50 "Get Well Soon" Gift & Care Package Ideas


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A gift is a great way to show you’re thinking of someone in a time of need. If someone you love is sick or in the hospital, giving them a "get well soon" gift shows them that you care. Yet, finding the right "get well soon" message isn’t always easy. How do you find the perfect thing that encompasses all of what you’re trying to say?

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"Get Well" Gifts to Help the Time Pass

Inspirational "Get Well" Gifts

"Get Well" Gifts for Parents

"Get Well" Gifts for Kids

DIY "Get Well" Gifts

Cheap or Affordable "Get Well" Gifts

Relaxing Get-Well Gift Ideas

Post-Surgery Get-Well Gift Ideas

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That’s where this guide comes in. We’ve compiled over 30 "get well soon" gift ideas that are perfect for any recipient or situation. Remember, it’s the thought that counts. As long as you’re putting their needs and wishes first, you’re on the right track.

Show you care with one of these gift ideas below. They’ll be feeling better in no time, and you’ll know your kindness made an impact.

"Get Well" Gifts to Help the Time Pass

Passing time when you’re sick is one of the biggest challenges, so you’ll want to find things that are stimulating for your loved one or related to one of their hobbies.

Everything seems to slow down when you’re not feeling well, so help them keep the focus on something else for a little while.

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1. Book or something to read

Books make wonderful gifts anytime, but they’re especially wonderful as a "get well soon" gift. Reading makes time go a bit faster, and it offers a welcome escape.

Ask if there’s anything they've been wanting to read for a while or pick up a bestseller

2. Offer help

Because some people aren’t always willing to ask for help when they need it, why not ask? Offering to take over chores around the house or to take over the yard work could be a great way to show you care. 

3. Movie

Everyone loves a good movie. These are a staple of sick days, but they might not know what to watch. Gifting a new movie (on-demand, as a DVD, or a streaming service like Amazon Prime Video) keeps them entertained. 

4. Pair of headphones

With the rise of music streaming, audiobooks, and podcasts, there’s always something to listen to. Since we’re often up late when we’re sick or might have trouble hearing, gift a pair of nice noise-canceling headphones

5. Backrest or pillow

Last but not least, give the gift of comfort. Hospital beds or even their own bed get uncomfortable after a while. A nice backrest or pillow eases any muscle pain. 

Inspirational "Get Well" Gifts

Give them something inspirational and uplifting to get through this hard time. Think of things that bring a smile to your face. That’s what you’re trying to achieve with your gift. 

6. Flowers

Of course, a classic gift is fresh flowers. People really love flowers, and they bring a much-needed brightness to any space. 

7. Teddy bear

Being sick is often isolating. Show them you’re thinking of them with a cuddly teddy bear. We all could use a hug when we’re sick!

8. Warm blanket

Nothing is better than getting cozy with a blanket. When you’re sick, there’s no such thing as too many blankets. The fluffier, the better.

9. Adult coloring book

Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore. An adult coloring book is a great way to pass the time and create something beautiful. These are perfect for snuggling up in bed while sick. 

10. Favorite magazine or book

Getting lost in a magazine or book is the perfect way to spend time when you’re sick. Gift a loved one something to read or a Kindle Unlimited membership to help them escape for a little while. 

"Get Well" Gifts for Parents

Parents are the ones who typically care for us when we’re sick, but sometimes the tables turn. Treat your own parents to something special when they’re not feeling their best. Every little thing counts. 

11. Food gift card

Nothing is better than a home-cooked meal, but cooking is the last thing anyone wants to do when they’re sick. Give your parents the night off from cooking with a restaurant gift card

12. Pajamas

Pajamas are the only comfortable thing to wear when you’re sick. Parents often don’t buy cozy, luxurious sleepwear for themselves, so treat them to something special. 

13. Decorative mug

Warm tea tastes so much better in a decorative mug, especially when it’s from someone special. Better yet, add in a few packets of tea for their enjoyment. 

14. Care package

Parents typically send care packages when we’re sick, and now it’s time to make one for them. Pack sick-day essentials like warm socks, tissues, and medicine. 

15. Bottle of wine

While they might not be able to drink while they’re recovering, the bottle of wine with a personalized glass is something nice to look forward to when they’re better. 

