50 Funny Tombstone Message & Inscription Ideas


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Death is one of the few certainties in life (along with taxes), so why not create a bit of fun out of it? One of the ways to do this is with a funny tombstone message or inscription. Not only is this a humorous way to poke fun at how much your loved one will be missed, but it’s also a way to get the last word (or joke). 

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If you’ve ever wandered through a cemetery, odds are you’ve seen a lot of somber tombstones. These are understandably a chance for families to honor their loved ones, but it doesn’t have to end here. 

Review this list of 28 funny tombstone messages and inscription ideas to create a legacy that laughs a lifetime. It’s time to get the last laugh! 

Funny Tombstone Sayings for a Parent

Funny tombstone sayings for a parent photo

If your parent was always one to get a joke in, why not honor their memory with one of these headstone sayings that pay homage to their sense of humor? Parents are always there for us, so it only makes sense that their legacy lasts once they pass. 

1. This isn’t a pyramid, but I guess it’s fine. 

If your parent loved the finer things in life, poke fun at this with a quip about how they always wanted a pyramid in their honor.

2. That’s all, folks. 

Death is life’s final curtain call. With a reference to Bugs Bunny’s famous ending line, this is a great way to remark on the end of a parent’s life. 

3. Raised three daughters with only one bathroom and still loved them. 

All parents know the struggle of siblings sharing bathrooms. Why not memorialize this endless plight?

4. I know something you don’t know. 

We’re all wondering about what comes after death, and your parent finally knows! If your loved one always wanted the last laugh, give it to them. 

5. I came here without being consulted. 

We don’t usually have a say in when we’re born or when we die. This sums up the human experience, and it’s also a bit of a laugh. 

6. Death is just one more thing to cross off my to-do list. 

For the parent with a list for everything, this is just one more thing to get done. 

7. He always said he was sick, but nobody would listen. 

Sometimes it feels like nobody around will listen to you, so why not honor a parent’s final plight with these funny words?

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Funny Tombstone Sayings for a Friend

Friendship stands the test of time. If you and your best friend are always cracking jokes, honor their memory with some of these hilarious sayings. Don’t forget to add some grave decorations to spruce things up! 

8. Shit happens. 

It’s a tale as old as time. Shit happens, and we move on. If your friend was a “live and let live” type, honor their memory with this catchy phrase. 

9. Well, this sucks. 

Death does, indeed, suck, so why not poke fun at it? This quirky saying is quick and to the point, perfect for someone who thought less was more. 

10. Oh well, whatever. 

Sometimes you’re all out of sly remarks, and you just have to say “whatever!” For the friend who just throws their hands up in the air and lets the chips fall where they may, this is for their memory.

11. Having you tried turning it off and back on again?

If your friend was in IT or just liked computers, this tech-savvy joke is sure to get a laugh. The classic “have you tried turning it off” applies to a lot of things — but not death!

12. It’s really dark down here. 

This might be a dark joke, but it’s still funny. Your friend is 6 feet under, and you have to admit things are pretty dark down there. 

13. Finally some peace and quiet!

Who doesn’t appreciate a bit of solitude? Death is rest for eternity, and that does have its perks, especially when it comes to peace and quiet. 

14. I’d stay away from here in a zombie apocalypse

Though your friend isn’t likely to rise from the dead, who doesn’t love a good zombie story? Who knows? Maybe the dead will rise again, and your friend will have their time to live out that zombie fantasy. 

Funny Tombstone Sayings for Another Family Member

Funny tombstone sayings for another family member photo

If you’re preparing a tombstone for another family member, don’t let go of the fun! There are a lot of hilarious puns that work for anyone in your life. 

15. Joke’s over. It’s time to let me out! 

While it’s unlikely that your loved one is still breathing in their grave, this saying still warrants a laugh. 

16. I finally have a parking space in this town. 

Everyone hates the struggle of driving endlessly in search of a parking spot. Your loved one’s grave is technically the best spot in town!

17. Shhh — I’m sleeping. 

Death is eternal sleep, so give your resting family member the peace and quiet they deserve in the afterlife. 

