20+ Best Gifts for Funeral Directors or Morticians


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Funeral directors and morticians step in to help families during one of the hardest times of life. Whether a family death is expected or not, funeral arrangements and preparations can be completely overwhelming. Thanks to the calm and professional demeanor of funeral directors, funeral and memorial plans can go off without a hitch.

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After all is said and done, you might find that you want to thank the funeral director you worked with. While the rules of funeral gratuity etiquette state that you don’t need to tip funeral directors, if they went above and beyond to help, it’s certainly appropriate to thank them. Here are several gift ideas to say, “Thank you for a job well done.”

Thank You Funeral Director Gifts

Sometimes the simplest types of appreciation gifts are the best. Here are several gifts to choose from to simply say, “Thank you.”

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1. Thank you note and gift card

If you’re pressed for time or you don’t have the energy left to figure out what to purchase for the funeral director, you can always go with the tried and true option of a thank you note and gift card. 

These days, gift cards come in a huge variety of options from sit-down restaurants and coffee shops to popular stores and services. If you happen to know about a small restaurant or specialty store the funeral director enjoys, chances are you can pop into the location and purchase a gift card from the business, even if they don’t have gift cards available online.

Gift cards can be tricky if you’re uncertain of the specific places your funeral director enjoys. However, if you’re uncertain, you tried and true standbys like Amazon and Starbucks are usually winners.

Pro tip: If you’re pressed for time, you can also send eGift cards.

2. An orchid

Orchids are beautiful symbols of grace, elegance, and refinement. What better plant to give as a thank you gift than one of these delicate flowers whose blooms seem to last forever and whose influence extends far beyond a week or two?

Consider choosing a color of orchid that either matches the office decor or one that sends a message all its own. Blue and yellow orchids often fit well in most office color schemes. However, white matches everything and symbolizes purity and peace. This could be a good color for creating a peaceful environment while serving as a reminder of the deceased they’ve helped who is now resting peacefully. 

3. Tea or coffee gift basket

A tea or coffee basket is always a nice way to say “thank you” when they go above and beyond. To make this work, you’ll want to find out whether they enjoy drinking coffee or tea. After that, put together a well-rounded basket of whole bean or finely ground coffees or green, black, and white teas.

Include biscotti for a coffee basket or scones for a tea basket. Finally, include a high-end mug, a few chocolate-covered spoons for coffee, or honey sticks for tea.

4. Baked goods

Baked goods not only bring a smile to someone’s face, but in larger quantities, they are also perfect to share. If you’re looking for a way to thank your funeral director and anyone else in the office who went above and beyond, consider purchasing a basket of artisan baked goods from a local bakery. 

Drop it off with a thank you note sharing how grateful you are for the funeral director’s and staff’s assistance with your loved one’s arrangements.

5. Unique desk gadget

Not all thank you gifts have to be conventional. Sometimes, it’s the more unique items that create a memorable thank you. Consider an elegant falling sand art desk display to add a sense of serenity to the office. A sand pendulum can provide a note of distinction and a subtle reminder that we all have limited time. 

A kinetic energy sculpture can add value when it’s in motion or when still. Finally, if you notice that the funeral director constantly uses their phone or tablet, matching phone and tablet holders might be the perfect thank you gift for them.

Don’t be afraid to go for the unusual or unique with gifts like these. You might be the only one who thought of something so creative, and your gift will likely adorn their desk or office for years to come.

Christmas, Holiday, and Special Event Gifts for a Funeral Director

If your loved one passed away right around the holidays, a Christmas or other holiday-themed gift could be the perfect way to thank them for helping you through such a difficult time.

6. Ornament

A Christmas ornament is a simple yet delightful gift for a funeral director around the holidays. This ornament is elegant and will belong on any mortician’s holiday tree, whether they display it at home or the office.

7. Wedding topper

Do you know a funeral director who is getting married soon? While they may not use it on their main wedding cake, a fun wedding topper will surely get displayed somewhere in the newlywed’s home.

8. Ginger dead man cookie cutter

These ginger dead men cookie cutters are perfect for Halloween get-togethers and any other spooky-themed party. The cookie cutters are the shape of a traditional gingerbread man but the cutter will press an indent into the body of the gingerbread man in the shape of bones. You can fill in the bone shapes with white icing, creating perfectly formed ginger dead men.

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Funny Funeral Director Gift Ideas

Funny gifts should be given with a good sense of how the funeral director will receive them. If they have a lighthearted sense of humor, then by all means proceed! 

