15 Inexpensive Funny Care Package Ideas for Friends


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Receiving care packages can help make the distance between you and a loved one feel a little shorter, help your prolonged periods of separation seem less lengthy, and can help you feel less lonely. Sending a care package to a friend or family member may also make you feel like you’re shipping happiness or comfort in a box. 

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Funny Care Package Ideas for College Students

Funny Care Package Ideas for Long-Distance or Socially-Distanced Friends

Funny Care Package Ideas for a Sick Friend

Funny Care Package Ideas for Retired People or Your Grandparents

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As long as you put together a package that combines some things they’ll enjoy with some homemade items, you won’t have to spend a lot to make someone smile. If you’re looking for some ideas on how to get started, choose from the options below to brainstorm.

Funny Care Package Ideas for College Students

College students, whether first-year or fourth, all need some love and cheer from time to time. No matter what time of year it is, college can be stressful. Help a college student you know have a chuckle with these care packages.

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1. Hangry kit

College students are infamous for needing food and lots of it. Running out of snacks while writing a final paper can spell doom especially when time is of the essence. Don’t let your college student friends or relatives get hangry ever again with a hangry kit.

Include popular snacking items like individual packages of granola bars, nuts, fruit gummies, Chex mix, pretzels, and some good old fashioned candy. Stuff as much as you can fit into your care package and you’re sure to get a call thanking you for your kindhearted thoughtfulness that kept them from flying into a hangry rage.

2. Student survival kit

Every college student learns how to survive the rigors of dorm living, apartment living, and otherwise living with severely limited resources once they move out of their parents’ home. But all too often, they forget some critical resources they need and don’t realize it until it’s too late. Enter: the student survival kit. 

Put this custom care package together for a college student you know and fill it with items like an energy drink, several packets of instant coffee, a small bottle of clothes detergent, a pack of clothespins and rubber bands, a travel-sized pack of tissues, some crazy glue, a mini roll of duct tape, and a few fun items like a packet of gum, coloring pencils, and candy. After all, you never know when you’ll need some duct tape. 

3. How-to-cook-in-college kit

College students are renowned for their cooking skills--or lack thereof. If they’re living in a dorm, there isn’t much cooking to be had.

Send your loved one at college a how-to-cook care package but make it fun and college-appropriate by adding things like a ramen recipe book, several packages of ramen, a hot water kettle, bowls, spoons, forks, and napkins. You might be surprised by how long they live off of your care package.

4. Study night kit

College is known for a few things, such as late-night parties and late-night study sessions. Send over an extra boost of help with a care package specifically designed to help them stay awake and study hard. Include things like a fun coffee mug, a pack of highlighters, erasable pens, a nice notebook, a blanket, instant coffee packets, and some snacks.

To make this care package extra fun, don’t just include any old fleece blanket. Nowadays, you can’t go wrong with a funny fleece blanket like a tortilla or pizza blanket

5. Stress relief kit

College is stressful. Every student can agree with that. Send along a stress relief kit and give them a time out from the hectic, crazy pace of collegiate life.

Include items like an adult coloring book, colored pencils, tea, a comic book, stress relief squeeze balls, and a game like Jenga. Stress relief squeeze balls come in as many styles as there are colleges, so be sure to get one that you know will make the college student in your life smile. You just might make someone’s day with this care package.

Funny Care Package Ideas for Long-Distance or Socially-Distanced Friends

Long-distance and socially-distanced friendship is no easy task. It’s hard to keep up with life when separated from the people you love to laugh with and do life with. In times like these, a care package may be just the thing you need to help keep you and your friends close.

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6. I love you a latte box

This punny and delicious thinking of you gift may be a perfect go-to for the friend in your life that needs coffee just to get moving. Roll with the puns and include this phrase in your care package. Inexpensive items that have this phrase on it include mugs, pads of paper, coasters, and magnets.

Fill out the package by including coffee, biscotti, chocolate-covered spoons, chocolate-covered espresso beans, mini creamers, and mini flavored syrups.

