20 Free Funeral Announcement Wording Ideas


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Expressing your heartfelt remembrances has expanded beyond funeral programs. Today, you can let those in your circle know about life and loss through emails and social media as well. Still, each platform does have set formalities or informalities. 

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Below, you’ll find a few dynamic guides wherein you can substitute names, occupations, and organizations to best suit your needs. Hopefully, we can provide you with plenty of options so that you craft your own announcement while using some suggestions, whether you're holding an in-person or virtual funeral.

What Should You Include in a Funeral Announcement?

With ever-increasing ways to communicate with family, friends, and acquaintances, it’s not always easy to determine what or how much to write when it comes to funeral announcements on those various channels. 

What’s traditional on one medium or platform is variable on others, making the necessary elements of a funeral announcement somewhat confusing. Throughout this article, we aim to help clear some of those unknowns so you know what to write and when.

For channels such as social media or emails, skip the wordiness, but go ahead and include any basic and relevant information as you see fit.

Here's what you can include in a funeral announcement:

  • A picture
  • Your loved one’s full name
  • Funeral date, time, and place
  • Memorial service, wake, or reception as applicable
  • Your name
  • Contact information
  • If the service is public or private

For newspaper announcements and cards, add those personal and traditional details, such as:

  • Place of birth, hometown
  • Employment, groups, hobbies, and any other activities
  • Surviving family members, family members preceded in death
  • Contributions and gifts, such as flowers or nonprofit donations

Lastly, you may want to call close loved ones and friends to give them the news personally. These conversations are challenging, but they offer a chance to receive extra comfort in your time of need. These phone calls often act as a kind of telephone tree so that more people will learn of your loved one’s passing. 

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Funeral Announcement Wording Samples for a Card

Prayer and memorial cards can act as kinds of bookmarks or tokens that are handed out at funeral services so that attendees have an item to carry with them in remembrance of loved ones. Often, they will have a photo or a religious icon on one side, with a short memorial on the opposite side. Below are examples to consider writing on that side. 

COVID-19 tip: If you're hosting a virtual funeral using a service like GatheringUs, make sure online guests get copies of the pamphlet or cards. You can send them a digital copy in advance, then send out the physical copy with your thank you cards.

For a grandfather

In Loving Memory of

Charles (Chas) L. Johnson

January 3, 19** – August 26, 20**

A loving husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather has passed away. He was a man who lived each day to its fullest. No spare moment was wasted, no sunny day went unworked. 

Throughout his life, he endeavored to bring joy and happiness to those around him. Although his work legacy speaks for itself, one resounding trait of his was stalwart honesty and dedication to the betterment of mankind.

In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus

For a grandmother

Always in Our Hearts

Dorothy E. Smith (née Green)

March 3, 19** – August 26, 20**

Dottie was a loving wife, mother, and grandmother. Her commitment as matriarch to the family shines brightly in her life’s legacy. 

Later in life, Dottie became an accomplished painter, was active in the Retired Teachers Association, and developed a program promoting literacy for young children.

Although her life became inflicted with [disease] at a young age, she never let it hinder her. So, in lieu of flowers, please make a donation to [medical organization] in Dottie’s honor. 

For a family member

Gone Yet Not Forgotten

Dr. Edward (Eddie) R. Gray

May 5, 19** – August 26, 20**

Our brother, Eddie, was a family man and physician who dedicated himself to preventing the suffering of children worldwide. 

Although our hearts are aching, we know that his belief in alleviating the suffering of others was paramount to life.

Please consider a donation in his name to [organization] as it will continue to fulfill his lifelong pursuit.

For a child

Always in Our Hearts


July 12, 20** – August 26, 20**

Although our beloved Gracie only had limited time on this earth, her impact on our lives and the lives of others will last forever. Her smile was contagious, her laughter built bridges and her spirit was infectious.

While there are no wishes big enough to bring her back to us, we know that her love has brought you here today. She rests in all of our hearts today, tomorrow, and always.

For a friend

No one has spread more loveliness in one lifetime.