18. This atheist is all dressed up with nowhere to go. 

If your loved one was an atheist, poke fun at their lack of “anywhere to go” in regards to heaven and hell. 

19. One way, do not enter. 

Death is a one-way street, and your loved ones traveled down it for the last time. 

20. I’d rather be reading this. 

Wouldn’t we all rather be reading our headstone than lying under it? This taste of dark humor packs a big punch. 

21. At least we had fun. 

For the loved one who lived a life of excitement and fun, cheers to their death with a bit of death humor. 

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Funny Tombstone Sayings for Your Halloween Decorations

Halloween is the perfect time to pull out all your best puns. If you’re decorating a tombstone for All Hallow’s Eve celebrations, check out these funny sayings to get a laugh from all who pass by. 

22. Beneath this tombstone my wife lies, now she’s at rest and so am I. 

This tombstone joke hints that the man’s wife is finally dead, giving him some much-needed peace and quiet. 

23. Mozart rests here, decomposing. 

This tasteful classical music pun pokes fun at the now ancient Mozart’s body, which now “decomposes” in the earth. 

24. He was so brave until he forgot his parachute. 

Skydiving is the ultimate of thrills, but it also can turn bleak in an instant. This departed soul forgot his parachute, ending his days of bravery. 

25. Here lies a beloved friend who grabbed the bull by the horns but forgot to let go. 

The phrase “grab life by the horns” hints at someone who lives to the fullest, but what happens when that’s taken too far?

26. First a cough made me get carried off, now a coffin they carry me off in. 

A cough is innocent enough until it’s suddenly not. This joking pun hints that a cold did someone in. 

27. He made one little blunder, and now he’s six feet under. 

Mistakes sometimes bring unexpected consequences. This “little blunder” resulted in this person finding themselves in their grave.

28. She aimed for the brake but hit the gas. 

Speaking of mistakes, what happens when you hit the wrong pedal? For this pun, it’s the end of it all. 

Famous Quotes for a Funny Tombstone

Famous quotes are also a great choice for a funny tombstone. Quotes are often used as a way to dedicate a special saying, work of literature, or famous line to someone’s legacy. Whether these famous quotes spark truth or humor within you, you’re sure to share a laugh along the way. 

29. “I’m ready to meet my maker. Whether my maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter” by Winston Churchill

For someone who was larger than life, this Winston Churchill quote hints at stirring a fuss even beyond the grave. We might never be prepared for death, but death isn’t always prepared for us either. 

30. “Nothing in life is certain except death and taxes” by Benjamin Franklin

This famous Benjamin Franklin quote is perhaps the truest phrase of all. Such a stark reminder brings a chuckle in a cemetery. 

31. “Always look on the bright side of life” from Monty Python

The famous Monty Python quote from the song of the same name is about a series of ironies and contradictions. Much like life, it’s okay to laugh when things go wrong—and when they go right. 

32. “The living are just the dead on holiday” by Maurice Maeterlinck

Life truly is a brief passing. Though we like to think it goes slowly and lasts forever, we are all living on borrowed time. This quote from Maurice Maeterlinck shows just how fleeting life can be, and death is perhaps our true state of being. 

33. “Either this man is dead or my watch has stopped” by Groucho Marx

In many cultures, it’s proper to stop clocks at the time of death to honor the departed soul. This tongue-in-cheek quote from Groucho Marx pokes fun at this idea. 

34. “The idea is to die young as late as possible” by Ashley Montagu

Only the good die young, so why not live life as though you’re young forever? Youth doesn’t have to be a fleeting feeling. It can be a lasting way to live life to the fullest each and every day.

35. “Death is just nature’s way of telling you to slow down” by Dick Sharples

For those who aren’t afraid to live life on their own terms, death is merely a roadblock. Their memories live on in those they love, and this quote highlights just how important it is to live like you’re dying. 

36. “Death is nature’s way of saying, ‘Your table is ready’” by Robin Williams

This famous Robin Williams quote compares life to waiting for a table at your favorite restaurant. Death is something that comes for us all eventually, and it’s okay to go when it’s our time. 