"Get Well" Gifts for Kids

Kids get restless easily, especially when they’re sick. Making sure they have plenty of things to do and comfort items is key for a speedy recovery. 

16. Hot chocolate

Is anything as comforting as hot chocolate? Add extra marshmallows for more fun. Having something warm to hold and sip is a much-needed relief from the discomfort from sickness. 

17. Art supplies

Kids love to create, and making arts and crafts is an easy activity to do when sick. Choose an art kit or just opt for some paper and crayons. Just make sure they won’t make a huge mess!

18. Stuffed animals

A furry, cozy friend is the perfect way to ensure the little one in your life doesn’t feel so alone. Being sick is hard work! It’s much less stressful with a stuffed animal to cuddle.  

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19. Video game

Being sick is the perfect time to enjoy a new video game, especially on a handheld device or gaming console

20. Small toy

Finally, treat the kid in your life to a new toy. While toys aren’t right for every occasion, they’re a positive pick-me-up when not feeling well. 

DIY "Get Well" Gifts 

You don’t have to go to a store to find the best "get well" gift. There are a lot of homemade options that are just as special. These ideas are simple enough for anyone to make, no special crafting skills necessary.  

21. Photo album

A picture really is worth a thousand words. Give your loved one a photo album or scrapbook. Show them your favorite memories and write notes to go along with them. This is the perfect motivator to get well soon!

22. Home-cooked meal

Since cooking isn’t usually possible, why not cook something yourself? Whip up something easy to eat and delicious. You can’t go wrong with comfort food. Ask what they’re in the mood for and start cooking. Remember to gift any food in a container you don’t need back

23. Offer to help

Offering a helping hand is sometimes the best gift of all. You can help with chores, pets, kids, or anything else your loved one needs. Knowing that everything is taken care of is such a relief. 

24. Custom video

If you can’t be near your loved one, show them you care with a custom video. Film something simple, even if you don’t have any equipment. Say what you love about the person and why you hope they get well soon. It’s sure to put a smile on their face. 

25. Baked treats

Do you remember that home-cooked meal we talked about earlier? Don’t forget about dessert! Baking something delicious is the perfect way to cure any sickness, even if it’s just because it tastes so good.

If baking isn't your forte, you can consider getting a basket of baked goods delivered to them.

Cheap or Affordable "Get Well" Gifts 

Finally, don’t let your budget get in the way of your "get well soon" gift. All you need is a few dollars and some creativity to gift any of these ideas below. 

They’re just as thoughtful as any big-ticket item, but you don’t have to worry about the price tag. 

26. Letter

If you have a pen and paper, you can write a letter. A "get well soon" card is simple but carries a lot of meaning. You might create a card for someone with terminal cancer or share a positive message for cancer patients

Even for common colds or the stomach flu, there’s something kind you can say to help someone feel better. 

27. Balloons

Balloons might be small, but they’re still a ray of warmth. If your loved one is at home alone or in a hospital, balloons show them that someone cares about them. They’re a fun way to wish someone well. 

28. Bath bomb

Who doesn’t love a warm bath? When you’re not feeling your best, a bath washes away the stress and worry. Gifting an inexpensive bath bomb is a kind option for offering a bit of self-care. We all deserve more "me time," especially when we’re sick! 

29. Candle

Speaking of "me time," a nice candle is another great gift that’s also affordable. Candles emit a natural warmth and a calming scent. 

You have the option of buying a candle or making one yourself, and the customizations are endless. Candles transport us to the beach, the mountains, or any other happy place.

30. Small plant

Plants are a visual reminder of life and the sun. They remind us that life is always moving forward and that everyone thrives with a bit of sunlight. 

Gifting a small plant that’s easy to care for is a symbolic way to share your thoughts with your loved one in their moment of need. 

Relaxing Get-Well Gift Ideas

Whether someone is recovering from illness or a hard time in their life, relaxing gift ideas help them find comfort. While being there for someone in person is a great idea, it’s not always possible. These relaxing get-well gifts are the perfect way to cheer someone up during a hard time. 

