engrave” glassware. However, you can purchase a variety of glassware that can be etched with your own design. For example, we like this shot glass design offered by a store on Etsy. They are fun, can be used at your wedding, and taken home as a reminder of the event.

2. Flask

Instead of buying a personalized item that celebrates your special date, consider buying something personalized with the name of the recipient. An engraved flask is one such idea. 

3. Compact mirror

Are you looking for an elegant gift to thank your bridesmaids? How about engraving compact mirrors with your friends’ initials? 

4. Wine glass charm

Are you looking for a simple, practical gift that won’t take up too much room? Purchase unique wine glass charms for your wedding party members. These can be easily transported on a plane ride home.

5. Business card holder

Are your friends or family members constantly meeting people as a part of their profession? Engrave a business card holder with their name as a gift for being in your wedding. 

Engraved Gifts to Welcome a New Baby

New babies are to be celebrated! While everyone else will give the new baby a teddy bear or an outfit they will grow out of in 15 minutes, you can buy a gift that will stand the test of time. Here are some classic gift ideas for couples with new babies. 

6. Ornament

Purchase an engravable “first Christmas” ornament for your friend who recently had a baby. Include the baby’s name and birthday. 

7. Rattle

A silver engraved rattle is a traditional gift to welcome a new baby that will indeed become a family heirloom. 

8. Engraved photo album

The new parents will surely take hundreds of photos of their new baby within the first month. Encourage them to print out the photos to display on their coffee table by buying a personalized, engraved photo album.

9. Decor for the nursery

We like this classic photo frame/nursery decor. It can be engraved with the baby’s essential data, hold a newborn photo of the baby, and play a tune to help the baby fall asleep.

10. Bank

Encourage the parents (and later the child) to save for the child’s future by buying a classic, engravable bank

11. Engraved cup

Along with an engraved rattle, the silver engraved cup is another classic gift often given to newborns. You may want to accompany the present with a traditional, engraved silver spoon.

Engraved Gifts for Mom or Dad

Whether you are buying a couples gift for your mom and dad or a single present for the individual, here are some ideas of things that can be engraved. Don’t forget to personalize the message to tell your folks how much you care about them.

12. Wind chimes

Are your parents at the point of their lives when they are slowing down and enjoying the simple things of life? Buy them a set of engraved wind chimes that they can enjoy as they sit on their porch, deck, or patio.

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13. Pens

An engraved set of pens is an elegant and practical gift for your parents. They will appreciate that you took the time to write a special message and will think of you every time they use the item.

14. Engraved bracelet

Purchase this classic piece of jewelry for your mom or dad’s birthday. Engrave an important phrase on the piece that tells them how much they are loved. 

15. Family tree plaque

We love this engravable family tree plaque that is offered by Love is a Rose. While it is marketed as an anniversary gift, it would make a unique gift for your parents for any occasion.

16. House sign

Improve the look of the entryway of your parents’ house by purchasing an engraved plate with your parents’ name and address. 

17. Beverage tub

Do your parents enjoy entertaining? Why not make it easier for them to keep their drinks cold by purchasing a classy-looking engraved beverage tub? Maybe they’ll even break it out when you come over for dinner.

Engraved Retirement Gifts

Celebrate a person’s ability to live life as they wish by purchasing an engraved retirement gift. Here are some classic examples (as well as a few you may not have thought of on your own).

18. Watch

Commemorate a life of service to your organization by purchasing an engraved watch as a retirement gift. Engrave the watch with the name of the devoted employee, dates of services, and the company’s name. This classic gift idea should not be overlooked.

19. Fishing lure

Is the retiree looking forward to spending more time on the banks of a favorite fishing pond? Purchase an engraved fishing lure to celebrate this exciting time of life. 

20. Keychain

Like a watch, a keychain is a practical gift that can be personalized for the retiree. There are many different designs online. 

21. Letter opener

An engraved letter opener certainly is not something that the retiree would buy for themselves. 

22. Personalized wine chiller

Is the retiree ready to celebrate the good life? Consider this gift that can be engraved with their initials or a congratulatory message. 

23. Award

Present the retiree with a beautiful award that has an engraved label. There are many examples online, but we particularly like this one that has a piece of decorative glass. 

Engraved Memorial Gifts to Remember a Deceased Loved One

We approached this section of our list in two different ways. Some families give out small tokens to funeral attendees that encourage them to remember the life of their deceased loved one. We also included ideas for gifts to give to the family members of the deceased. 

24. Personalized coins

Would you like to send the funeral attendees home with a personalized token reminding them of a life well-lived? Consider having personalized coins made with the name and image of your loved one. Then, every time the person runs across the coin, they will think of your loved one.

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25. Engraved bookmark

While printed bookmarks are commonly handed out at funerals, consider purchasing personalized engraved bookmarks for the event. Engraved bookmarks could be used for any occasion, but it would be especially appropriate as a memorial item if the deceased was an avid reader. 

26. Engraved pendant

Do you have an example of your loved one’s handwriting? Consider having an engraved pendant made with a message they wrote. 

27. Urn pendant

Since many urns are curved receptacles, they aren’t made in such a way to hold a flat, engraved plate. Some people buy a “necklace” for the urn that hangs around the lid to accommodate this. The pendant identifies the remains and offers words of comfort. 

28. Urn necklace

Not to be confused with an urn pendant, an urn necklace has a small receptacle as a pendant that holds a tiny portion of cremation ashes. An urn necklace can be engraved with the deceased’s initials or another message.

29. Wind chimes

We know that wind chimes appear early on our list, but this item is becoming popular as a memorial gift as well. The family members can think of their deceased loved one every time they hear the wind chimes tinkling in the breeze. Of course, they can also be personalized with the deceased’s name or image. 

Engraved Anniversary Gifts

Long marriages should be celebrated! If you are looking for an item that commemorates a happy couple, consider an engravable gift.

30. Anniversary clock

Celebrate the fact that the couple’s marriage has stood the test of time by purchasing an engraved anniversary clock. This example from Things Remembered allows you to engrave the name and wedding date of the couple, as well as a special message.

31. Frame

Is someone celebrating a milestone anniversary? Purchase an engraved frame that has two spots. One shows the couple on their wedding day, and the other shows a current picture of the couple.

32. Engraved tray

Commemorate the longevity of your friend or family members’ marriage by having a tray engraved with their name and wedding date. These gifts are often used as display items, but they can be practical as well. 

33. Snow globe

Are you looking for a unique gift for a couple who has everything? Engrave their names and wedding date on the base of a snow (or glitter) globe

34. Bud vase

Purchase an etched glass or engraved silver vase as an anniversary gift. This gift is beautiful and practical. 

35. Crystal photograph

“Borrow” a photo from the couple’s social media account and have it engraved (or etched) onto a 3D photo crystal keepsake. This unique gift can be purchased with a light-up base. 

Tips for Buying an Engraved Gift

Engraved gifts cannot be picked up on the way to an event. So plan ahead if you wish to buy a personalized item.

Most online stores give you ample opportunity to review the text of the engraving before submitting your final order. Because of this, make sure you check and double-check the spelling and dates that will be engraved because engraved items can’t be returned. The recipient will probably not want an engraved picture frame if their baby’s name is misspelled, so double and triple-check before ordering!


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