Frog Cremation Urns: Types, Cost & Where to Buy


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Cremation urns have been used for centuries to contain the ashes of loved ones. Whether they are inurned or set on display, urns can be an extension of your loved one’s interests and personality. 

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Thankfully, today, there are a wide variety of styles and themed urns available. Whether your loved one loved amphibians, was passionate about the rainforest, or enjoyed whimsical fairy tales, a frog urn might be just the thing to keep them close and honor their memory.

What Are Frog Cremation Urns?

When deciding on the right urn to hold your loved one’s cremains, you can choose from many styles and types. Frog urns for ashes are urns that feature frogs in some way. Some urns have a frog engraved on the front, others have a figurine of a frog placed atop a box. Keepsake urns for necklaces and keychains are accompanied by a frog pendant to personalize the urn.

Whichever frog-themed urn you choose, the whimsical personalization will help keep your loved one close and bring a smile to your face.

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How Much Do Frog-Themed Cremation Urns Cost?

Frog urns vary in price depending on the material they’re made out of and their size. Here are some general cost guidelines for frog urns listed in this article.

Adult-sized urns: These urns start around $115 and go up to around $300.

Keepsake urns: Keepsake urns can cost between $25 and $30.

Specialty urns: You can find speciality frog urns for around $50.

What Are the Different Types of Frog-Themed Cremation Urns?

Whether you’re looking for a classic adult-sized urn, a child-sized urn, an urn for your pet, or even a keepsake urn, there are plenty to choose from with a frog theme.

Frog classic cremation urn

This is a classic frog urn that features the engraving of a frog and optional personalization on the front up to three lines of text. Consider adding your loved one’s name, dates, and a special quote or saying that reminds you of their life. This particular urn is made of aluminum alloy and has a screw-top lid to keep your loved one’s ashes secure. 

Wooden box adult frog urn

If you’re looking for a box-style urn that can sit on your mantle without drawing attention to itself, this wooden box frog urn could be just what you’re looking for. The box is large enough to hold up to 250 cubic inches of ashes and features a full-color frog on the lid along with a battery-operated tea light. Engraving is included for up to four lines of text so you can enter a loving tribute to the memory of your loved one.

If you’d rather choose a colored urn, consider this black wood box that can hold up to 180 cubic inches of cremains.

Frog classic cremation keepsake urn

This is a simple aluminum alloy urn that is just large enough to hold a keepsake amount of ashes up to three cubic inches. The front has an engraving of a frog and can be personalized with up to 12 characters on the front (one line) and a poem on the back. The lid screws on and stays securely in place to protect your loved one’s ashes.

Frog mom and child keepsake urn

This froggy mom and child keepsake urn is a beautiful tribute to the bond between a child and their mom. The urn is made of metal and decorated with jewels to create a fun, colorful, and whimsical keepsake urn that looks perfect on a nightstand, dresser, or mantle. It can hold up to .25 cubic inches and opens on a hinge. A magnetic clasp keeps it closed and glue is recommended to permanently seal it.

Glass figurine with ashes

If you’re looking for a creative urn, this just might be it. Each frog cremation figurine is custom-made using glass and a small amount of your loved one’s ashes. If there are ashes leftover that did not make it into the figurine, the glass crafter gives you the option of having the remainder scattered over their private natural giant redwoods coastal property or mailed back. 

The seller also offers a glass frog figurine crafted so you can see your loved one’s ashes spiraling within the glass frog.

Sterling silver origami frog cremation necklace

Whether your loved one enjoyed the art of origami or simply loved frogs, you won’t want to pass up this delicate and creative urn necklace. The frog pendant and chain are both made of 925 sterling silver, and the chain is adjustable from 18-20 inches. 

The keepsake urn opens on the back with a screw closure that keeps your loved one’s ashes secure. It comes with a screw, a small screwdriver to open and close the hollow area, a tiny funnel to help you insert your loved one’s ashes, and a small tool to help ensure the ashes flow from the funnel into the frog pendant.

Stainless steel frog pendant cremation necklace

This stainless steel frog pendant necklace is the perfect size to hold a keepsake amount of your loved one’s ashes. The frog is hollow and opens at the top where it attaches to the stainless steel chain. When closed, it looks like a simple necklace and frog pendant. If you want a discreet way to keep your loved one’s cremains close, this is a perfect option.