Amalie Kirchner

September 29, 19** – August 26, 20**

If ever there was a life that spoke most ardently to love, it was Amalie’s. Her life and presence were a gift to us all. Every detail of her life was a recognition of beauty, sacrifice, and love. 

Every moment she lived reminded us of why one’s passion is a celebration.

Please honor her incredible life by continuing to give back to everything in which she believed. 

Funeral Announcement Wording Samples for an Email

Distance and life choices have expanded, making informal funeral announcements more common. Recognizing that, emails can be a vehicle for bringing people together when that distance has kept many apart.

For an uncle

Dearest Loved Ones,

It brings us sadness to send this email to you today. But we wanted to inform you that your uncle [Gene] has passed. While there are no words that can describe the pain in our hearts, we hope that you’ll be able to attend his funeral on August 26, 20**.  

We know that this email will bring great heartache and wish that we could have called you all individually to send out the announcement. However, our hearts are broken, too. Please forgive this impersonal response. 

Gene’s funeral is scheduled for [date and time]. It would bring us great comfort to see you there.

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To an estranged son


Although you are estranged from the family, it’s important that you know your father has passed. 

While there’s no expectation of involvement or words, we wanted to let you know what has happened.

Dad’s funeral will be on [date and time].

To friends


Writing this email brings me no comfort. However, I needed to let you know that our beloved [Tom] has passed. I know that this brings shock to everyone. He was a strong and robust person, but life doesn’t always work out the way we’d like.

If you can attend, we have scheduled a funeral service on [date and time]. It’d give us all great comfort to share his life and stories with you. 

To a group or club

Fellow [Birders], 

Time is a cruel friend. I have just learned that [Shelly] has passed. I have been in contact with [name’s] husband, who is utterly destroyed. While this brings me no joy, I am still sending you all notice for her funeral. Please choose to gather with everyone on [date and time] so that we can all share in her memory.

For an aunt

Dear Ones, 

It brings me no comfort to tell you that your aunt [Sadie] has passed. I understand that a phone call would have been a better vehicle for this announcement, but I am too broken. And my words are few. She loved every one of you for all of your individualities. She often spoke of your lives like any proud aunt would do, too. 

Although I am at a loss for words, I know she’d have wanted me to convey her love even now. If you’re able, please join us on [date and time]. Aunt [Sadie] considered you more than just nieces and nephews. She loved you all to no end.

For a coworker 

To [Company Staff],

It comes with great sadness that I must tell you all that our friend and coworker, [Jon], has unexpectedly passed. His wife, [Samantha], has let me know that there will be a funeral on [date and time], so if any of you would like to attend, you’re all welcome.

I realize that you’ve all built friendships or relationships with [Jon] for many years and will find this time very challenging. So, our company has decided to bring on some counselors to help anyone process this profound loss. Please contact [Keith] for more information. 

Dealing with [Jon’s] loss isn’t going to be easy. As such, we hope that you’ll reach out to the counselors we’ve hired so that you can all find some resolution.

Funeral Announcement Wording Samples for Social Media

Although impersonal at best, social media is yet another option to let people know about funeral or death announcements. Here, you’ll find opportunities to let people know en masse the loss of a loved one.

For a husband

To all of my friends, 

Because you’ve all followed me through the best of adventures and life stories, I am inclined to share something private. Today, my husband passed away from [affliction]. We spent the last six months trying to find the reason for living, and ultimately found the reason for loving. If any of you can attend, I welcome you to continue to be part of our lives on [date and time]. 

Life is a continuance of experiences, even at its most heartbreaking times.

For another family member

Hello All,

I didn’t expect this to be so soon, but we’ve come to a place and time where life has decided things for us. I’m so glad that you were all able to share in the life-positives and medical successes throughout this journey, but our beloved [name] has become an angel today.

We’ll be holding a funeral service for [name] at [date and time]. All are welcome. Please bring with you all the love and joy you’ve shared along the way. 

Forgive me if I’m unable to respond to specific requests right now. My heart is broken.

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For a friend

Tragic News

For those of you who don’t know yet, [name] has died. Here’s the link for her funeral date and time. I didn’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but I also want to make sure that we support her family right now. Please DM me if you have any questions.

