18 Famous Last Tweets From Notable People or Celebrities


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Have you ever given thought to famous last words? Lots of famous last words have been recorded throughout history, from famous politicians to celebrities. Before the rise of the internet, our last words would only be heard by those on our deathbeds. However, thanks to social media, there is a whole new world of digital legacy to consider. 

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Your digital legacy is what you leave behind on the internet. Things like photos, graphics, words, videos, and more make up your legacy online, and sometimes these outlive us. 

There are many instances of notable people and celebrities’ last tweets on Twitter that serve as a reminder of who they were and what they leave behind. Thought these tweets might seem unimportant at first glance, they become much more meaningful when you realize they’re one of the final pieces of someone’s digital legacy. 

Taking a look at some of these famous tweets puts a lot of perspectives not only on some of the grief over a celebrity death, but also why it’s important to think about your digital legacy. While the world is full of last words, these are memorialized on Twitter for all to see, a haunting reminder of celebrities taken from the world too soon. 

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Famous Last Tweets From Musicians, Artists, and Actors

Musicians, artists, and actors are always in front of the public eye. These Twitter accounts have thousands or even millions of followers, and their final tweets reveal a glimpse into their personal lives in their final moments.

1. Amy Winehouse: “oinka oikna oinka why you awake” 

This tweet doesn’t make much sense at first glance, but it actually reveals just how troubled Winehouse might have felt leading up to her death. She died of an accidental overdose, and this tweet now feels haunting with that in mind. 

2. Robin Williams: “Happy Birthday to Ms. Zelda Rae Williams! Quarter of a century old today but always my baby girl.”

This tweet was directed to Williams’ daughter Zelda on her birthday, and it’s a touching reminder of the family he left behind with his suicide at age 63. Though he struggled with depression, Williams’ legacy highlights just how much his family meant to him.

3. Gene Wilder: “I’m sure I’ll get the hang of this eventually.”

Gene Wilder, known for his role in Willy Wonka and Blazing Saddles, only made a few tweets before his passing. His innocent messages show his excitement to use his social media account to stay in touch with his fans, and this knowledge makes his final tweets all the more heartbreaking.

4. Paul Walker: “The boys are back. Will you be ready?”

Paul Walker died tragically on the set of the newest Fast and Furious film. His final tweet was a way to hype up his followers for the film’s production, and it’s a reminder that life is fleeting.

5. Cory Monteith: “What the crap is a Sharknado — oh. IT’S A SHARK TORNADO.” 

Glee star Cory Monteith was found dead the night after watching Sharknado in his Vancouver hotel room. Today, these final tweets are a glaring reminder that any moment could be your last. 

6. Whitney Houston: “yes i am the real whitney.” 

Though she struggled with addiction in the final years of her life, Whitney Houston left behind a powerful legacy. Her final tweet was a response to a fan account that questioned whether or not she was who she says she is.

7. Patty Duke: “30 years ago today, Mike and I married. We having a very happy and quiet day. Love and hugs to all.” 

Despite the typo, this is a very touching message to this Academy Award-Winning actresses’ marriage. Her romantic tweet shows the value of expressing our feelings to those we love while we have the time.

8. Maya Angelou: “Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God.” 

Angelus was a famous American author and activist. Her final tweet highlights her emotional and spiritual depth, and these final wise words are not easy to ignore. 

Last Tweets From Athletes

Athletes are a large part of public culture. When a famous athlete dies, they often have celebrity funerals worthy of the biggest stars. By shining a light on their final tweets, fans gain insight into these unique lifestyles. 

9. Sean Edwards: “Time to hit Queensland Raceway today, should be fun, hope there aren’t too many kangaroos like at Bathurst!”

Edwards was one of the leading racecar stunt drivers in the world. He died on the very same track in his final tweet, making this digital message feel eerie.

