21 Easy or DIY Father’s Day 2022 Activity Ideas


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The time and effort you put into celebrating Father’s Day can resonate well beyond one single day of the year. You can also use social media and facetime to virtually celebrate if you can’t be around because you live far away. 

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If your plans require reservations or inviting others, then make sure you set them well in advance. Be mindful that some people have families of their own and make plans to accommodate if you would like to have them involved. 

Here are the dates for Father's Day for the next few years to help you save the date:

2022: Sunday, June 19
2023: Sunday, June 18
2024: Sunday, June 16
2025: Sunday, June 15
2026: Sunday, June 21

Being a dad at any age is special. So, whether you’re celebrating as new parents or as an adult with grandpa, hopefully, you’ll find some Father's Day ideas listed below to spark your interest.

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Father’s Day Ideas for First-Time or New Dads

This is just the beginning of a lifetime of amazing Father’s Day events. So, celebrate the newness of fatherhood with gifts he can appreciate his whole life through. 

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1. Thumbprint or footprint

Honor new dads with a keepsake of a thumbprint or footprint from their new child. Get creative. You could have that print made into a medallion for a chain or a paperweight for their desk. Whatever first Father's Day gift you choose, it’ll be a sentimental piece for dad.

2. Coupon book

Coupon books are special because they show how much you think ahead and prepare for the needs of new dads.

Think about all the lovely (and corny) things he may want to do, like photoshoots or matching pajamas. If you’ve never made one of these before, just peek into your word templates and you’ll find a few options there. 

3. Photo album or scrapbook

You might normally associate scrapbooking with moms, but it’s an activity for anyone, especially dads with a newborn child.

There’s no need to conform to the usual or the normal paper and stickers either, so get creative and have fun with wood and metal if you like. 

4. A day off

Becoming a new parent is exhausting, so if you have a chance, why not give that first-time dad an opportunity for a day away from new-dad duties.

This will not only help them feel a little of their life again but also refresh them for the return to dad duty. Don’t forget to find a DD if he happens to head out to the bar with friends.

5. Decorate and have a gathering 

If you want to celebrate someone’s first child but want to keep him and his wife from having to do all the cleanup, then have a little get together in your backyard.

Prepare all of his favorite foods, buy some fun balloons, and let him enjoy the afternoon hanging out with his family and friends.

Father’s Day Ideas for Kids or Students

Kids love celebrating anything fun! So, if you’re looking for a way kids can get into making dad’s day a little brighter, then check out the list we gathered for you below.

6. Camping excursion

School is out, so why not have a camping trip during the first week of summer. Prepare ahead of time so that the fluid levels in the car are ready, the tent and camping supplies are packed, and the meals are already prepped.

This way, dad needs to do very little to prepare for it and can just spend time exploring with the kids.

7. Make him a card

Imagine looking back at those darling little cards, with those adorable little pictures in about 20 years. Of course, you are going to have to find some space and time where dad won’t find out what you’re up to. Send him out for a bike ride while you and the kiddos get crafty.

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8. Weekend soapbox derby car build

This is definitely a moment that a dad and child will treasure. If you are looking to surprise dad with an activity, there are options online where you can buy a readymade kit for miniature and life-sized derby cars.

If this seems too easy, you could research the necessary materials needed and have them already on hand for the weekend build. 

9. Change the oil

Head on out to the garage and take a moment to learn from the expert when it comes to car maintenance.

Maybe changing the oil or rotating the tires together isn’t a typical Father’s Day activity, but you’ll get an opportunity to spend time talking with the man who cares about you and your future. 

10. Wash Dad’s car

Send the kids outside with a bucket and some elbow grease. The job doesn’t take all afternoon, so there shouldn’t be too many complaints.

Just give them instructions not to scratch it, then head on out to dinner afterward in dad’s super clean car.

Father’s Day Ideas for Grandpas

As you’re searching for Father’s Day gifts for grandpa, take a look at some of the ideas we found below. You’ll discover opportunities to spend your time with him in the most meaningful ways.

11. Go fishing

If you’re like me, one of the fondest memories you have is fishing with your grandfather. Every year, we couldn’t wait to get up to their home in Northern Minnesota to spend some time on the boat with grandpa.

While kids may not have the knowhow or the wherewithal to bait their hooks, this gives time for grandpa to pass down knowledge and stories, all while creating memories for the grandkids. 

12. Catch a baseball game

Does grandpa have a favorite baseball team? If so, take him out to the ballpark for an afternoon in the sun. Everyone can enjoy the event together, take selfies, and eat ballpark food.

This may turn into a yearly event, which will give everyone something to look forward to on doldrum days. 

13. Hobby gift basket

After you fill up a toolbox, basket, or crate with extra tools or necessities for grandpa’s favorite hobby, then head out into the shop or on the lake and take an opportunity to learn from the master.

Remember, this time has less to do with the hobby itself, and more to do with spending it with grandpa.

14. Teach phone or computer skills

Facetime and text seem to puzzle a few of those in the older generations. If you want to have a relationship with your grandpa that is more fitting to the lifestyle and time constraints of the day, then it is up to you to teach him how to communicate with you—not the other way around.

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15. Go for a bike ride

If you have an active grandpa, head out to an easy trail for a bike ride on Father’s Day. Make sure to stop someplace with a lovely backdrop and take a few selfies to send back to grandma.

If biking isn’t his thing, then stroll around the neighborhood and have a heart to heart about life.

Father’s Ideas from Adult Children

There are so many things to do as an adult child with your dad on Father’s Day. Whether you plan on having a relaxing day at the parent’s house, going out on a day time excursion, or being his handyman for the day, you’ll find something listed below that works for you and your dad.

16. Local meat market delivery and grill out

If your dad is a meat-eater, there’s something particularly special about sending a care package from the local butcher.

Make sure to order with enough advance notice to get the delivery in time, and then head on over to have a grill out. Bring the sides and salads, or beer and firewood, then have an evening celebrating fatherhood.

17. Brewery tour

Craft breweries are popping up all over the place, so this offers another idea on how to spend the day with dad.

Map out a route ahead of time, coerce someone into being your designated driver, and then enjoy the afternoon. Make sure you make a mental note about his favorites, then head on back to the brewery and pick some up for his birthday.

18. Go for a hike

Skip the crowds at the local restaurants and find the less-traveled path. If you’re an avid hiker already, you probably know the spots a lot of people aren’t too familiar with. If you’re bringing your dad’s pup, make sure to watch out for wildlife so that dad doesn’t have to worry.

19. Morning coffee on the deck

If you’re visiting for Father’s Day, get up early and make coffee for your dad. You could even create a spread for breakfast on the back deck all without waking up the rest of the house. 

If this is your first Father’s Day without dad, but you always did this with him, then why stop? Keep the tradition going every year. It’s a nice way to send a happy Father’s Day wish to him up in heaven.

20. Chop wood

Firewood takes some time to season. But if you chop a cord of wood every year at the same time, then you will ensure that your dad has a ready supply of wood throughout the winter months. 

21. Clean the gutters

Aging dads should not be up on the ladders trying to maintain their homes, so make sure to climb a ladder and do it for him (if you can).

That includes cleaning the shutters, doing the window washing, and anything else that the house needs while you visit. 

Make Lasting Memories with Dad

The only thing you need to remember when celebrating a successful Father’s Day is to bring your love. Although the rest of the day will be remembered fondly, the biggest treasure lies in the way you give him your time and energy.


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