Frog cremation keychain

If the idea of bringing your loved one with you no matter where you go is appealing, then you might be interested in a frog cremation keychain. This adorable stainless steel keepsake urn provides enough space for a small amount of your loved one’s ashes. The keychain includes a small froggy pendant that rides alongside the urn. This is ideal if you’re looking for a discreet yet creative way to honor your loved one.

Jeweled frog cremation necklace for ashes

This adorable bejeweled keepsake frog urn necklace holds a small amount of ashes to keep your loved one close. The necklace comes with a 20-22” long chain, a funnel for inserting ashes, and a screw to keep the enclosure tightly sealed.

You can customize this by having your loved one’s name and dates or a short saying inscribed on the underside of the frog. It also comes in five colors including green, blue, purple, red, and grey.

Frog cremation urn with pendant

This is a necklace-sized urn and frog pendant that you can purchase to use as a necklace or keychain in remembrance of your loved one. The urn is stainless steel and the pendant features a green tree frog that you might own as a pet or see in the wild.

Frog and fairy urn with pendant

This is another small keepsake urn that can be used as a necklace or a keychain. The pendant that comes with it features a frog talking with a flower fairy. Purchase this to remember a loved one who had a whimsical outlook on life, enjoyed using their imagination, or loved fairy tales where frogs and fairies could talk to one another.

Dancing frogs urn and pendant

If you’re looking for a keychain or necklace keepsake urn to hold a small amount of your spouse’s ashes, look no further. This dancing frogs pendant urn features a whimsical pair of frogs dancing together on their wedding day. One frog is in a tux and the other is in a fancy dress. The pendant has a Victorian feel thanks to a decorative frame around the picture. The included keepsake urn is made of stainless steel and twists closed for secure storage of your loved one’s cremains.

Fairy tale frog and child urn with pendant

Do fairy tales remind you of your loved one? If so, you might consider this keepsake urn. The stainless steel urn can be worn on a necklace or keychain and comes with a pendant that features a whimsical picture of a frog and child hugging each other. The urn is stainless steel and waterproof, ensuring your loved one’s ashes stay safe.

Frog wooden child or pet urn

If you’re looking for an urn for a smaller amount of ashes, then consider this wooden box urn. The box can hold up to 100 grams of ashes, so this can be used for a child, a pet, or used as a keepsake box for a larger adult. The wood is unfinished and features a pewter frog emblem and free engraving to personalize it. 

Gluing the lid is recommended to provide a permanent seal for the ashes within.

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Where Can You Buy Frog Cremation Urns?

If you’re looking for a frog urn, you might not be able to find one at your local funeral home. In that case, you’ll want to look online. Before you go shopping, familiarize yourself with our guide on how to buy an urn online

Here are several places where urns like the ones listed above can be found.


Amazon is quickly becoming one of the largest sources for purchasing all types of urns and urn sizes. Whether you need a keepsake urn or an adult-sized urn, you can find a frog urn here. 

When shopping, be sure to check reviews and browse through pictures uploaded by those who previously purchased the item. This will help ensure that you purchase a high-quality item that will last.


Etsy is the place for all things hand-crafted. If you’re looking for a specialty urn, like the glass frog we mentioned above, Etsy is the place to go.

Check seller ratings to ensure you’re purchasing goods from a reputable location. Also, check customer picture uploads. If you have a question for the seller, send them a message before you purchase for customization options.

In the Light Urns

In the Light Urns is a popular online storefront for a large variety of urns. They have two frog urn options and both are wooden boxes. The store also has hundreds of other options in stock if you end up looking for a different design.

Perfect Memorials

Perfect Memorials specializes in urns, cremation jewelry, and outdoor memorial products. In addition to frog-themed urns, they carry a wide variety of urns for all members of the family including pets.

Mainely Urns

Mainely Urns is another well-known online storefront that specializes in urns and other funeral goods. They carry a large selection of keepsake frog urns that range in price from $30 to $65. Each of their keepsake urns opens with a hinge and stays closed with a magnet. These urns hold up to .25 cubic inches.

Honoring Your Loved One

An urn is more than a vessel to hold your loved one’s ashes. When personalized, it becomes an extension of their likes and personality, helping keep them closer to you even when they’re gone. Consider a frog urn like the ones in this article to remember your loved one. 


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