31. Breakfast in bed

If you can’t be there to cook them breakfast in bed yourself, gift your recipient a breakfast in bed gift box. They’re sure to feel better when they have something delicious to look forward to first thing in the morning. From pancakes to fruit, there’s nothing better than a yummy breakfast to relax in the morning. 

32. Meal delivery kit

A meal delivery kit that takes all of the work out of cooking is such a relief when trying to get better. Nobody wants to cook when they’re sick or healing! A meal delivery service like Freshly is designed to pair everyday people with easy, single-serve meals that only need to be warmed up in the oven. 

33. Sick day survival kit

You can easily create your own sick day survival kit or buy a premade one. With things like loose-leaf tea, vitamin C, honey sticks, and pain relievers, these are a thoughtful way to take care of someone you love. Not only will they not have to worry about running out of essentials, but they’ll know you’re thinking of them. 

34. Hot water bottle

Though popular in the UK, most people in North America don’t use hot water bottle warmers. Still, that doesn’t mean they aren’t comforting. Embracing a warm pillow when you’re feeling under the weather is the perfect way to bring comfort in a difficult time. Better yet, this is something they can continue to use again and again.

35. Humidifier

Going to bed when you’re sick isn’t always easy. A humidifier helps spread a cooling, refreshing mix throughout the room so it’s easier to breathe at night. For a peaceful evening and even better mornings, try a humidifier. 

Post-Surgery Get-Well Gift Ideas

After surgery, it’s not always easy to get back to your normal routine. The right post-surgery get-well gifts take this into consideration, helping your loved one feel better in no time. Better yet, they make their life easier so they can focus on healing. 

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36. Grocery delivery gift card

A grocery delivery gift card to a service like Instacart ensures your loved one has fresh groceries without the stress of in-person shopping. They can pick out their groceries online from any of their local stores. A driver will deliver their groceries directly to their home, making this process as easy as possible. 

37. Coloring book

Who said coloring books are just for children? Perfect for adults and for young kids alike, coloring books are a simple, fun way to pass the time. They’re also great for entertaining yourself in bed, and they’re even shown to reduce anxiety in adults. There are so many fun coloring books to choose from! 

38. Body pillow

When healing from surgery, it can be hard to get comfortable. A body pillow makes it possible for your loved one to take it easy and find a position that’s comfortable for them in bed. This is such a great gift, they’ll even want to use it after they heal. 

39. Sleep headphones

Speaking of getting better sleep, a pair of sleep headphones will help lure your loved one off to dreamland peacefully. If falling asleep is difficult, these wireless sleep headphones are shaped into a soft headband. They can listen to their favorite podcasts, music playlists, or shows as they fall asleep.

40. Folding desk tray

If your loved one has to get some work done from home while they’re recovering, bring their office to them. A foldable tray lap desk makes it possible to sit up straight and work easily from the comfort of their bed. Better yet, it doubles as a table or activity station. This is the perfect gift idea for anyone on bedrest. 

Digital or Emailable Get-Well Gift Ideas

If you’re short on time or you want something you can send quickly, there are some gifts you can send digitally or via email. These get-well gift ideas take no time at all, and they’re sometimes more convenient for everyone. 

41. MasterClass

Give your loved one the gift of learning while they’re healing. A MasterClass gift makes it possible for your loved one to learn online from experts in every industry. Whether they want to learn how to sew, act, or cook, there’s something on this platform for everyone. Keeping their mind occupied while they heal takes their worries off of healing.

42. Celebrity shout out

Does your loved one have a favorite celebrity or internet star? Getting a celeb shout-out on Cameo is easy to do, and it’s sure to put a smile on their face. Send a celeb a short message you want to share with your friend and get ready to impress them. This is a tribute they’ll look back on for years to come.

43. Goldbelly

Want to connect your loved one with delicious food from across the country? Goldbelly ships food from specific restaurants nationwide. Whether your loved one is craving NYC bagels or Tennessee BBQ, there’s something for everyone on Goldbelly. Yum!

44. Book of the Month

A Book of the Month membership sends your loved one all of the latest releases every month. A 3-month subscription makes the perfect gift for any book lover, and they’ll have an exciting read to look forward to no matter their taste.

