Football-Themed Urns: Types & Cost


You need to consider many factors when choosing an urn for the ashes of a loved one. Along with considering practical factors, such as cost and material, you also have to think about the purpose this urn will serve.

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For some, an urn isn’t just a container for a loved one’s remains. They want it to embody some aspect of who they were in life.

For example, maybe your loved one was passionate about football when they were alive. Maybe they played it or were a passionate fan or coach. If so, you may want their urn to be a reflection of their love for the sport.

You’re in luck if so! There are actually many types of urns perfect for the ashes of football lovers and football players. This blog will describe some of the most popular. It will also help you track down the ideal urn for your tastes by listing some of the places where you might find football urns for sale.

Types of Football-Shaped or Football-Themed Urns

As these examples will prove, there certainly isn’t one single type of football urn. These are just some of the most common designs you might find:

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Display urns

Are you going to display a football urn in your home? If so, consider one of these options:

1. Traditional football urns

If you’re choosing an urn to display in your home, you may be the type to err on the side of tradition, purchasing one with a classic design.

That type of urn is often vase-shaped. It can come in various materials, such as metal, ceramic, and wood.

Along with text, it can feature illustrations of virtually any type of image you like. This includes illustrations of footballs and football players.

2. Box football urns

Wooden and stainless steel boxes are also traditional urn options that look respectful and appropriate on display virtually anywhere in a home.

Their front sides can include images of footballs and similar iconography as well. Or, figurines of footballs can rest on top of them.

3. Football-shaped urns

Urns in the shape of footballs (often with flat bases) are naturally popular with those mourning the loss of someone who loved this sport. They may be metal, making it immediately clear to anyone who sees them that they aren’t actual footballs. 

That said, sometimes they do look real, but in these cases, they usually sit atop metal or wooden bases inside of glass enclosures.

4. Trophies

It’s pretty appropriate that many football urns resemble trophies! Often, they consist of a wood or metal base with a small front area for a plaque featuring the name of the deceased and any other relevant text. A metal football-shaped sculpture will sit on top of the base.

This is the type of football urn you might consider purchasing to hold the remains of any football lover. However, it’s particularly ideal for someone who played football and earned many trophies in life. You could display it in the center of their football trophy case, with previous awards and honors flanking each side of the urn. This ensures their urn serves as a constant reminder and celebration of their athletic accomplishments.

5. Helmets

Not all football urns are football-shaped. Some don’t even feature images of footballs.

Instead, they’re the shape of an adult size football helmet. Often, they boast the colors and logo of specific football teams or universities.

Keep that in mind if you’re selecting an urn for someone who was a passionate supporter of a particular team or who played football at a particular college. This type of urn might perfectly embody their spirit.

6. Abstract football urns

Sometimes a football urn suggests the appearance of a football without perfectly resembling it. For example, some wood urns are almost oval in shape, with flat bases and tops. The outer surface of such an urn may primarily be dark brown wood. Smaller intersecting panels of lighter-colored wood run down the middle of the urn, resembling the lacing of a football.

7. Companion football urns

It’s worth noting that an urn can feature two containers for the ashes of two people. This is called a companion urn.

Because many football lovers bond with their partners or family members over their interest in the sport, you may want a football urn that can hold the ashes of more than one person. Fortunately, many football companion urns are essentially modifications of the designs listed here. For example, two traditional vase-shaped urns featuring football-centric illustrations can share the same base, making them part of one individual unit.

Cremation jewelry

Cremation jewelry allows you to keep a small amount of ashes with you at all times and in virtually all places. If that sounds appealing, you may want to purchase one of these football cremation jewelry urns:

8. Stainless steel football pendants

A stainless steel pendant in the shape of a football is among the most popular types of football-themed cremation jewelry designs. You could wear this pendant with a necklace, or keep it as a part of a pocket charm.

9. Football helmet pendants

Just as football display urns don’t need to be football-shaped, small pendant urns for jewelry or keepsakes can also come in the shape of football helmets.

10. Stainless steel cylinders

Some people find the simplest cremation jewelry urn designs are the best. Thus, a popular style consists of a small stainless steel cylinder that can be part of a necklace, keychain, or similar item. These urns can also feature simple engraved images, such as those of footballs.

How Much Do Football Urns Usually Cost?

The cost of a football urn can vary fairly widely depending on several factors. They may include (but are not limited to):

  • Material: A durable material will usually cost more than something a little more fragile or weak.
  • Customization: You can typically expect to pay more for a custom urn than for one with a generic design.
  • Size: Although this isn’t always the case, often, the bigger the urn, the more you’ll spend on it.

That said, because urn prices tend to be wide-ranging, odds are good you’ll find one in your budget. While some urns may cost as much as $1,000 or more, others cost as little as $50. You can usually expect the cost of a football urn to be somewhere in the middle.

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Where Can You Buy Football Urns Online?

The Internet has made finding a football urn easier than ever. For example, you can buy football urns from:

Custom designers

Many people find it important to purchase an urn with certain key features and qualities. They know exactly what they’re looking for, and thus, a pre-made urn might not meet all their standards.

Luckily, plenty of online urn retailers understand this. Foreverence is one example. They collaborate with you on a custom design, generating three-dimensional models and making changes based on your feedback until you’re completely satisfied with the finished product.


Etsy and similar platforms are also worth keeping in mind if you’re looking for someone who can create a custom design based on your specifications. That said, you need to thoroughly read customer reviews of any artist you’re thinking about placing an order with. You want to be certain they’re trustworthy and reliable.

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Auction sites

The question of “How much does an urn cost?” may naturally be on your mind throughout this process. You want to buy the perfect urn for your loved one’s remains, but you also have to account for your budget.

If that’s the case, you could potentially find a budget-friendly football urn on an auction site. As with buying on Etsy or a similar platform, you’ll need to confirm you’re working with a reputable seller if you go this route. You also need to understand that someone could outbid you at the last minute. Still, this is an option worth thinking about if you’d like to save some cash.

Major retailers

Some people want the peace of mind that comes from knowing they’re purchasing an urn through an established and reliable platform.

If you’re one of those people, you may want to look for a football urn on Amazon, Alibaba, and the websites for such major retailers as Walmart and Target.

Football Urns: A Triumphant Memorial

For many, football is more than just a game, it’s a way of life. When someone with that much passion for the sport dies, storing their ashes in one of these unique urns could be a loving way to honor their memory.


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