20+ Funny (And Cheap) Retirement Gift Ideas for Coworkers


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When your coworker, boss, or friend has let everyone know that they're in their final months at their workplace, it’s a good time to celebrate.

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Funny Retirement Gifts for Her

Funny Retirement Gifts for Him

Cheap Funny Retirement Gifts

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Naturally, there is some good-natured jealousy and teasing that comes with retirement, often about the journey of becoming a senior citizen. After all, the rest of the team will miss them.

That said, everyone looks forward to retirement. Here are some retirement gifts ideas—some with gentle teasing included. They’ll help you show your coworkers that you appreciated working alongside them.

Funny Retirement Gifts for Her

Here are some of our favorite options for your female coworker’s upcoming retirement activities and plans.

1. For the always-eating-out coworker, cooking lessons

If your friend at work is always the one pulling out the takeout menus, consider making her retirement gift something to do with cooking or learning how to make her favorite dishes. 

It’s a good gag, but it’s also fun to learn during your retirement years.

2. For the rather-be-gardening coworker, seeds and gardening gloves

If your co-worker couldn’t stop talking about her prize tomato plants, put together a few gardening options for her retirement. 

These might include a practical tray or tote for carrying things around the garden, a pair of sturdy gloves, a new trowel, or a selection of seeds to plant.

3. Luggage with a silly luggage tag

For the would-be traveler who always ran out of vacation days, a thoughtful gift might be a piece of sturdy, excellent luggage

You can add tags or notes that are funny or silly, teasing her about her adventures to come.

4. A fun book from a female comedian/writer

Plenty of comediennes, from Erma Bombeck to Amy Poehler, write about the fun and strangeness of getting a little older, and if you want a funny gift that doubles as a good laugh for your coworker, one of their books might be just the ticket. 

Something about facing the new challenges of life with humor is always appreciated.

5. Retirement-themed wine glass set

Wine glasses that mention that the wine can flow whenever now that she’s retired can be a funny and practical gift. 

She’ll remember you all with every pour of Chardonnay as she relaxes on her back porch.

6. Book-of-the-month club subscription

Funny subscriptions exist for everything these days, from wine to socks to underpants. Book-of-the-month subscriptions, though, can make for a fun surprise for your former co-worker. 

You can let her know at her retirement party to expect a gift in the mail, and she’ll be excited to get it every month after!

7. Gardening set for growing herbs

With the pun “all the thyme in the world,” a retirement gift of a little herb pot with seeds and soil can be a nice option for even someone who never had a green thumb. 

She might like to use the herbs in the kitchen or just enjoy the look of greenery in her home as she spends more time there. 

8. Fitness tracker for the on-the-go lady

For the person who is always active or talking about the gym in your office, consider pooling and getting her a nice fitness tracker with a couple of new features you know she’ll like. 

If you want to personalize it, add a card with all the local places you recommend her to get her steps in, like nature preserves and parks.

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9. A magazine subscription

If your coworker is always grabbing your copies of magazines, consider getting her a subscription herself. 

Having new reading material every month is nice, and there are many magazines for retirees.

Funny Retirement Gifts for Him

If one of the gentlemen in your office is on his way out, here are some gifts to make him smile during his last few days with you.

10. The “get to know your grandkids” basket

If you know that your retiring co-worker is going to be on babysitting duty a little more often after retirement, put together a fun gift basket full of activity books, children’s board games, craft projects, and more. 

It’s fun, and, if he’s not much of a kids guy, he’ll probably laugh.

11. Comedian books, especially about aging

Books about getting older with grace and humor are a great fit for this particular gifting occasion since they function as a good laugh at the party. 

They also make a nice option for reading while drinking coffee and getting accustomed to the slower pace of retirement.

12. A few spending-more-time-with-Fido items

Do you know that your coworker just loves his dog? Pick up a new frisbee, some chew toys, or a great leash with a good grip that can make your coworker smile, or give them a gift basket of treats and toys

He’ll get more time for long walks with his dog, so you can also suggest your favorite routes for walking in your town.

13. For the rather-be-fishing coworker, a tackle box or new fishing rod

This might require a consultation with the spouse, but surprising a coworker who is always talking about fishing with something that completes his fishing gear would be a highlight. 

Getting him a singing bass on a plaque would probably be good for a chuckle too!

14. Funny shirts for the casual-Friday guy

Funny shirts about not having to work anymore might be a good option for whoever in your office relished Casual Friday most.

He can wear them to his heart’s content when retirement kicks in—any day of the week!

15. Coffee or cocktail of the month subscription

For the guy who has to have his precisely-brewed light roast or his happy-hour gin and tonic perfectly calibrated, consider a monthly subscription that sends him new roasts of coffee to evaluate or a cocktail kit to make a new drink for his friends and family.

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16. A travel journal, for the jet setter

If your coworker loves to travel and has been booking his post-retirement cruises already, consider getting him a nice travel journal or album to put photos and memories into. 

These kinds of documents can make people look back with happiness; while it’s not super-funny, you can always add a few post-it notes with suggestions for where he should visit, according to his coworkers!

17. Turntable for the guy who still listens to the oldies

For the grump who always wants to turn off top-40 hits on the office radio, pick out a portable turntable that will let him breathe new life into his record collection. 

A joke about him “living in the past” will be funnier when accompanied by a gift that shows you know him.

Cheap Funny Retirement Gifts

If you don’t know the retiree super well or simply don’t have the cash for an expensive gift, consider the following options to get a good laugh without breaking the bank.

18. Fake “badge” for the person’s home instead of work

Make your coworker an official badge for their new workplace: the couch! 

It will make them laugh and won’t cost a lot.

19. Have everyone write a funny memory in a booklet

A great free option for crowd-sourcing a gift is to get a blank journal or booklet and pass it around the office. 

People can paste little photos or write a funny memory they associate with the retiree. At the retirement party, they get the booklet to take home.

20. A magnifying glass or another light-teasing sort of gift

You have to tread carefully with these sorts of jokes—but they can be a riot if done right. Getting a gift like a magnifying glass for someone who always complains of small type could work if your office has a true warm rapport. 

Try not to make anyone the butt of a joke if he or she doesn’t dish out jokes themselves, though. The party could get uncomfortable.

Making an Impression With a Funny Retirement Gift

Funny gifts for your retiring colleagues and friends can lighten a time that feels bittersweet.

Choosing a poignant and well-suited gift for them is a great way to commemorate their legacy while also sharing a few more laughs. 

Are you also considering what retirement will be like for you? You can use Cake’s end-of-life planning tools to plan for your future and the future of your family.

If you're looking for more ideas, read our guides on the best retirement gift ideas for women and retirement party etiquette.


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