7. Punny care package

For those friends who love puns, put together a punny care package to make them smile. Use puns to decorate the inside of the box, put puns on some index cards, and include items that piggyback off the puns you use. Here are several ideas for you to use.

  • “I think you are suffering from a lack of vitamin me.”
    • Include candy “vitamins,” print out pictures of you and your friend of things you enjoy together, and a virtual hangout date.
  • “It’s soda-pressing being apart.”
    • Include a bottle or two of their favorite flavor of vintage soda, a movie you both enjoy, some new music, and candy. Set up a time to enjoy all of the above together but separate by connecting online.
  • “I’m snow bored without you.”
  • “I’m sew glad we’re friends!”
    • Include crafty things for a hobby they enjoy such as yarn and knitting needles, embroidery floss and Aida cloth, and a how-to book if you’re giving them something to start learning a new skill.

8. Donut box

What person doesn’t want a boost of sugary happiness while being distanced from their friends? Nothing says “I love you” quite like a box of donuts shipped from home.

This can also be made into a “punny” box for those friends who enjoy puns. Decorate your box with puns like, “Donut forget you’re loved/missed” and “Donut hesitate to call/text.” 

9. Just add water box

If you and your besties love to eat together, the distance may undoubtedly be squashing some of the fun you’d regularly have. So, be funny and send them a “just add water” box where everything can be cooked easily and in minutes while you’re both on Skype. Then you can sit down to your meal and chat it up like you always would.

This box would be ideal for college student friends as well, as they may also have little access to a regular kitchen. Include items such as instant soup, mac and cheese cups, ramen, oatmeal, hot chocolate, instant coffee, and tea.

Funny Care Package Ideas for a Sick Friend

Being sick is no fun and it can feel pretty discouraging when it goes on for too long - especially when no one can help you through the misery. Send one of these DIY care packages to brighten someone’s day.

10. Candy pharmacy

A candy pharmacy is just what the doctor ordered. It’s fun, can be completely customized to a person’s individual preferences, and is certain to bring a smile to someone’s face.

Include items such as gummy gauze, “pills” (these can be M&Ms or jellybeans), chocolate shots, and other items you know they’ll find tasty.

You can also purchase a pre-made candy pharmacy care package like this one

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11. Doctor’s orders

This is a dual sympathy care package and funny care package in one.

Play on the theme of the orders to get well soon and stay in bed by giving them a package with a bell to ring when they need help, chicken noodle soup, a word search, plushy happy pills, and homemade cookies with a fun card that says, “you’re one tough cookie.”

12. Bee well

Nothing says be well quite like a “bee well” quarantine care package that helps your friend get through their period of illness and helps them feel better at the same time.

This care package is all about self-care so be sure to include items like beeswax lip balm, hand lotion, body lotion, body wash, and facial cleanser.

Funny Care Package Ideas for Retired People or Your Grandparents

Grandparents enjoy getting care packages just as much as college students. Send a fun package their way and you’re sure to brighten up their day and make them feel loved.

13. Vintage candy care package

Everyone loves candy from a bygone era. When did your grandparents grow up and what candy was popular then?

Do a little research then send them a box full of candy from their childhood years. Include a small pamphlet about what was going on during the decade when most of the candy was enjoyed. This care package is sure to bring back memories and provide a few laughs.

14. Crafty grandparent gift box

This one is for the grandparent in your life that loves to make new clothing. Do they love to knit, crochet, do embroidery work, or make lace?

Put together a box full of goodies that they will love such as colorful yarns and threads, funny embroidery patterns, or new lace ideas. Include a card with jokes, puns, and sayings that let them know you miss them as much as they miss you.

15. Fishing care package

Does your grandmother or grandfather love to fish? Create a package that includes a few new lures, some bait, and a fishing-themed picture frame. In a card, ask them to share with you their “biggest fish ever” story.

Send Your Love

Care packages help brighten the day, relieve stress, and help your recipient know that someone cares about them. Stay in touch with the people who are nearest and dearest by sending them a box full of your love.

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