20+ Last-Minute First Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Father’s Day is a wonderful celebration to recognize dads of all shapes and sizes. No matter whether yours is a girl dad, a boy dad, or a light-the-BBQ-on-fire-and-grill dad, there’s something to celebrate about your father. 

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Though each father’s day is unique and special, there’s nothing quite like the very first time you become a parent. And for the dads out there, their first father’s day is a big deal. So be sure to make it special and celebrate those dads—even if you’re short on time.

First Father’s Day Gift Ideas From the Baby

There’s no better way to say Happy Father’s Day than from baby to new dad. Here are a few of the best ideas out there to help your little one wish their new daddy a wonderful day. 

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1. Footprint picture frame

Mom, you’ll have to help with this too, of course, but this is a perfect “from baby” gift. Using a baby-safe paint, dab the bottom of their teeny tiny feet in the paint. Carefully press each foot onto a piece of cardstock.

You’ll then have their newborn footprint captured forever. Underneath, pen the date baby was born. At the top, write a sweet note or a saying like, “I love you from my head to my toes.” Place this in a shadow box and you’ll be ready to bring tears to that new father’s eyes.

2. Personalized star map

Did you know you can get a map of the night sky for any date you choose? That’s right.

Get a map of the sky for the night dad first brought baby home and personalize it with the date, the name of your child, and a short message from baby to dad.

3. Picture book

Create a photo book with pictures of your new baby from their birthday onward. Include cute phrases and sayings for each picture from baby to dad such as, “This was the first time we met!” or “I love being held in your arms.”

Be sure to include the date on each page to create a timeline of baby’s first months with dad.

4. Photo frame

Choose a favorite picture of your child and place it in a specialized frame with a sweet saying like, “My dad is my best friend,” or “My father. My hero.” Include the date and the name of your child somewhere on the frame to personalize it even further.

5. Matching shirt/outfit

Give dad a shirt from baby that matches baby’s onesie. Make it fun, creative, and thematic to invite plenty of fun comments when they’re both out and about. Dad will love it, baby will look cute, and they’ll make an adorable pair.

First Father’s Day Gift Ideas From Mom

Moms, do you remember those times when you tried to think up ways to say thank you to your parents as a kid? Well, now it’s time for round two. Rather than getting your hubby another set of BBQ tools, socks, or a tie, let’s go for something uniquely “Father’s Day.

6. Personalized glass

This is one gift that can keep on giving. Choose a nice sturdy drinking glass you know he’ll use and have it etched with a phrase such as, “Dad. Established…”

And then add your child’s birthdate and their name underneath. For each child that comes along, etch their name and birthdate. Pair this sweet gift with a case of their favorite brew and you’ve got an instant hit. 

7. A “Dad” jacket or hoodie

We’re not talking about a jacket with the word “dad” on it, here. As great as that is, a “dad” jacket or hoodie is growing in popularity as a must-have dad item.

Rather than lugging around a diaper bag, a dad jacket contains enough pockets they can be the diaper bag. That’s right—pockets for bottles, diapers, wipes, and more.

Customize your own dad jacket and fill it with fun items along with a few sample diapers to demonstrate what it can hold.

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8. Glass bottle labels

Looking for a fun way to surprise the love of your life with the fact that he is going to be a dad? There’s no better way than to let him know on Father’s Day.

If your man enjoys specialty soda or other glass bottled beverages, print out customized labels that say things like, “DAD… Coming Soon,” “Happy Father’s Day,” or “A good brew for a great dad (to be).”

Put them in the fridge and watch his surprise when he reaches for a refreshing drink at the end of the day.

9. Snap Instant Polaroid camera

Every new dad wants to take pictures of their son or daughter. Help them out with a camera from the Polaroid family called the Snap Instant.

This mini camera lets them take pictures, instantly print them out, and upload a digital copy to their phone.

Bonus points: Gift them a corkboard frame with pushpins for their home or work office. Now they have a place to put all those adorable printed out pictures!

10. Smartwatch

Life with a baby is lifechanging. For new parents, keeping track of feedings, diaperings, and doctor appointments along with the rest of life can get overwhelming.

Get him a smartwatch that syncs with his phone and computer and helps him keep track of important dates, reminders, and calendar items. 

