20 Best Faith Hill Songs for a Funeral


Choosing the best songs for a funeral is no small task. Songs have the power to transport us to another time, reviving old memories as if they were yesterday. With so many of the best funeral songs to choose from, many country fans find themselves sifting through Faith Hill playlists. As one of the most well-known country singers, Faith Hill makes the perfect music for any country fan. 

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With songs rooted in romance, loss, pain, and truth, Faith Hill isn’t afraid to talk about the hard topics with her music. Whether you’re planning a memorial service or creating a memorial slideshow, it’s important to know whivh Faith Hill songs speak to you the most. Honoring someone with their music taste at their final sendoff is a gorgeous act of remembrance. 

In this guide, we explore the best Faith Hill songs for a funeral or memorial. Capturing the full realm of human experience, there’s a reason Faith Hill’s music is beloved by so many. What will you discover in these country hits?

Sad or Sorrowful Faith Hill Songs for a Funeral

To begin, it comes as no surprise that sad songs are often the best fit for a funeral service. While you can choose any type of mood that feels right to you, these sorrowful Faith Hill songs are a reminder that we have to express ourselves to grieve. 

1. “Breathe” from Breathe

First, “Breathe” is a song about the world slipping away in the arms of a lover. Crossing multiple genres, this is a Faith Hill song that speaks to everyone of all backgrounds. 

2. “Stronger” from Cry

When people leave us, it only makes us stronger. It’s okay to grieve that person and to reflect on what they once meant to you. As Faith says, “We’ll both break down and we’ll both break through.” 

3. “It Matters to Me” from It Matters to Me

This sad ballad is about a woman recognizing what’s important to her in a relationship. She realizes that certain things matter to her, even if her lover can’t see them. Through this, she finds her own confidence. 

4. “There Will Come a Day” from Breathe

Next, “There Will Come a Day” is about holding onto faith even when the world feels dark. There is real cruelty out there, and things aren’t always fair. Still, there will come a day when “the song will ring out down those golden streets.” 

5. “Let Me Let Go” from Faith

Lastly, “Let Me Let Go” is a song about moving on. Though it’s truly only in your power to let go of others, sometimes it’s hard to do. It’s easier to place the focus on them when the real focus needs to be on yourself. 

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Uplifting Faith Hill Songs for a Funeral

Regardless of the funeral slideshow or event you’re planning, uplifting songs can set the tone for a funeral service. Celebrating someone’s life means honoring the highs as well as the lows. These uplifting Faith Hill songs are a tribute to living life. 

6. “The Way You Love Me” from Breathe

This sentimental song might sound easygoing on the outside, but it’s much deeper below the surface. Faith Hill explores the power of new love, capturing the spirit and the excitement of letting yourself fall for someone fully. 

7. “Wild One” from Take Me As I Am

Perfect for any wild child, “Wild One” is a trip down memory lane. Faith Hill explores how it feels to break free from what’s expected. If you dare, you can be a “wild one running free.” The world really is yours to explore. 

8. “Mississippi Girl” from Fireflies

No matter where life takes you, you never lose sight of where you come from. “Mississippi Girl” is an ode to small-town roots. No matter how humble your beginnings, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. 

9. “The Lucky One” from Fireflies

This upbeat song feels like blasting music in the car with the windows down. When you have the ones you love by your side, you truly feel like the luckiest person in the world. Because you’ve found the one, “The sunshine’s everywhere we go.” 

10. “Piece of My Heart” from Take Me as I Am

When you love someone with all of your heart, they take a piece of it. This is something you don’t get back, even when time passes. Though it can be hard to part with this side of yourself, it’s proof that you loved fully. 

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Faith Hill Songs for a Parent’s Funeral

The right country funeral songs set the pace for a funeral service, reminding guests of the beauty of simplicity. If your parent or grandparent was a lover of Faith Hill, honor them with these special tributes. 

11. “There You’ll Be” from Pearl Harbor

One of the most common funeral songs, this is an ode to everyone you’ve ever lost. “There You’ll Be” is a touching ballad about love, loss, and memories. Written for the film Pearl Harbor, it captures the way those we love are always closer than we think. 

12. “Cry” from Cry

“Cry” is an emotional Faith Hill song that isn’t afraid to be vulnerable. Sometimes crying is the most therapeutic thing you can do, and sometimes it’s the only way to say goodbye. 

13. “Somebody Stand by Me” from Faith

After a loss, it’s easy to feel alone. What you need above all is someone to stand by you. This Faith Hill song captures the power of being true to yourself, even if you feel entirely alone. She says it best: “Won’t somebody stand by me?” 

14. “Go the Distance” from Take Me As I Am

Finding real love isn’t easy, and sometimes you have to go the distance. Though there might be rainy days and bridges ahead, we have the power to cross them together. This song easily symbolizes the challenges everyone faces during grief and loss. 

15. “Why” from Deep Tracks

Finally, “Why” is an emotional ballad about losing a close friend. Though there was nothing you could have done to stop this, it’s normal to feel guilt after this type of loss. Sure to be a tearjerker, there is something therapeutic in Faith’s melodies. 

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Faith Hill Songs for a Child or Adult Child’s Funeral

Last but not least, honor the life of a beloved child through Faith Hill’s music. A voice of generations, her work spans several decades. Losing a child of any age is never easy, but you can remember the joy they brought to the world. 

16. “Love Is a Sweet Thing” from Breathe

How can you define love? To Faith Hill, it’s just a sweet thing—one of life’s greatest joys. Though written to a lover, this song can easily apply to a beloved child. 

17. “You Give Me Love” from Faith

You don’t need any rhyme or reason to love someone special to you. Sometimes it’s as simple as that. “You Give Me Love” is a sweet answer to why someone makes your world a brighter place. 

18. “A Room in My Heart” from It Matters to Me

This song paints a metaphor of a heart, turning it into a home. In many ways, your heart is where you keep your most precious memories. Though some people might leave, they never lose that room within your heart. 

19. “Baby You Belong” from Cry

Though it’s normal to feel insecure from time to time, we all belong here. “Baby You Belong” is an ode to everyone who’s ever felt out of place. Faith Hill gives no complicated answers here. You belong “like the sun belongs in the morning sky.” 

20. “Better Days” from Deep Tracks

Finally, “Better Days” is a reminder that hard times are a part of life. When you think you’ve reached your lowest point, it’s important to recognize that better days are always ahead. It’s always possible to find courage and strength. 

Finding Faith Through Faith Hill

How will you honor those you love? If your loved one was a Faith Hill or country music fan, this genre of music can bring life and joy to an otherwise somber funeral. There are no rules to how you grieve. It’s important to find your own journey through grief, no matter what shape that path takes. 

As you can see from Faith Hill’s discography above, her work speaks to millions across generations. From the joy of first love to capturing what makes you unique, her songs spark joy and real-world emotions. Create your own funeral playlist to honor someone you love.

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