20 Free Funeral Backgrounds for Slideshows


Whether you’re attending a virtual funeral or creating a funeral slideshow, a funeral background is a way to set the tone. Not only does this cut down on distractions, but it is also a way to express condolences. There are no rules when it comes to your funeral slideshow, but having a free background to use makes all the difference. 

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Are you wondering how to plan a funeral for a loved one? Choosing a funeral background for a slideshow or video doesn’t have to be complicated. These can be used for any memorial activity, including funeral services, virtual celebrations of life, and more. We created these images with remembrance and compassion in mind. 

Funeral Backgrounds With Flowers

First, flowers have long been used as a symbol of togetherness and communication. Sending flowers to someone after a loss is proper etiquette. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that these funeral backgrounds with flowers are so popular. 


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1. Daisies

Because of their dainty appearance and color, daisies are a symbol of purity, innocence, and life. This is a simple yet beautiful way to honor any child, parent, or loving friend. 

Pink Flowers

2. Pink flowers

Pink flowers are a way to communicate love, trust, and romance. Honor a loved one’s gorgeous soul with this shining breath of life. 

Artistic Flower

3. Artistic flower

To capture someone’s delicate, feminine essence, this free funeral background is the right pick. Though neutral in colors, the attention to detail makes this a special tribute. 

Red roses

4. Red roses

The ultimate symbol of rebirth and love, red roses are powerful and enchanting. This rose garden background blooms with life, encouraging everyone to live in the moment. 

Tulip bouquet

5. Tulip bouquet

Lastly, remind your audience that your loved one is forever in your hearts with this tulip bouquet background. A way to share love for a friend, tulips have a language of their own. 

‘Rest in Peace’ Funeral Backgrounds 

Next, set the right tone with your memorial video by using one of these ‘Rest in Peace’ funeral backgrounds. Encourage others to think of your loved one while they take part in the final farewell. 

Rest in peace galaxy

6. “Rest in peace” galaxy

If you want to feel closer to your loved one, just look to the sky. The galaxy might be vast, but your loved one’s memory is closer than you think. 

In loving memory

7. “In loving memory” 

This gradient background is a burst of bright light and warmth. Perfect for bringing compassion into any occasion, this background will honor your loved one’s memory. 

Rest in peace

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8. “Rest in peace” 

Designed to look like a travel scrapbook, what better way to say farewell to someone who loved to explore? The true destination is always love and togetherness. 

Forever in our hearts

9. “Forever in our hearts”

Another simple way to share someone’s memory is through the expression of art. These bright strokes of paint might not last forever, but they create a beautiful impression. 

Angel wings

10. Angel wings

Finally, for your angel in Heaven, these wings symbolize new life and rebirth. Though simple, this “rest in peace” background is an authentic way to say goodbye. 

Funeral Backgrounds With Flowers or Birds

Another way to symbolize remembrance after a loss is through the visual of flowers or birds. Nature reminds us that life is circular, and we can’t have death without life. Birds are especially meaningful symbols, often referring to Biblical stories or religious symbolism. 

Cartoon birds

11. Cartoon birds

Birds are always in motion, and they’re as free as nature itself. These cartoon birds might not be heading anywhere in particular, but that doesn’t make them any less beautiful. 

In loving memory

12. “In loving memory” 

Reflect on your loved one’s life with this “in loving memory” bird backdrop for a Zoom funeral or memorial video. The peak of sunshine above the trees is a reminder in itself that you’re never alone. 

Beach scene

13. Beach scene

The ocean is a symbol for the circle of life, and it ebbs and flows with the seasonal changes. Like these birds, it’s always beautiful and memorable. 


14. Feather

According to popular myth, if you spot a feather it means there’s a guardian angel nearby. Your guardian angel is watching over you right now, and this backdrop brings this idea to life. 

Your life was a blessing

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15. “Your life was a blessing…”

Each life is brilliant and bright, no matter how brief. Though your loved one might be gone, their memories last forever. 

Funeral Backgrounds With Clouds or a Sky

When we lose those we love, they never truly leave us. One way to imagine their presence is as though their spirit becomes a watchful guide from the clouds or sky. No matter whether you believe in Heaven, these are stunning tributes for any memorial service. 

Until we meet again

16. “Until we meet again”

Saying “goodbye” isn’t forever. It’s really just a way to say “until we meet again.” Those we love are always closer than we think. 

Memories of you...

17. “Memories of you…”

Our memories are a part of who we are. Though your loved one might be gone, you’ll still experience their memories each and every day. 


18. Rainbow

Even the darkest of storms are followed by rainbows. This reflection of light is a symbol for brighter days in the future, even if things feel difficult now. 

Wherever you'll be...

19. “Wherever you’ll be…”

Losing someone can be painful. Keeping them in your thoughts protects their legacy, making sure they’re a part of your future. 

Pink clouds

20. Pink clouds

Finally, some clouds are so stunning they take our breath away. This pink cloud is lit up with the sun, showing us that there’s nothing that blocks the Heavens from our reach. 

Honor Your Loved One with a Funeral Background

Ultimately, how you choose to honor your loved one is up to you. Creating a memorial slideshow or video is one great idea. Similarly, you might put together a virtual or hybrid funeral service as a way to bring people together no matter where they’re located in the world. 

Thanks to today’s technology, it’s never been easier to create touching tributes digitally. Though not a substitute for a funeral program or other physical memento, these have their own lasting impacts. When paired with modern funeral songs or special words from family and friends, these memories last forever. 

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