8 Heartwarming Funeral Slideshow Examples


A funeral slideshow is a way to highlight someone’s legacy and memories during a funeral or memorial service. With so many different funeral photo display ideas to choose from, it’s easy to see why funeral slideshows are a favorite. Not only is this the perfect chance to capture the attention of the funeral guests, but it also puts family photos and videos to good use. 

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Whether you’re creating a funeral slideshow for a loved one or you’re looking for inspiration, it’s easy to create a funeral slideshow of your own. You don’t need any expensive software or tools to get started, and it’s easy to put together something your family will love for generations. However, it’s helpful to look at some heartwarming funeral slideshow examples for inspiration. 

Before you begin your own funeral slideshow project, check out these examples below. We compiled some of our favorite funeral slideshows so you can see what these are like as well as what you might want to try in your own video. These are an opportunity to be creative and let the loved one’s light shine through. Spark your own inspiration to go down memory lane with these heartwarming examples. 

What Should Be Included in a Funeral Slideshow?

What Should Be Included in a Funeral Slideshow?

First, what should be included in a funeral slideshow? This is an entirely personal process, so feel free to work with whatever materials you have handy. Because these are a chance to show someone’s life, it’s common to follow a simple timeline. However, don’t feel limited to this format. You can also highlight mementos, video tributes, or other important memories. 

Most funeral slideshows include the following:

  • Childhood photos
  • Holiday photos
  • Family videos
  • Graduation pictures or degrees
  • Career photos
  • Wedding photos
  • Personal mementos
  • Video tributes from family
  • Music
  • Text (dates, names, quotes)

Before you begin, collect photos, videos, and mementos from loved ones. Asking for family collaboration is a great way to create a full, meaningful tribute to someone’s full life. Both pictures and videos come together to tell a story. It’s all about adding depth and personalization. When you pair photos and videos with music and text, a gorgeous work of art comes to life. 

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Funeral Slideshow Examples

Looking through funeral slideshow examples is the best way to get a feel for the structure and artistry of these projects. No matter your experience level, it’s important to draw from other works you admire. Luckily, there are so many inspiring funeral slideshows to use for inspiration. 

For a loved one

There are so many shining examples of funeral slideshows for loved ones that stand out. Some of these attract thousands of views online, and they’re seen as the ultimate template for similar videos because they’re so awe-inspiring. It’s easy to see how these are a work of love from their family members. 

Libby Davis

The Libby Memorial Video has over 301k views on YouTube, making it the most popular memorial video on the platform. Uploaded in 2018, this is a way to honor Libby Davis, a woman who passed away at a young age. Though her life was short, her family honors her through family videos, old photos, and favorite memories. 

Carley McCord

When Carley McCord passed away in 2019, her family commissioned a gorgeous video tribute in her honor. At 10 minutes long, this is one of the longer examples of a memorial slideshow. Featuring upbeat songs selected by her family, this video is sure to put a smile on your face. 

Elizabeth Ramirez

This video was created in memory of Elizabeth Ramirez who passed away after a battle with cancer in 2017. Though young, her life was full of happiness and light, and this is clear throughout this thoughtful video. Uploaded to YouTube to inspire others, the video has received over 50k views from supporters. 

Robert Harris

This memorial video for Robert Harris was created by a friend. Though Robert passed at only 18, his friends and family remember him as the boy who never stopped loving. Featuring mostly images, this is a simple yet effective memorial. With over 250k views, this memorial slideshow touched many who experienced similar losses. 

Patrick William Kern

The Patrick William Kern video is a classic memorial slideshow example. Created with a simple video editing tool, his family created a work of art that showcased different aspects of Patrick’s life and memories. Paired with meaningful text quotes and animations, this is a stunning video that would make a great addition to any memorial service. 

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For a pet

Losing a pet is never easy. Since pets become a beloved part of the family, we often grieve them the same way we do other loved ones. Making a tribute video brings their memories to life, helping you feel close to your pet at every stage. 

A Tribute to My Dog (Django)

Jackie created this tribute to her dog Django after 6 months of hard work. By compiling her favorite photos and videos along with a touching personal narration, she shares why her dog was meaningful to her. Though her dog is no longer with her, she feels his presence every day. 

Eli Tribute

Eli was a beloved dog. When he died, his owners created a pet tribute slideshow to share their favorite memories. Set to upbeat music with gorgeous transitions, this is a beautiful way to tell the story of Eli’s life and legacy. 

Pet Memorials from Memory Magic

Memory Magic is a memorial slideshow tool, and their YouTube page features great examples of inspiring memorial videos. Their Pet Memorials video is a simple way to explore their many features and tribute options, and it’s also a source for creativity. 

What Should You Say at the End of a Funeral Slideshow?

What Should You Say at the End of a Funeral Slideshow?

As one of the most popular funeral reception ideas, what exactly should you say at the end of a funeral slideshow? While most slideshows end with a final tribute, memorial image, or quote, you might also choose to say a few words. Because these slideshows typically evoke powerful emotions in the audience, saying something can be a way to bring peace and comfort. 

Usually, a close friend or family member will speak at the end of the slideshow. They might share a meaningful story, thank the creator of the video, and talk about what remembrance means to them. Most importantly, they should thank the funeral guests for their support during the service. 

Because finding the right words can be hard, here are some ideas for what to say:

  • “Thank you all for joining me today and for watching this memorial tribute. Please join us for a short reception after the service.” 
  • “As you can see, [Name] led such a meaningful, special life. I’ll never forget [his/her]...” 
  • “I’d like to say thank you to [Name] for their work on this tribute video. This will be something we look back on for years to come.” 
  • “Thank you everyone for your unyielding support these past few weeks. We’re so thankful to have so many friends and family to rely on.” 

As long as your heart is in the right place, you can feel confident with whatever you say. It’s a good idea to think about who’s going to speak and what they’d like to say before you show the memorial slideshow. From there, everything will run smoothly. 

How Do You Add Music to a Funeral Slideshow?

When it comes to adding music to a funeral slideshow, you have so many options to choose from. With modern funeral songs spanning all genres, you’re free to add any music that speaks to you. To add music to a funeral slideshow, you typically need to add an audio layer or voiceover.

Many choose to add only music, while others add both music and narration. Again, this is entirely up to you. All video editing software includes a way to add music. You can find helpful guides online available for free to guide your process. Here are the most common guides for the most common memorial slideshow programs:

When you choose a song or songs that work for your video, make sure you have permission to play them if you upload online. Some platforms like YouTube have strict copyright laws, and this could get tricky if you wish to share your video digitally. In addition, make sure the music is the right length for your memorial slideshow. 

Music affects our emotions, so it’s only fitting to include it in a funeral slideshow. Whether you add a classic tribute song or your loved one’s favorite genre, make sure this is a meaningful track. 

Create a Lasting Video Memorial

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video tribute is worth a million. These memorial slideshow tributes above are shining examples of how we remember those we love. Even though they might no longer be here in person, we still feel their presence in our daily lives. 

Whether you choose a live stream funeral company or a traditional funeral home, sharing a memorial video captures the heart of your guests. Take note of these examples above when creating your own stunning slideshow. This is something you’ll watch again and again for years to come. 

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