12 Get Well Gifts for Someone With COVID-19


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The coronavirus pandemic has obviously impacted all our lives in a big way (and in a short amount of time). While we don’t know everything about the virus yet, we do know that it may affect friends, family, and other loved ones in our lives.

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What’s most important right now is making sure they know you’re there for them during what must be a scary experience. Along with sympathy messages, gifts can let someone know you care about them and want them to feel as comfortable as possible during their recovery. Asking “how can I help?" is always welcome, but in these times of social distancing when we can’t see our sick friends and family, a gift is a special way to show they’re in your thoughts. 

Not sure what the ideal get well gifts for coronavirus patients might be? Consider these ideas:

1. A Very Good Book

A kindle
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Someone diagnosed with COVID-19 will have a lot of downtime, whether they're at home or in a medical facility. Either way, spending that much time without much to do is boring.

That’s why you may want to give a gift that can help your friend or loved one pass the time a little more easily. If they’re a big reader, consider giving them a long book you know they’ll like or a prepaid Kindle Unlimited Plan, if they have an e-reader or smartphone. Reading it could help them focus on something other than their current condition.

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2. Coloring Book

A coloring book

Another fun way to pass the time! These days, coloring books are for everyone—children, adults, and seniors. Many have found that coloring is a relaxing and peaceful activity regardless of age.

Just keep in mind that you need to consider your loved one’s artistic skills when giving a gift such as this. If you’re giving a gift to someone with some artistic talent already, an adult coloring book might not stimulate them enough. You could instead send them a sketchpad or similar art supplies.

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3. Puzzle Book

A book of sudoku puzzles

You’re probably noticing a theme here. Anyone who has coronavirus is going to spend at least a couple of weeks isolated, so they’ll need gifts that will entertain.

Ideally, these gifts will also help them focus their thoughts on something besides their illness. A puzzle book (whether it be crossword puzzles, sudoku, or anything along those lines) certainly fits the bill.

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4. Care Package

A care package of food

You’re probably noticing a theme here. Anyone who has coronavirus is going to spend at least a couple of weeks isolated, so they’ll need gifts that will entertain.

Ideally, these gifts will also help them focus their thoughts on something besides their illness. A puzzle book (whether it be crossword puzzles, sudoku, or anything along those lines) certainly fits the bill.

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5. Video Games

A playstation
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If your friend with coronavirus is a gamer, or if they were in the past, now is the perfect time to gift them a new game or system. Today’s video games range in style and genre, so whether your friend grew up with a joy-stick in hand or is completely new to the idea, there’s likely something out there they’ll enjoy.

Gaming is a great way to pass the extra time. Plus, it can be a way to connect, collaborate, and compete with others online when real-life interaction is limited.

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6. Special Meal or Favorite Snacks

Cravebox snack package

Keep this gift in mind if you’re sending it to a foodie or a friend who loves snacks. Right now, they probably miss being able to indulge in their favorite meals or treats.

If they’re focusing on recovery, they might not have the energy to prepare food for themself. They might also be trying to save money by only using the limited ingredients and food they’ve been able to stock up on during their isolation.

Surprise them with a gift they’ll love by ordering a delicious meal from a local restaurant. Even if they live in an area where restaurants have had to stop accepting dine-in customers due to shutdowns, many of these restaurants can still fill delivery orders. Or, ship them a package of their favorite snacks, the ultimate comfort food.

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7. Journal

A journal

Are you sending a gift to a writer? Considering the unique experience they’re going through, odds are good they’d like to reflect on it.

Help them by sending a special journal they can use to record their thoughts as they recover during one of the most significant global events in recent history. Or, if you think they’d prefer, send a scrapbook instead.

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8. Subscription You Think They’ll Like

Amazon prime logo

One more entertainment option. Subscribe your friend to a streaming service you think they would enjoy. Someone who likes movies might appreciate a Netflix, Apple TV+, or an Amazon Prime subscription. You can’t go wrong paying for a Disney fan’s Disney Plus subscription.

Additionally, many apps (such as gaming apps) require users to pay to access premium features. Your gamer friend might be thrilled to know you purchased these features for them. These are all options worth considering if you want to help your friend or family member stay entertained.

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9. Knitting Set

Knitting needles and a ball of yarn
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Like a coloring book, sketchbook, or puzzle book, a knitting set offers someone struggling with mild coronavirus and the resulting boredom something fun to do as they wait for the days when they can return to their normal routine.

Consider their experience level when choosing. A set for someone just taking up this hobby won’t be very useful for someone with more experience under their belt.

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10. Surprise ‘Party’

Sparkly paper pennant

Boredom isn’t the only side effect of the isolation. Patients are likely feeling pretty lonely during this time as well. Yes, you can call them to help, but if they’re a particularly social person, they might miss the experience of spending time with a group.

Help them by getting a bunch of friends together and using a video conferencing tool to throw a “party” for them. Remotely, you can “go to the bar” together, play games, and even watch movies together.

Those are just a few ideas. The main point to keep in mind is that today’s digital tools give you the option of offering an ill friend a modified version of their favorite social activity when they can’t leave the house.

Don't forget to decorate your room for the Zoom call!

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11. Home Spa Package

Spa gift package

It’s safe to assume that recovering at home when you have COVID-19 can be a fairly stressful experience. The person you’re trying to comfort may be struggling with anxiety.

Help them relax as much as possible by sending them a home spa gift basket, complete with bath bombs, lotions, and any other relaxation items you think they’d appreciate.

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12. New Take on the Get Well Card

Get well cards

Don’t overlook the basics! A get well card, complete with messages and signatures from loved ones, always makes for a nice gift for someone with any illness.

That said, you might consider helping your friend or loved one cope with their social isolation by having people record video messages that you can send all at once, instead of the traditional written messages.

Seeing the faces and hearing the voices of friends and family will help your friend feel better.

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Get Well Gifts for Coronavirus Patients: Helping During a Tough Time

It’s still not clear when the COVID-19 pandemic will end. You very well may need to help someone important in your life cope with their diagnosis and recovery in the near future.

Sending a get well gift can help. If you’re not sure what to say to someone in the hospital, we have ideas for that too.

Have you sent or received a thoughtful care package? Let us know what it was! 

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