For a wife


Most of you follow me because I post things about food and decorations. And I appreciate all of you for that. But I need to tell you something personal. My wife passed away yesterday, so you may be seeing some different content for a while as I process my grief. 

Please know that I do not expect any responses, but I may also need to express my hurt and pain from time to time. If you’d like to join me and my family, we’ve scheduled a funeral date for [date and time] at [location]. All are welcome.

FYI, I may not be able to respond right now, but I will do so at a later time. Sending love.

Funeral Announcement Wording for a Newspaper

Newspaper funeral announcements are the most traditional ways for people to announce the passing of loved ones. Like obituaries, they act as a way to communicate somewhat detailed information about the person like where they were born and who they’re survived by—and that could include pets, too.

16. For a partner or spouse

In Memory of My Beloved Rosie

Sharon “Rosie” Brewster (neé O’Brien) was my partner in crime for thirty-eight beautiful years before she passed away on [day, date]. We count ourselves lucky to have met so young and even more fortunate to have grown together all these years. 

Rosie is survived by her two sons, [Jack Jr. (Melissa) and Greg (Stephanie)]; her grandchildren [Abbot, Archie, and Bennie]; and her dog children [Claude and Poppy].

Per Rosie’s request, no funeral will be held. However, we will be holding a memorial for her at the [place, date, and time]. All are welcome. 

On behalf of Rosie, we ask that instead of flowers or gifts, please donate to her favorite nonprofit, [name]. It’s where she found tremendous pride in volunteering and the most significant reflection on life.  

Please reach out if you have any questions.

17. For a sibling

A true hero. A best friend. A sibling.

Beloved father, son, sibling, and uncle, Tom Aaron Hackenschmidt, passed [day, date]. A funeral and following reception will be held on [date] at [location(s)]. 

Tom served his community as a [fireman] for 20 years and will be greatly missed by his team, our community, and those he helped along the way.

Please join us this Saturday in remembering Tom – a hero to many and a friend to all.

18. For a sibling

Commemorating a Life Loved

Our sister and friend, E. Judy Spindler, passed away [day, date] quietly in her home. Her death brings grief to many, especially those that knew her longest. 

No service will be held at this time per Judy’s final requests.

We thank you for your concerns and love. 

The Spindler Family

19. For a child

Our heart is in heaven.

After a long struggle with [disease], our beloved Anna passed away on the morning of [day, date]. She was surrounded by her parents, siblings, grandparents, and beloved [name of pet]. Our hearts and lives weren’t just made better by knowing Anna’s beautiful soul—we were all touched by something far greater. Being with Anna was like experiencing incandescent light, one that shined on anyone that held her smile or heard her laugh. To know her was to know joy.

Join us this [day, date] at [time] at [location] where we will celebrate her amazing, beautiful spirit. Please consider a donation to [name] Children’s Hospital or [charity] on behalf of Anna so that doctors may one day find a cure.

20. For a parent or grandparent

In Memory of Charlie, patriarch of the Puralewski family for 83 years.

On [day, date], our family has lost their greatest treasure. As a husband, brother, grandfather, and friend, Charlie was the glue that held us all together. His legacy can be found in the lives he touched and the people who loved him. 

Charlie was born in Escanaba, MI, to Fred and Mimi (neé Woodard), the last of 8 children. When Charlie wasn’t in school, he worked happily by his father/s side at the family’s repair shop on South Main Street. Throughout the seasons, Charlie was known for his love of the outdoors whether it was cross-country skiing or fishing. After serving in the [military/branch] for 20 years, with deployments to [place and place], Charlie returned to the area for a quiet life back home. 

Charlie Puralewski is survived by his loving children [names], grandchildren [names], coffee buddies [names], and many more friends and family than can be named here.

Join us on [day, date] at [location], [time], to honor this truly remarkable human being. A reception will follow at [location] at [time].

Funeral Announcement Wording Templates

From programs to emails or social media, finding the right words to let others know about loss can be a delicate matter.

Knowing what to say in each of those mediums presents itself with a whole different kind of lingo. Hopefully, you’ve discovered some useful ideas to help you on your journey.

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