Can You Buy a Casket for a Fish? Prices & Where to Buy


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Yes, you can buy a casket for your fish, and this article will tell you all you need to know about this unique purchase. 

Losing a beloved family pet is difficult for many people. If you feel that holding a fish funeral for your pet would help as you grieve, then we would like to be a part of the process. Saying a formal goodbye to a pet may be a cathartic experience for you or a learning experience for your children.

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Let’s learn about fish caskets. We will discuss the different types that are available on the online market. We will discuss how much they cost and ideas for where to buy a fish coffin. 

What Are the Different Types of Fish Caskets?

There are several different types of caskets for fish on the market, and they come in several different styles. We will highlight environmentally-friendly fish caskets, as well as ones that are more formal in style. 

You may consider using one as a pet sympathy gift for someone who recently lost a pet fish, but make sure you ask the pet owner before purchasing one. Your friend or family may have made other arrangements to dispose of the fish.

Here are the types of fish caskets from the online marketplace. 

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Fish-shaped biodegradable fish casket

One popular fish casket on the market is made from bamboo powder, rice husk, and cornstarch. These natural ingredients are sturdy enough to hold the remains of your fish, but within five years, they will become a part of the natural environment. This will allow you to say goodbye to your fish in an environmentally friendly way. 

This fish burial pod can be decorated and labeled with your own eco-friendly paint for those who would prefer to personalize the experience. You can decorate the pod, personalize it with your fish’s name, or write loving messages on it before placing the remains in the pod for burial.

This product comes with a unique sympathy card embedded with seeds. Plant the card near the burial spot and a living memorial of your pet will soon appear. The product information does not detail what kind of seeds are in the card. 

Be aware that this product is only made for small or medium-sized fish. They do not make a larger-sized fish-shaped biodegradable fish casket at this time.

“Fauxcrete” pet casket

If you would rather bury your pet in a more traditional, permanent casket, you may consider purchasing one made that is not biodegradable. One company makes a pet casket that looks like concrete but is more manageable than working with one made of this heavy material. It comes in two pieces, with a base and an unattached lid. 

The inside of the pet casket looks like one made for a human. You can customize the satin mattress and the bedding comes in white, pink, or light blue. It also includes a lace-trimmed pillow.

Once your pet has been placed inside the casket, you can seal the lid tight using the included butyl tape. This will protect the inside of the coffin from contaminants and water. 

The previous pet casket on our list may not be large enough to hold a large fish. This casket, on the other hand, may feel too large. The smallest version measures 19.5 inches by 10 inches by 9 inches.

This product costs over $100. 

Pod-style casket

This product is similar to the first one on our list, except this casket is not shaped like a fish. The advantage of using this pod-style casket over the fish-shaped casket is that this item is big enough to hold a larger fish. 

Other than that, the products are similar. This pod casket is made of the same materials that will biodegrade within five years. You can decorate the exterior of the casket, and it also comes with a seed card that can be planted, which will create a living memorial for the animal you lost.

This product comes in several different sizes, and the smallest would be suitable for deceased rats or hamsters as well as larger fish.

Balsa wood coffins

Looking for a more traditional-looking coffin similar to the fauxcrete casket on our list but need a more economical product? You may consider looking online for a tiny balsa wood coffin the appropriate size for your fish.

Some balsa wood products are designed to look like old-fashioned coffins, similar to what you would see in an old western movie. They are tapered at the top and the bottom to mimic the human body’s shape. 

While these coffins are not made explicitly for fish, they could be used for this purpose. They are economical but look sturdy, with mini brass hinges and latches. Although balsa wood is not meant to be used for products meant to last for years, you could apply a sealing coat on the wood to prolong the life of the product.

You could also buy a small rectangular-shaped balsa wood box. 

Paper mache fish casket

Look on websites that sell products made by artisans to find a paper mache casket appropriate for a fish. If there is not one readily available, send a message to an artist whose work you admire and ask about commissioning the project.

During your research, you may ask the artist if he or she uses non-toxic, environmentally friendly products. Paper mache should be fully biodegradable, but caskets might not include nontoxic products.

Cremation jewelry urn

You may choose to cremate your deceased pet fish instead of burying the remains. If so, there are many different ways you can store the ashes. 