37. “Life is hard. Then you die. Then they throw dirt in your face” by David Gerrold

Though it might sound morbid, it’s okay to laugh at death. The practice of burying the dead sounds strange at first. Life is hard enough, but then you have to worry about being buried within the earth? Laughing at the absurdity of it all is a great way to find peace. 

38. “Do you wish to be remembered? Leave a lot of debts” by Elbert Hubbard

There are so many ways to honor your memory when you’re gone. While we mostly remember those we love by our shared experiences and relationships, they also leave debts. Elbert Hubbard had a very unique way of being remembered! 

39. “I hope to arrive to my death late, in love, and a little drunk” by Les Connie Atticus

This poet sums up their ideal way to die: late, in love, and drunk. Compared to other ways to go, it’s clear to see this would be one of the best case scenarios. To die happy and after living a complete life is the best way to honor your legacy. 

40. “Death is so sad that we must laugh at it” by Robert A Heinlein

Last but not least, this quote rings true. Death is undeniably sad, as are all endings. Just because it’s sad, however, doesn’t mean we can’t still laugh at it. We can’t take life too seriously, even the bad parts. 

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Funny Tombstone Design Ideas

Funny tombstone design ideas photo

Finally, consider these funny tombstone design ideas to spruce up the cemetery space. While some cemeteries have limitations on the types of tombstones and headstones, you might be able to get away with a little bit of fun creativity. 

41. Clock

For a “time’s up!” joke, a clock design on a tombstone is a quirky way to hint at the limit we all have on our days. Though their number might be up, their memories last forever. 

42. Crossword puzzle

If you have ample space, why not make your loved one’s engraving a hilarious puzzle? A crossword puzzle design hides their final message in layers of word-themed fun. 

43. Parking spot

If you live in a big city, you know the struggle of finding a good place to park. A tombstone shaped like a parking sign or with a parking limit indicates that you’ve finally found the best place to park—even if it’s in the afterlife. 

44. Ouija board

For someone who always loved to dabble in the supernatural, what better final sendoff than a ouija-board-style grave? This funny tombstone design idea is a great way to get a loved one’s secrets from beyond the grave. 

45. Hidden message

There are a lot of headstones with hidden meanings, and this is a fun way to share a special message with loved ones or those who take the time to look closer. From secret messages on the base of the stone to anagrams, consider ways to add layers to your final resting place. 

46. Recipe card

Sharing a recipe from beyond the grave is a delightful way to put a smile on your loved ones’ faces. Not only will your favorite treats live on, but you can also share them with the living (and deceased) neighbors in the cemetery. 

47. Cemetery bench

Many cemetery benches are in honor of someone, but why not create your headstone entirely out of a bench? Letting other visitors take a load off (on you) is a humorous final sendoff. 

48. Game over

For an avid video game lover, a “game over” themed headstone is the perfect tribute. Life really is a bit like a game, but you don’t always get second chances or extra lives. When time runs out, all that’s left is the fun we shared. 

49. Song lyrics

Choosing a lyric from a favorite song is another great idea for a funny headstone. Better yet, choose a song that’s tongue-in-cheek about death. “Another One Bites the Dust” or “Highway to Hell,” anyone?

50. Rules

Last but not least, your own grave should come with its own rules. Who said you can’t have a say from beyond the grave? Including “grave rules” on your headstone design is a fun, interactive way to get the last laugh. 

Say Goodbye with Lighthearted Humor

Who said tombstones have to be serious and somber? Finding humor in the darker sides of life is a great way to combat grief and other powerful feelings around death. We can’t control the future, but we can take charge of our reactions. For someone with a strong sense of humor, choosing one of these puns or funny sayings for a tombstone is the ultimate tribute. 

What we’ll remember most of all when we’re gone is our memories and the laughs we had. Why not continue the fun in the afterlife? Find a loved one’s grave to see how you can make the most of their legacy. Do you know anyone who really deserves the last laugh?

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