9. Casket-shaped chocolate

If you need a funny gift, these chocolate caskets are perfect any time of year. They’re wrapped in gold foil and are molded to look like a casket with the wrapping on or off. Add these to a gift basket of other fun goodies and you’ll have a surefire winner.

10. Toe-tag drink tags

If you know that a funeral director enjoys hosting their friends and family, gift them this set of drink tags made to look like toe tags. They’re the perfect accompaniment to a Halloween party or other macabre get-together thrown by your favorite funeral director. 

11. Organ transplant lunch bag

Know a funeral director who enjoys things a bit on the macabre side? Get them an organ transplant lunch bag to keep their lunch cool in between the long hours at work. It’s fully insulated and can hold up to six cans of soda or other beverages inside.

12. Mortician t-shirt

What better way to put a smile on the face of the mortician you know than to give them a punny t-shirt? How about a t-shirt that says, “People are dying to work with me.” The funny mortician shirt comes in men’s and women’s cuts and nine different colors. 

13. Funeral director keychain

If you know a funeral director who creates unique funeral experiences that celebrate the life of loved ones, this funeral director keychain could be a fun nod to their professional goals. The matte black keychain features a picture of a hearse with the phrase, “I put the fun in funerals.”

Novelty or Unique Funeral Director Gift Ideas

Each of these novelty ideas is focused on a specific aspect of the life of a funeral director or mortician.

14. Trocar necklace pendant

A trocar is an embalmer’s tool that they use daily. This sterling silver trocar pendant is a tiny replica of the tool, down to the very small holes in the instrument. At once unique and classy, this is a necklace an embalmer could proudly wear.

15. Book about mourning photography

This fascinating mourning photography book might be just the item you’re looking for if you want a unique option that your funeral director friend or relative might not have in their collection. The book comes straight from The Thanatos Archive’s collection of post-mortem photography and provides a unique inside look into mourning practices through the ages.

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16. Anubis tie bar

In ancient Egypt, Anubis was the god of the underworld, tombs, cemeteries, the afterlife in general, embalming, mummification, and death. While subtle, an Anubis tie bar is an excellent choice for a funeral director who wears ties. This classy bar will keep his tie in place and serve as a unique nod to the centuries-old tradition in which he works.

If ancient Egypt doesn’t quite do the trick, go for a hearse tie bar instead.

17. Miniature wood casket

Could the funeral director you know use a little more organization in their lives? Get them a mini wood casket to put small items in at work or at home. This little wood casket can hold items like paper clips, SD cards, and stamps at work while containing cuff links, tie pins, rings, and jewelry at home.

18. Coffin wallet

Upgrade the funeral director’s wallet game with this coffin wallet. The decorations on the front are classy, making this wallet perfect for daily use. If the funeral director you know would rather have a more subtle look, consider purchasing a coffin wallet without any designs on the front.

Personalized Funeral Director Gift Ideas

Personalized gifts offer a special touch that goes beyond standard gift-giving. These options take a bit longer to receive, so plan ahead if you decide to order one for the funeral director in your life.

19. Vintage funeral director sign

This stunning vintage funeral director sign might just be one of the most impressive things your funeral director will ever receive. The handmade wood sign is truly one-of-a-kind and can be personalized with the funeral director’s name and the name of the funeral home.

The sign looks like it came straight off the walls of an 1800s funeral home and will fit in beautifully with the decor schemes of today’s funeral homes.

20. A nice pen

Funeral directors go through a lot of pens. So, why not thank them for their dedication and hard work with a personalized ballpoint pen or personalized fountain pen? Give this gift an extra touch of elegance by customizing it with an engraving of their name on the pen cap.

21. Funeral director snow globe

This fully customizable snow globe features a picture of a mortician or funeral director standing outside of the funeral home where they work. Each picture is made to order and is completely customizable. 

The funeral director can be customized to look like your mortician, and you can place the name of the funeral home on the building. Character customizations include skin tone, glasses, hats, face masks, gender, hair color, and clothing. Building customizations include the name of the funeral home and the name of the funeral director on the side.

Did you work with a husband/wife team? Not to worry—you can order a funeral director couple snow globe, as well.

Honoring Funeral Directors and Morticians

Funeral directors and morticians step in at the most critical and heartbreaking times of life. From answering the many questions to ask a funeral director, helping people plan a loving tribute, or even finding a funeral home nearby if a loved one passed away while traveling, they’re the unsung heroes we all need. Celebrate their hard work and dedication by saying thank you or gifting them something to enjoy.


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