Since the amount of cremains will be so small, you may consider purchasing a cremation urn shaped like a pendant. You may also find cremation bracelets or rings and you may be able to find jewelry shaped like or depicting a fish.

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Design your own casket

Some people mourning a loss find comfort in tackling a creative project. You may consider creating your own fish casket to help you say goodbye to your pet.

This project can be as simple or as complicated as you wish. You can work with the supplies you have on hand or learn a new crafting technique.

Whether you bury your fish in your do-it-yourself casket or purchase another one on the list, consider the ramifications of your actions. Make sure you know where you can dig safely in your yard. If you live in an area where animals may disrupt the gravesite, you may need to consider how deep the casket is buried. Some animal lovers also think about the environmental ramifications of burying toxic or non-decomposable material in the earth.

How Much Do Fish Caskets or Coffins Cost?

You can find several different cheap casket options for fish. Professionally made biodegradable fish caskets or pods can be purchased for less than $20. Balsa wood caskets can be purchased for less than $10. If you would like a larger casket for a pet that will preserve the body for as long as possible, you may need to pay over $100.

Talk with a pet crematorium near you to see how much they charge for a fish. You may also read online how to cremate the fish on your own if that would not be too difficult for you to do.

Are There Any Alternatives to Buying a Casket for a Fish? 

We know what you are thinking, but we will not suggest that you flush your beloved pet down the toilet. Besides being an unceremonious way to say goodbye to a creature with a name, the practice may cause parasites to pass onto other creatures. 

At the same time, you may not want to prolong the act of saying goodbye to your fish friend until you can purchase a fish casket. Fish decompose rapidly (unless you put the body in a freezer), so waiting for your fish casket to arrive on the Amazon delivery truck may not be a great idea. 

Here are some alternatives to buying a casket for a fish that do not involve a toilet or a trash can.

Fish cremation

Pet cremation is growing in popularity, and some crematoriums offer fish cremation. Make sure you understand the cost for this service before you commit, as it may cost up to $250. 

There are also plenty of websites that give instructions on how to cremate a fish in your own oven. Before you dismiss this idea, consider the benefits. Suppose you pay a professional pet crematorium to cremate your fish.

In that case, you will either receive the cremated remains of your fish mixed with the other animals that were cremated at the same time or no ashes at all. If you complete the cremation process yourself, you are sure to have your pet’s ashes that you can use to make keepsake items.

A glassblower can incorporate the cremated remains of your fish into an original piece of artwork. You could also place the fish cremains in a piece of cremation jewelry or use it to grow a diamond or gem. 

House plant burial

Depending on the size of your fish, you might consider burying the body or cremated remains in a house plant. You shouldn’t have to worry about the smell if your fish is small and the pot is large. House plant burial has many benefits.

First, as your fish breaks down, it will provide nutrients for your plant. Read Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass to get into the spirit of using remains as fertilizer. 

Second, each time you see your houseplant, you reflect on the life of your plant. Why not customize the pot with your fish’s name to make it look like a memorial item? 

Finally, your house plants are movable. If you bury your fish in your backyard and then move, you will need to leave the remains of your pet behind. 

Make your own casket

While the bulk of this article is about purchasing a casket for your fish, why not use some of your creative energy to make a casket or burial container on your own? The creation process can be a soothing experience and provide you with one last opportunity to do something kind for your animal friend. 

Cover an Altoid container with paper and decorate it with artwork or baubles. You might also consider decorating a small cardboard box that will break down over time. If the pet owner was a child, you can discuss the circle of life as you work together on a casket for your fish. 

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Where Can You Buy a Casket for a Fish?

You may consider going to a local pet store or veterinary office to find a locally sourced casket for your fish. Otherwise, here are some places to visit online that sell them.

Pet supply websites

We found that pet supply websites assist customers with the complete life cycle of pets. While they may not have some of these items on the shelves at your local brick-and-mortar store, they often have death-related products available online.

Large online retailer

America’s favorite online retailer sells fish caskets, but you may need to try a variety of searches to find the product perfect for your situation. 

Websites that specialize in selling one-of-a-kind pieces of art

Consider checking out Etsy and other websites utilized by artisans. Even if you don’t find the specific product you are looking for, you might be able to commission one that would be perfect for your situation.

Saying Goodbye to a Pet

Losing a pet can be hard, no matter the circumstances. You may find it comforting to reach out to other like-minded people to discuss your loss. 


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