20+ Best Gifts for Funeral Directors or Morticians


Funeral directors have one of the most difficult careers. They handle so many details and solve crucial issues while providing emotional support. Taking on the weight of someone else’s grief with such professionalism and tact is a difficult feat. And they do it over and over again, so funeral directors deserve the best gift possible.

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Maybe you want to show your appreciation for how a funeral director went above and beyond to help your family. If that’s the case, giving them a gift is a nice way to acknowledge all the work they did! Whether you’d like to send them a funny gift or a thank you card, there are plenty of ideas to choose from. 

Practical Gifts for Funeral Directors 

Sympathy gift ideas might be easy to come up with. After all, you likely know the family quite well. But you might not know your funeral director’s hobbies, taste, or personality. Even if that’s the case, there are lots of great ideas available.  

1. Personalized plaques 

Little plaques can sit on their desks, stick to their door, or hang on the wall. As a nice bit of decor, you can go a few different directions.

You could put their name and title on it. Or, you could go for something a little more lighthearted. Depending on their personality, either one might be appropriate. 

2. Massage gift certificates

Most people working in funeral homes spend a lot of time on their feet. Funeral directors are no exception. Between service preparations and greeting people at the door, their feet and legs take a beating. 

If you know a great masseuse or massage therapy place, see if they offer gift certificates. It’s a great gift with flexibility, so the funeral director can go when their schedule allows. 

3. Slippers

There’s nothing like putting on a pair of cozy slippers after a long day.  Look for a pair with lots of padding, particularly on the sole. Once you’ve found the right type, look for style.

There are plenty of styles out there, but if you aren’t sure what they’ll like, go for something more neutral. During quiet office hours, while they’re finalizing paperwork or making phone calls, they could wear them under their desk.

4. Gift cards

The funeral director you know might not like getting a massage. But almost every major company offers gift certificates. Do they love listening to their morning podcast? Or do they love going out to a burgers-and-fries place?

If you know the places they love to frequent, a gift card is a great idea. Even if you aren’t sure of their favorites, a gift card to a local restaurant or coffee shop would be an appreciated gift. 

5. Books

There are lots of nonfiction books that approach the subject of death in an accessible way. Sometimes humorous, usually informative, and always empathetic there are a lot of choices out there.

A new book could be a welcomed resource for a funeral director. And in an industry where it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and jaded, it’ll be a nice distraction.  

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Unique Gifts for Funeral Directors

Something a little different can be a good choice. Funeral directors work with a lot of families. So gifting them something a bit different will make them remember you. And is a great way to show your gratitude. 

6. Mourning jewelry

Mourning jewelry has a lengthy tradition dating back to Victorian times. It’s a great way to keep loved ones close. There are a few options available. You can buy a brooch with the option of including cremation ashes. Or, you can give an empty locket with space to include a lock of hair. 

Either option works, but make sure to explain the specifics of the piece. That way, they know it’s not a regular piece of jewelry.

7. Coffee accessories 

Like an ER nurse, funeral directors are often on-call. That means they work long, unforgiving hours. And to stay awake, many late-night workers love their caffeine. Most funeral homes already have a standard coffee pot and grinder.

But what about making things a little fancier? You could buy them a French press, their favorite blend of coffee, or a unique bottle of espresso syrup.

8. Anubis cufflinks

Most funeral directors wear formal clothing every moment they’re on the job. It’s a way to emphasize the serious nature of their job, and their respect for the clients they serve. That doesn’t mean they can’t spice up their look, though.

As most people with an interest in thanatology know, Anubis is the god of embalming. Gifting them cufflinks shaped like Anubis is a great nod to the profession’s background. 

9. Vacations

Some people don’t know when to take a break. And when it comes to working as a funeral director, it can be difficult to unplug. Vacations are expensive, but if you can pay part of the way, that makes a great gift.

Whether you use airline miles to buy one plane ticket, or just book their hotel room, they’ll be grateful. 