45. Wine subscription

Another subscription you can send digitally is to Winc. This platform makes it easy to choose fine wine, no matter your experience level. Your giftee will get their favorite new bottles right to their door, all without leaving bed! Because choosing wine for someone can be difficult, why not give them the choice themselves?

Food-Focused Get-Well Gift Ideas

Last but not least, food is sometimes the ticket to the heart. It’s the best medicine, after all, and it’s often just what the doctor ordered. These food-focused get-well gift ideas are the best way to treat your loved one to something delicious. 

46. Spoonful of Comfort

Spoonful of Comfort specializes in the best food-focused get-well gifts. Their classic Get Well Soon Gift Package includes soup, Bacci rolls, cookies, and a personalized note card. This not only will put a smile on your recipient’s face, but they’ll know you’re thinking of them. 

47. Milk Bar Cookie Sampler

Another great get-well gift that’s perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth is the Milk Bar Cookie Sampler. The Milk Bar ships delicious treats overnight to destinations across the US, so it’s easy to send freshly baked cookies right to your loved one’s door. 

48. Cheese and Savory Gift 

For a classic get-well gift, choose the Cheese and Savory gift crate from Williams Sonoma. This classic assortment features specialty meats and cheeses from the US, France, and Australia. Guaranteed delicious, this is a gourmet treat for any sophisticated recipient. 

49. Ice Cream

Did you know it’s possible to send ice cream? It’s true, and you can choose your favorite flavor with Jeni’s. Jeni’s Ice Cream ships nationwide, and they even have limited edition flavors. With dairy-free options, this is a delicious treat that will warm your loved one’s heart. 

50. Build Your Own Box

Lastly, for a unique option, build a custom gift box with Knack. With gourmet food selections, confections, and coffee and tea, there is something for everyone. Forget needing to shop for yourself; Knack beautifully puts everything together for you, taking the hassle out of shopping and shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions: Buying a Get-Well Gift

Are you thinking of buying a get-well gift? This is a thoughtful way to show someone you care, but there are likely some questions you might have. Shopping for a gift is a meaningful process, and it’s not always clear how to begin. Explore these frequently asked questions below for guidance. 

How do you choose a get-well gift? 

Choosing a get-well gift can be intimidating. Depending on your relationship with the recipient, you might not know how to make a decision. To begin, consider their specific recovery. Are they on bedrest, are they returning to work soon, or has the doctor ordered anything special? With this in mind, you can choose something appropriate for their healing journey. 

In addition, remember that a get well gift should make their life easier. Whether that means keeping them entertained, offering comfort, or just handling normal household tasks, consider how you can help them feel a bit better. 

What should you write in a get-well card?

Accompanying all of your get-well gifts with a meaningful, handwritten card is vital. This is a personal touch, assuring your gift carries its specific meaning. You don’t have to write anything complicated when it comes to good wishes. Simple is usually best. Here are some get-well wishes ideas:

  • "Wishing you a speedy and safe recovery." 
  • "I’m thinking of you as you heal."
  • "I hope this small gift brings a bit of brightness to your recovery."
  • "Get well soon! I’m always here for you."

Any of these message ideas above is more than enough, but feel free to write more if you’re inspired. It’s all about keeping the focus on your recipient and their recovery. It’s important that they know they’re not alone, and you’re rooting for their speedy healing. 

How do you send a get well soon gift?

How you send a get-well gift depends on the type of gift you choose. You can either email or text the gift if it’s digital, mail it yourself, or mail it online through a retailer. Consider your timing when choosing your gift. You don’t want them to receive it after they’ve already healed!

In most cases, it’s fastest to send the gift digitally or through the retailer directly. Always be mindful of shipping times when planning your get-well gift, and don’t forget to let the recipient know to look out for it. 

Send Something Special

Nobody wants to deal with the pain and emotional struggle that comes with being sick. Whether your loved one is at home resting or in the hospital, treat them to something special with one of these gift ideas. Saying “get well soon” has never been easier, even if you’re not sure the right words to say. 

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your loved one and offer your support. They might just be waiting for a helping hand. Our health is the most important thing we have. Make sure you’re valuing yours and taking care of yourself. In the meantime, it’s never too early to start end-of-life planning. Health is never guaranteed, so prepare for the future today. 


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