[FREE] Death Anniversary Invitation Templates


A death anniversary is a chance to honor someone’s life even after their funeral. Though the funeral service is an opportunity to say goodbye, the celebration of someone’s life doesn’t end here. There is a lot of flexibility with how to acknowledge a death anniversary, and it’s up to you to discover how you’d prefer to honor your loved one. 

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Taking the time to be with friends and family after a loss can help the tide of grief, even years after the death. There is no strict timeline for loss. It’s normal to still feel lingering feelings of sadness, grief, and mourning even years later. A death anniversary might sound simple, but it’s still a powerful way to be there in spirit. 

However, the idea of death anniversaries isn’t always something people are comfortable with. Depending on your wishes, it can be difficult to know how to word a death anniversary invitation. These death anniversary invitations below make it easy to be there for your loved ones. 

What Should You Include in Death Anniversary Event Invitation?

First, what exactly should you include in a death anniversary event invitation? This is usually similar to a funeral invitation, sharing practical information about how you’re planning to honor someone’s life and legacy. However, since the idea of a death anniversary might be foreign to some, it’s important to be mindful of your language. 

In short, here’s what you should include:

  • Obituary: Share a quick obituary about the deceased, reminding your loved ones about their life and legacy. 
  • Date and time: What is the date/time of the death anniversary memorial?
  • Location: Where will your death anniversary be held?
  • Definition: Include a brief explanation of what a death anniversary is and why it’s important. 
  • Photo: It’s optional to also add a photo of your loved one as a special tribute.

All of these are important ways to update your loved ones about your intention to honor a death anniversary. It’s entirely up to you how large you wish the event to be, and there is a lot of flexibility. 

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How to Fill Out Your Death Anniversary Invitation Template

If you’re ready to create your own death anniversary, it’s easy to begin using the death anniversary templates below. With these templates, adjust the bold text with your own information. Feel free to personalize and adjust these templates as needed. 

First Death Anniversary Invitation Template

You are invited to a celebration of the first death anniversary of Name on Date at Time. Friends and family will join at Place to honor the life and continued legacy of Name. Please RSVP to Name by Date. 

Date marks the first death anniversary of Name. Though gone he/she is never forgotten. Join the family of Name at Place on Date at Time to honor his/her life. This informal memorial service is another opportunity to share memories, come together, and celebrate Name’s legacy. 

Later Death Anniversary Invitation Template

We invite you to our annual service to remember Name. The family of Name is holding another memorial service on Date at Time at Place. There will be light snacks, tea, and memories. Please join us on this special day. 

Please join us as we honor Name on the Number year anniversary of her passing. He/she was passionate about bringing friends and family together over a beautiful meal, and this is how we’ve chosen to continue honoring him/her legacy. A table is reserved at Restaurant on Date and Time. We hope you’ll come, share good food, and support the memory of our dear friend. 

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Continue Your Loved One’s Legacy

Though it’s not always easy to know what to say on a death anniversary, these death anniversary invitation templates are here to help. With wording to suit any occasion, you don’t have to wonder if you’re saying the “right” thing. As long as you’re focusing on your loved one’s memory, your heart is in the right place. 

Memorial practices are always growing and changing. Death anniversary celebrations and services are becoming more common, creating a new way to honor those you’ve lost. 


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