10. Muhammad Ali: “Ringside seats to see the Champ. #MuhammadAli” 

Nicknamed ‘The Greatest,’ this boxing champion died after a long battle with Parkinson’s syndrome. His final tweet above accompanied a picture of him in his prime. 

11. Kobe Bryant: “Continuing to move the game forward @KingJames. Much respect my brother.”

Basketball star Kobe Bryant passed away in a tragic helicopter crash in 2020. His final tweet was a message to LeBron James congratulating him on his success. James continues to honor his friend’s memory.

12. Will Smith: “Having a blast at the #fqf2016 @French Quarter Fest

This New Orleans Super Bowl Star played nine seasons in the NFL during his prime. Unfortunately, in 2016, he was driving a vehicle and got into a drunk accident, leading to an altercation that tragically ended his life. His last message on Twitter showed just how much he loved his hometown. 

13. Joe McKnight: “#Focus #OnaMission”

Joe McKnight was an NFL star with the New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs until he suffered a number of injuries. His final tweet was him sharing his perseverance in getting back to good health so he could play the game he loved. In 2016, his life ended after a confrontation during a road rage incident in Louisiana. 

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Famous Last Tweets From Other Notable People

People of all backgrounds leave behind notable famous tweets. Do you recognize any of these celebrities and figures below? What do their final words on social media paint them as?

14. Joan Rivers: “A Man reportedly got his finger bitten off at a Beyonce concert! The shocking twist: It wasn’t Jay Z’s finger and it wasn’t by Solange.”  

After a long career in the entertainment business, Rivers passed away during what should have been a minor throat operation. Even in her final moments before she passed, she still shared her opinion on the latest celebrity news and gossip. 

15. Robert Ebert: “My Leave of Presence: An Update…”

Robert Ebert was a famous film critic known for his ability to make or break a movie. After some time spent battling cancer, Ebert shared this final tweet to speak directly to his fans.

16. Jo Cox: “My hubby @MrBrendanCox & children taking part in the battle of the #Thames - Because we’re #StrongerIn #Remain” 

Jo Cox was a member of the British Parliament. During her 2016 tour of her constituency, she was assassinated by a far-right Leave supporter right before the big vote. Her final tweet is a visual representation of the legacy she leaves behind.

17. John McCain: “Cindy and I send our prayers to the family and friends of Chief Warrant Officer 3 Taylor J. Galvin who was killed in a helicopter crash in #Iraq.”

A veteran himself, Senator John McCain’s final tweet shared his thoughts and prayers for the family of a fallen soldier. After his death, many politicians spoke out about McCain’s support of the U.S. Armed Forces.

18. Kay Hagan: “Serving North Carolina has been an honor, and I can’t say thank you enough.” 

This North Carolina senator’s final tweet was her resigning from office at the end of her term. An opportunity for reflection, this was the perfect end to a long life of public service. 

Can You Plan Your Last Tweet?

Did you know it's possible to plan your own last tweet? It's true, and this is something you might want to think about if your Twitter account and final words are important to you. There are a few different ways to plan your last tweet:

  • Cake account: The easiest way to plan your last tweet is to create an account with Cake and complete the digital legacy section. From there, share your final wishes and decisions with a trusted loved one. 
  • Will and testament: Another way to plan your last tweet is to create your final will and include this wish within your document. You can create a legal, effective will from home in minutes with Trust & Will
  • Talk to your loved ones: Last but not least, you can talk to your loved ones about what you want done with your social media accounts when you pass. 

A final tweet is a part of your digital legacy. It's how you'll be remembered. From including this tweet in your digital memorial with GatheringUs to keeping your words close to your loved ones, these small details matter. 

Make Your Digital Legacy Count

If there’s one thing you can learn about these final tweets above, it’s that we don’t always have control over how we appear on social media. Any tweet could be our last, so it’s best to just focus on what we can. That being said, you should always be mindful of the legacy you leave on the world. 

Your words carry meaning, even digitally. In today’s world, everything you post online exists forever. How do you want to be remembered?

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