10. Day of the Dead cookie cutters

Do they have a creative side? Lots of people use baking as a creative outlet, and who doesn’t love cookies?

These cutters are often colorful and whimsical. They’re a great choice to brighten up anyone’s kitchen. 

Novelty Funeral Director Gifts

Novelty gifts are a great way to get a laugh. A silly gift might be just what someone overseeing funerals needs to brighten their day. 

11. Casket business card holder

Most people need a place to store cards. Your wallet fills up fast, and putting them in your desk just makes them disappear.

That’s why cardholders are so popular. And some companies offer custom-made cardholders. You can even find some shaped like a casket! 

12. ‘Coco’ Christmas ornaments

Coco is a beautifully animated children’s movie. But it’s won favor with adults, too. That’s because of its’ deep, death-positive message. It takes a scary topic and makes it approachable.

That’s why it’s a classic for all ages. A Coco themed Christmas ornament is a great gift to hang on a tree or around the house. And it’s a nod to the important work your funeral director is doing.  

13. Novelty ties

The dress code for a funeral director is strict. Suits and pencil skirts are the norm. While this is a great way to show respect, it can also feel restrictive. It’s difficult to show personal flair if you’re contained in a dress code.

There are all sorts of creative ties that can spice up your formal look. Something in a monochromatic color scheme with a unique pattern would be a good choice.  

14. Mugs

Coffee mugs are a versatile gift. Whether they’re used for coffee or snacks, they’ll see daily use.

There are lots of custom-made mugs available. Some proclaim the funeral director’s profession, while others make use of wry humor that’s sure to get a smile. 

15. Gift baskets

You can never go wrong with a customized gift basket. Whether you buy a pre-made one or compile your own, you can’t go wrong with variety. From bath salts to chocolates, you can include whatever you want. 

If you’d like to customize it for the season, or a special event, you can also do that. If you’re struggling to gift a thematic basket, seasonal wrapping will help tie everything together. 

Funny Funeral Director Gifts

Death is a heavy subject. And funeral directors spend every day with it. They’ll appreciate a gift that gives them a chance to laugh.

16. Magnets

There are all sorts of wry magnet phrases on crafty sites like Etsy or Redbubble. What sense of humor do they have? If they prefer sarcastic one-liners, that’s perfect for a magnet.

If they like their jokes bold, there’s a magnet out there that’s perfect for them.

17. Funny t-shirts 

Most of these shirts aren’t inappropriate to wear on the job! But when they’re off duty, poking fun at their profession is a great way to kick back. Lots of custom shirts are available on craft sites.

If you decide to shop online, be sure to read reviews before purchasing. That will prevent you from getting an ill-fitting, poor quality shirt. 

18. Casket-shaped flash drive 

Lots of funeral homes aren’t up-to-date when it comes to technology. There are so many files and records that need to be uploaded, which means that space is an issue.

Flash drives are a useful and inexpensive gift that can help mitigate this issue.  They’re a great way to store files offline. And if the computer crashed, no worries. You haven’t lost a thing. 

Most flash drives look pretty standard. But some companies offer casket-themed flash drives—a funny way to spice up any office.

19. Salt and pepper headstone shakers

Pass the salt and pepper, please. These old-timey shakers look like headstones. They’re the perfect gift to add some humor to the dinner table. 

20. ‘Embalming Fluid’ flask 

Do they enjoy drinking alcohol from time to time? If so, a humorous flask might be the perfect gift. There are many unique designs available. Something that pokes fun at part of their job would be ideal.

You can find ones made out of silver with the words ‘Embalming Fluid’ written on the outside. It’s a subtle nod to how they spend their days. 

Thanking Your Funeral Director

From dealing with disgruntled family members to helping people start end-of-life plans, funeral directors do a lot. Giving them a gift is a small way to show you care and thank them for their work is a great thing to do.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to make this gift significant. Even something small helps communicate your appreciation. 

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