What’s Fred Meyer’s Senior Discount Policy?


Fred Meyer is one of the most versatile places to shop — you can buy clothes, fresh produce, and jewelry. You might even be able to knock out your entire shopping list at a single Fred Meyer location.

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Some stores offer senior discounts. They’re a great way to save money, especially if you’re on a fixed income and need to save your pennies. There’s a growing popularity of senior discounts — especially as life expectancy continues to increase. Has Fred Meyer gotten behind the trend?

Fred Meyer’s Senior Discount Policy

Fred Meyer does have a senior discount policy, and it’s really flexible. If you’re over 55, you can use its 10% off coupon on certain items

You can buy clothes, shoes, home goods, jewelry, electronics, and private brand groceries. For instance, Fred Meyer and Kroger are categorized as private brands. On the flip side, Nike and Carhartt aren’t private brands. That means your senior discount doesn’t apply. 

On the first Tuesday of each month and on extra bonus days, you can get an extra 10% off. These are typically referred to as Senior Events. Keep an eye on them when you get a Fred Meyer ad in your mailbox. 

6 Other Ways You Can Save If You’re Over 55

If you’re over 55, you can take advantage of Fred Meyer’s senior discount. But what if that’s not enough? Or what if you like to shop elsewhere? Here are some other ways to save money that don’t involve a Fred Meyer senior discount. 

Ask for a special menu 

So many restaurants offer discounted menus. You might get a special menu if you’re 55 and older or a discount for the final bill, it’s always worth it to ask. 

Many restaurants won’t offer a senior discount if you don’t ask — after all, most waiters might feel shy about asking your age. 

Become an AARP member 

You may already get AARP’s magazines. From discounted rates on auto insurance to cheaper museum entrances, becoming an AARP member is worth it. If you’ve seen AARP’s retirement magazine in waiting rooms its ads online, you know it’s a club for people over 50 — and you’re eligible to join! 

AARP partners with many different organizations, restaurants, and stores to get the best prices. Even if the organization doesn’t have a normal senior discount, many places offer an AARP member discount. 

Plan your shopping on special days 

Some stores have senior days, which means you can net savings by shopping on certain days. Be sure to call ahead because certain policies might not exist from one franchise location to the next. 

Combine discounts 

You may be able to apply more than one discount. Let’s say you’re a senior and a member of the military. Some places only offer discounts to active members of the military. Others offer discounts if you’re a veteran, too. 

You can get serious savings when you combine discounts for museum passes, special events, or other occasions. 

Call your utility company

Discounts are often not offered until you mention them. For example, see if you can get a senior discount on your utilities if you’re struggling to come up with the money for them each month. Some companies offer it. 

The discount might not be significant but it might be enough to take a little bit of stress out of your bills each month! 

Sign up for club cards

What’s on your retirement bucket list? You might want to go on vacation, check off something that you’ve always wanted to do, or go see family members. All of that is easier if you get discounts.

Signing up for club cards is a great way to save money during retirement. A club card can often get you senior discounts. You might even get a double discount for already being a member, too! 

Make Plans with Discounts

Have you spent your whole life planning? Planning for college, for a career, for kids, for retirement? Make sure you get discounts so these special plans materialize — and don’t forget to start end-of-life planning as well. 


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