25 Best Blogs About the Funeral and Death Industry


Are you curious about the best blogs, podcasts, vlogs, and channels about funerals and the death industry? Are you looking for answers to those curious death-related questions? Or are you just looking for some helpful advice on grief and loss?

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Below you’ll find answers to those questions and more from vested professionals in the industry—and some excellent comedians. 

Best Blogs About the Funeral or Death Industry

Not surprisingly, many funeral and death industry blogs and podcasts have been inactive for the last year. Below you’ll find the ones that have the most recent posts.

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1. I Do Death

Shannan Guillory is the author of the blog I Do Death. She’s not only a Licensed Funeral Director but a woman of color who’s trying to destigmatize conversations about death. Her blogs update about once a month, connecting the broader part of her work with surrounding life.

Guillory isn’t afraid to tackle serious subjects, and she does it with a unique writing style. 

2. Modern Loss

Modern Loss is a team effort founded by Rebecca Soffer and Gabrielle Birkner, who experienced the loss of their parents too early in life. On their website, you’ll find resources and humor plus lots of writing about navigating the funeral industry. But you won’t find advice helping you “get over it.”

Read Sarah Chauncey’s “My Cat’s Death Broke My Brain,” where she discusses how our brain ignores the logical response and has the final say.

3. The Grief Dialogs

At The Grief Dialogs, they believe grieving is part of the living process, not the dying process. Not only is it an abiding expression, but it is also an affirmation of love even after death. Founder Elizabeth Coplan wants to help people manage or talk about their grief in healthier ways.

Check out The Grief Dialogs’ plays, too.

4. Funeral One

Funeral home business owners and workers can find up-to-date information on technology, marketing, healing, and innovation on the Funeral One blog. The latest conversations about funeral webcasting have been growing since the pandemic, and they’ve got answers.

5. Confessions of a Funeral Director

Caleb Walker has grown up in the social media generation, so his blog matches that experience. In his blog, Confessions of a Funeral Director, you’ll discover some wisdom peppered in with information about the death industry as a whole.

Check out Caleb’s piece on burnout and compassion fatigue to understand how funeral directors met COVID-19 head-on.

6. Green Burial Council

Every month, the Green Burial Council adds another blog post about emerging trends in green or natural burials, personal experiences, advice, and information. Guest authors submit their articles, but not all reflect the mission of the Green Burial Council as a whole. 

7. O’Connor’s Mortuary

You’ll be taken aback by the resonance of words from Molly Keating on O’Connor Mortuary’s blog. Her recent story on “rui-katsu” is so insightful and well-written, you’ll want to read more from this very eloquent author—and young sage.

8. What’s Your Grief

What’s Your Grief is another blog about grief, death, and dying. They offer courses, webinars, booklets, pamphlets, and more for people experiencing grief. 

For those in the funeral industry, you’ll discover relevant topics such as ways to communicate during a pandemic or how to make business improvements.

9. Reddit

Reddit is a great place for resources on just about every subject, including information about funerals, the death industry, grief, and more. 

Check out r/askfuneraldirectors, where you can find out information from the banal to the bizarre like transferring licenses or what post autopsy embalming is like.

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10. Wooden Overcoats

Wooden Overcoats is a drama podcast and a sitcom in the UK. You’ll find links to shows on YouTube, iTunes, and through their website. It’s ripe with that very British humor we’ve all come to love. Plus, it’s received the British Podcast Award—so you know it’s good.

11. Seven Ponds

Founder Suzette Sherman designed Seven Ponds to engage people in their connection with life and death. 

Contributing authors examine anything from how beliefs determine your experiences when your older, how life expectancy has decreased in the age of COVID-19, and what it’s like to visit Vietnam’s Huong An Vien Visiting Center—an impressive cemetery in the city of Hue.

Best Blogs With a Podcast About the Funeral or Death Industry

Podcasts are more popular than ever. We listen to them in the car, at work, and while washing dishes. If you prefer your information in an auditory fashion, check out some of these options below.

