8 Types of Funny Cremation Urns for Ashes


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Death brings a lot of dark feelings with it. When a family member or other loved one dies, we can get mired in those negative feelings. But to get through the darkest times in our lives, we need to look for the light in unexpected places. If your loved one was cremated, you might bring some humor into the mix with a funny cremation urn.

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You might be surprised you can even buy funny cremation urns. But they’re a great way to honor someone with an irreverent sense of humor. They can also bring unexpected joy to the people left behind after death. Here are some of our favorite humorous urns for ashes

Tip: If you're looking for something very unique (think a favorite hobby, their beloved car, or instrument of choice), you can custom order an urn from a store like Foreverence. You submit a design idea or sketch, then the company designs and 3D prints your urn, so you get a 100% unique container.

Funny Cremation Urns for Human Ashes

When a loved one dies, all the end-of-life trappings we have in place are part of our mourning process. They are a way to pay homage to the deceased. Creative urns can help you honor a loved one who has passed away.

That might include urns that have a funny shape or message or some other humorous element. Here are some examples.

1. Coffee tin urn

In the comedy film The Big Lebowski, two friends go to scatter the ashed of their late bowling buddy Donny. Donny’s ashes are being held in the classiest of cremation urns: a Folger’s coffee tin. When Walter tips the urn to scatter the ashes, they all blow right back into the face of the character known as The Dude.

It’s become such an iconic scene in film history that at least one company now manufactures a Folger’s urn. They’ve added a bowling ball base in honor of Donny’s favorite hobby. They aren’t inexpensive. They have to source the vintage style of coffee tin as well as the mismatched vintage lid, which makes this urn something of a collectible item. But if your loved one adored that movie (or was just a fan of movies in general), this is a sweet and funny memorial.      

2. Urns that look like the deceased

Technology is a wonderful but sometimes terrifying thing. At least one company is using 3D printing technology to make cremation urns in a likeness of your loved one’s head. The software uses facial recognition technology to turn a two-dimensional picture into a three-dimensional bust of your loved one’s head, made from resin and polymer.

It’s a sweet thought, but they generally end up with an uncanny valley look that can make them look creepy or even silly. If your mom liked to joke that she’d be watching you even after her death, this can make a sublimely silly tribute to her. 

3. Ghost urns

Artists often look at serious subject matter like death with an interesting and humorous perspective. Anna Marinenko has designed a collection of cremation urns that look like Halloween ghosts.

The molded porcelain urns look like the simple ghost costume a little kid might wear. It just looks like a simple sheet draped over the cremation capsule. They are ridiculously cute. If your loved one enjoyed the offbeat and quirky things, they’d be right at home in this cremation urn.    

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4. Urns featuring funny quotes

One of the easiest ways you can incorporate humor into a cremation urn is through the engraving. Even a classic urn style can have some levity when you engrave an entertaining quote on the side.

Here are a few examples:

  • It’s Awfully Dark in Here
  • I Told You I Was Sick
  • Another One Bites the Dust
  • Return to Sender
  • I’d Rather Be Watching Football

This is a great way to honor someone whose sense of humor was a bit more subtle and sly.  

Funny Cremation Urns for Pet Ashes

People aren’t the only ones who we can honor with an offbeat cremation urn. An increasing number of people have begun cremating their pets so they can keep their ashes with them. Some people opt to keep their pets physically close to them with cremation jewelry. Others keep their pets close to home in an urn. Many people opt for more straightforward, traditional urns. But others choose something a little more lighthearted.

Pets bring a lot of joy and happiness to our lives. They even bring humor. For some people, a funny urn is a great reminder of the fun our pets have provided us over the years.   

5. Treat jar urn

Was your cat or dog obsessed with treats? If so, an urn shaped like a treat jar is a fun and quirky way to pay tribute to them. One for a dog might be painted with designs that look like bones. One for cats might have cute, cartoony fish skeletons or paw prints. You can also get one custom-made with your pet’s name on the side.

While you could just buy a treat jar at a home goods store inexpensively, it would be better to get an actual cremation urn customized. It will seal in the ashes so they can’t accidentally be spilled. It’s a little more expensive to do it this way. But it’s worth the investment if it better protects your pet’s ashes.  

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6. Engraved pet urns

Many people opt to have meaningful quotes engraved on the urns of departed loved ones. Earlier, we talked about ways you can do that with cremation ashes for people. However, you can also do something similar for pets. There aren’t as many funny quotes about pet deaths, but some of the more general quotes above would also work.

It can also be funny to include references to things you might have frequently said to your pet. For instance, if your cat was constantly jumping on the kitchen counter even though you asked her not to, include a reference to that. You could display her urn on the counter. It could say something like, “Princess Fluffykins: Forever on the Counter, Even in Death”. This is an offbeat way to honor a pet. But it can feel really personal and special, even though there’s some silliness involved. 

7. Photo urn

Many pet urns like this one include a spot where you can put a photo of your late pet. It’s a way to help the urn feel less cold and like a monument. It adds an element of personalization. Most people choose photos of their pets that look beautiful and distinguished. It might be a shot of a golden retriever on a mountain, looking majestic.

But you can make a photo urn even more lighthearted by including a picture where your pet looks silly. Maybe you have a goofy picture of your dog in a Halloween costume. Maybe you have a picture where your cat was mid-sneeze and she looks bored or confused. These are the kinds of photos that you look at time and time again to remember your pet’s spirited personality. Consider using one of these in a photo urn to help you remember your pet with laughter and joy. 

8. Wall plaque urn with custom pet portrait

Some people are a little obsessed with their pets. When they die, no little tribute will do. They need a place of honor. Wall plaques are a creative way to display ashes. Instead of resting in a vessel on a counter or table, they hang on the wall. This can be helpful if you have other pets that might like to knock things down.

When you get a wall plaque, it can look a few different ways. Some people prefer a simple design with stained wood and a brass plaque commemorating their pet. But wall plaques can also be disguised to look like art. And there are many artisans online on websites like Etsy who will paint custom portraits inspired by pictures of your pets. You can have your dog bedecked in a crown and coat like an old-school oil painting of royalty. Or you can have your cat dressed like Puss in Boots holding a string of field mice.

Silly memorial portraits are great ways of commemorating your pet that will leave a smile on your face whenever you see them.  

Bring Levity to Death with Funny Cremation Urns

When our loved ones pass away, they know we will mourn them. But they also wouldn’t want to only think of them in sadness.

This holds especially true if the deceased was always trying to make people laugh or smile. A funny cremation urn isn’t for everyone. But for a person who was always quick with a joke, a humorous urn can be a really beautiful tribute. 

Another beautiful option for keeping a loved one's memory alive is a memorial diamond created from ashes. Some companies, like Eterneva, create lab-grown diamonds and allow you to pick from several cuts and colors for your gemstone.


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