DIY First Father’s Day Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for an extra special gift for a new father, there’s nothing quite like DIY. Even if you’re short on time, these gifts can come together in a snap.

11. Gift basket

For those looking for an all-in-one care package/Father’s day gift, a gift basket is the right idea. Include items that are both enjoyable and practical such as a nice man-scented candle for his office, specialty soap and aftershave, a bag of his favorite coffee, and a mug that says, “You got this” or “New Dad” on it.

He’ll love the personalized touch that went into creating the gift and will enjoy each item during a season of sleepless nights and tiring days. Is dad a handyman? Replace the basket with a toolbox or bucket!

12. Personalized leather wallet

For those with leatherworking tools, choose a nice leather wallet to start. Stamp Dad’s name on the outside and include a short message about fatherhood on the inside.

For extra points, place several photos of baby in the picture slots so they’re ready with plenty of bragging firepower when they’re in the office or out with friends. 

13. Activities jar

While some things might need to wait a year or two, creating a Father’s Day activities jar for dad and their child can be a fun way to help a new father anticipate all the things they can do together.

This can be a simple project consisting of a mason jar filled with lego pieces. Write an activity on each piece that he can pull out. Include baby and toddler activities along with child activities for when they are older. Add to it each year to keep it fun and fresh.

14. Wood slice coasters

Get out your woodburning or phototransfer tools for this one. Either transfer a picture of dad and child onto the coasters or burn a message such as, “Dad, Established…” along with the date of their first child. I

f transferring pictures, choose their favorites so they have a different picture to look at for each coaster they use. Make a set for their home office and their work office so they’re never without a picture of the child they adore.

15. Leather keychain

Memorialize the day your husband or friend became a dad and help them never lose their keys again. Stamp their titles on one side, “Husband and Father,” and stamp the name and date of their first child on the other.

If you want to go an extra step, give them the gift of never losing their keys again. Purchase a Tile to go along with their keychain and make a leather Tile holder. With Tile, they can track the position of their keys and locate them via their smartphone up to a 400-foot range.

First Father’s Day Gift Ideas You Can Buy and Send Online

Let’s face it, the first year with a baby is tough! If you are running ragged, short on time, and desperately need something to say “Happy Father’s Day,” you’re not out of luck. Try one of these home-run digital gifts approved by dads everywhere.

16. Vintage soda subscription

If the new father you’re thinking about can’t get enough of sweet carbonated beverages, sign them up for a soda subscription.

Places like Beverages Direct offer unique options such as Green Apple, Chocolate Fudge, Salted Caramel. If you can’t order it in time for the first box to arrive on Father’s Day, print out a certificate to present with an old-time glass bottle of Dad’s Rootbeer to kick it off. Email him the details so he can log on and customize or change bottles as they get ready to ship.

17. Coffee subscription

All new dads need coffee—but if the new dad you know is a coffee lover to boot, it’s a win-win. Sign them up for a coffee subscription and provide them with fresh beans delivered to their doorstep.

Most subscriptions have the option to come ground or whole. If you want to make getting their morning cut of joe even easier, go with pre-ground. But if they’re a coffee enthusiast, stick with the whole bean option so they can enjoy the experience of grinding it themselves.

18. Grooming giftbox

We all know that life with a baby, toddler, and young child can get quite hectic. But even new and excited fathers need downtime and opportunity for self-care. That’s where grooming subscriptions come in.

Sign them up for a monthly box of their favorite lotions and potions to help them stay looking sharp despite the late nights and tired eyes.

19. Sock club

If the dad you know is the type to wear their socks until they have holes in them, and then keep wearing them for another two months, sign them up.

This will keep them looking sharp and feeling good from their head to their toes. Let’s face it, we even want our feet to look good if we can pull it off.

20. Audiobook subscription

There’s nothing worse than a long commute to work when you’re already exhausted. Help the dads you know stay awake during their drive with an audiobook subscription.

Pre-load their gift with a few “first-time dad” books to get them started out on the right foot. Include some funny ones, as well, to keep them laughing through the dirty diapers, shirts with mystery stains, and sleepless nights.

Cheers to Dad! 

Most dads should be awarded medals of honor for the way they juggle life. From work to home, being a dad comes with a lot of responsibility. Let’s show them some extra special love their first Father’s Day and remind them of how special they truly are.

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