12. Caskets and Cocktails

Caskets and Cocktails haven’t recorded or posted online since late 2019, but you can find old recordings wherever you catch your podcasts. The father-daughter cast brings humor and matter-of-fact commentary to the funeral industry, leaving you in a good mood.

Listen to “Yo Mama’s a Liar” for some funny advice on writing an obituary.

13. Death, et seq.

Death, et seq. is a podcast founded by Tanya Marsh, a law professor in North Carolina. There’s so much to unpack in the podcast. You’ll find an array of ideas to peruse, from cremation to music, travel, and history.

14. Death Goes Digital

Peter Billingham is a Funeral Celebrant with both a blog and podcast called Death Goes Digital

He touches on some innovative ideas during conversations with his guests during each episode, including Gabriel’s Vault, Qeepr, and other various vehicles to complete your end-of-life planning.

15. It’s Your Funeral 

Sam Hammond and Barnaby Slater host It’s Your Funeral, a podcast that’s not for the sensitive or faint of heart. Each episode is fueled by the comedy duo’s wild imagination engine, where, together with their guests, they let the dice roll on a topic and tell it like it is. 

16. Good Grief

Mike O’Connell, in the Good Grief podcast, will help you navigate pre-arrangements and funerals. 

In the most extended podcast to date, he invites Kelly Grosklags, a grief therapist, to discuss the types of grief children and adolescents experience and what you can do to help them.

17. My Eulogies Please

Follow My Eulogies Please for a podcast with some comedic relief, including the eulogies of an AC unit, Betty Boop, Thelma and Louise, Oscar the Grouch, and The Giving Tree, to name a few. 

Sure, it’s vulgar at times, but you can pick up a trick or two if you’re trying to write a funny eulogy for a loved one or friend.

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18. Coffin Talk – Exit Interviews With the Living 

Mike Oppenheimer chats up his weekly guests on Coffin Talk as they tackle both philosophy and opinions about death. Together, they try to figure out the meaning of death and how people’s views on death affect how they choose to live their lives.

19. Death Perception 

Joe Casper takes the wisdom of his trade as a Funeral Director and applies that to his semi-frequent podcast called Death Perception. Part advice and part philosophy, Casper uses his inside scoop to support you when making decisions on death and dying.

Check out Episode 8 – Veteran’s Services to find out entitlements for you and your loved one.

Best Vlogs or YouTube Channels About the Funeral or Death Industry

There are fewer digital vlogs and YouTube channels about funerals and the death industry than blogs or podcasts. Here’s the shortlist of the ones we discovered relevant to consumers’ or industry professionals’ needs.

20. Ask a Mortician

Caitlyn Doughty’s Ask a Mortician is rising in popularity so much so that she’s about to start a television show. 

Until then, you can check out her YouTube channel, where she talks about all things in the funeral or death industry, including strange topics in culture and education, like how funeral homes dress bodies.

21. Little Miss Funeral 

Lauren is a blogger and vlogger who works in the funeral industry. Her channel called Little Miss Funeral helps people see inside the funeral industry. She approaches topics like becoming a funeral director, using a casket key, and even what it’s like receiving difficult phone calls.

22. National Home Funeral Alliance 

If you’re curious about Home Funerals, then check out National Home Funeral Alliance. Each video hosts a speaker in support of education and knowledge-building for families of deceased loved ones, including pet parents.

23. Funeral Nation TV

Host Ryan Thogmartin hosts funeral business owners and other people in the funeral industry. They’re conversations by funeral people, for funeral people. 

As a layperson, you may be interested in finding out the ins and outs of the trade, but not if you’re looking for support and resources like someone who’s lost a loved one.

24. End-of-Life University

Hospice physician and author Dr. Karen Wyatt hosts End-of-Life University. Her YouTube videos go back five years and cover just about every topic you can imagine regarding funerals, funeral planning, and the effects of death and dying on loved ones.

25. Kari the Mortician

Kari Northey is an embalmer and funeral director with 26 years of funeral industry knowledge. Her vlogs and blogs are for the consumer and the Funeral Director alike, adding perspectives and giving answers. 

Tune in for a list of common questions to ask a funeral director to improve your experience in planning for a loved one’s funeral

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