15+ Get Well Gift Ideas for Kids with a Broken Arm


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Children’s bones heal faster because they’re more oxygen-rich than yours or mine. Even so, recovering from a broken bone or fracture can seem like it’s taking forever. During that time, a healthy diet and some extra sleep will help the recovery process as will some gifts that uplift spirits.

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You’ll find some of those uplifting gifts in the sections below, including some fun ways to make time fly. Even if healing only takes between three and ten weeks on average, there will be many dull moments to fill. 

Care Package Ideas for a Child with a Broken Arm

From art and science to food and fun, we’ve got some great ideas for care packages, no matter your child's interests. 

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1. Sunshine in a box

Did you know that colors affect how we feel? Yellow is one of those colors that spark joy and impact emotions positively. So, when you’re out there gathering items to put in a care package, try to keep them inside the yellow color scale. 

Pro-tip: Skip the candy or chips and get creative with origami books, construction paper, nail polish, and stickers.

You could even include some of these box of sunshine package inserts, which you can print at home. 

2. Favorite action figure goodie bag 

Head to the nearest party store for some get well gifts where the prices are low. The list can be as long as you like, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Cards
  • Candy
  • Pencils, pens, or markers
  • Paper
  • Stickers
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Jigsaw puzzles

For example, here are some stickers you could include for a fan of Baby Yoda

3. Coloring kit 

Doodling is especially essential when boredom hits, but it gets tricky when you’ve broken your less dominant arm.

Instead of purchasing the typical-sized crayons, buy some large or jumbo ones. Choose coloring books with larger pictures to help them stay in the lines.

You can even find jumbo crayons in fun shapes, like these colorful robot crayons

4. The international food challenge

In my house, we have food challenges so that our nieces and nephews continue to be adventurous and build confidence. With that, most kids only know about the sweets you can buy at a local grocery store. So, head to the international food store to make your purchases there. 

One good thing about sweets and candy is that you won’t have to bribe them like you will with trying durian or yamaimo.

You can also find international snack boxes, like this one from Funny Planet on Etsy, online. 

5. Science kit 

Are you looking for better ways to conquer that broken arm boredom? Check out some awesome science kits. You can find just about anything STEM-related, from renewable energy or backyard bug kits, even circuitry and mini indoor weather stations. 

Don’t forget to include some tickets to the science museum or the next Sasquatch festival.

Here's a great example of a science kit you can give as a gift (also pictured above) to a child. 

6. Anime/manga care package

Is your loved one a fan of director Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli? Does she try to emulate the Sailor Senshi? Maybe they’re mischievous like Naruto. If so, put together an anime and manga care package filled with: 

  • Movies
  • Plush toys
  • Action figures
  • Books
  • T-shirts
  • Video games

Many of these storylines talk about the importance of relationships, character strength, and even moral development. Look for subscription services for monthly deliveries. 

We like these Naruto Gift Sets on Amazon, which include stickers, a drawstring bag, and even masks.

7. ‘Kindness Rocks Project’ supplies 

Here’s a project about spreading compassion and kindness even when you’re not feeling 100%.  But before you grab some rocks and start painting, look below for a few things to remember: 

  • Never take stones directly from nature because you might be stealing something’s home.
  • Only use non-toxic paints in case a critter out there tries to lick those bright colors. 
  • The goal isn’t to hide the rocks, necessarily. It’s to bring people joy when they find them.

When you and your loved one have finished painting the rocks, leave a message on the back to post their photos. Follow along to see what happiness you’ve brought to your community.

Look for a product like these River Rocks for Painting on Amazon

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Store-Bought Gifts for a Kid with a Broken Arm

Below are some options for both the practical and fun gift-giver. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find something to make the healing time more bearable.  

8. Broken arm animals

Believe it or not, ‘broken arm’ animals have a multi-faceted benefit. First, stuffed animals are huggable, which makes them a comforting device. But the added benefit is that kids learn empathy through them, helping them to become tolerant, accepting, and grow emotionally.

Choose between teddy bears, like the Melancholy Melanie bear pictured above, puppy dogs, lions,  monkeys, and more.

9. “I Do My Own Stunts” T-shirts, stickers, and mugs

Stick-figure stuntman-themed items can add a little humor back into any scenario, even one like this. You’ll find one with snow machines, bicycles, 4-wheelers, horses, and more.

Choose between tank tops, short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts, and sweatshirt options to suit outside temperatures.

Here's a colorful "I Do My Own Stunts" t-shirt perfect for kids. 

10. Waterproof cast protector

Plaster doesn’t function well if it gets wet. So, while it may be a boring gift to give a child, it's also practical. Plus, if it's summertime, they can get in the lake or pool just like their friends. 

We like this protective cast cover that's the perfect size for kids. 

11. Arm sling

An arm sling is a perfect solution to swelling and arm fatigue. Your child may not recognize it as a gift, but improved attitudes and ready smiles will let you know it was the best one for them at the time.

A bright and cheerful sling, like this one on Amazon, is both practical and uplifting for a child with a broken arm. 

12. Board games

I can hear you say it. “Kids like video games, not board games.” Not true! It's just that the ones you typically find at big box stores aren't very stimulating for kids raised on computers.

Check out games that allow kids to plant trees, prevent widespread disease (like this one), or learn chess-like strategies as in the Japanese Shoji style.

13. Cast cooler

Cast coolers are way more awesome than you think. After a while, casts generally become smelly and gross—but kids hardly take notice. Plus, cast coolers help prevent bacteria from building up, so that “cast itch” doesn’t drive them crazy. 

It might be a practical and boring gift, but you’ll keep the next few months headache-free. 

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14. Cast stickers and covers

From superheroes, flames, flowers, fairies, and cartoons, you’ll find stickers suitable for your little one who’s on the mend for well under $20. 

Full-length CastCoverz, pictured above, are another fun gift to help a child personalize their cast.

DIY Gifts for Kids with a Broken Arm

Handmade gifts can be a fun way to let someone know you care. From the kitchen to the craft room, you can find something to bring a smile or a laugh to a kid who needs some cheering.

15. Handmade arm sling

While store-bought arm slings are suitable for most people, maybe you've got a little warrior who needs something more fun. Your local craft store can help whether they're into sequins and sparkles or the ocean and marine mammals. 

Pro-tip: Purchase a few patterns for variety, and don’t forget to include some padding for added comfort.

16. For my brother, with love

Rally the younger and older siblings around the table and get crafting. Make some paper flowers, origami dragons, or snowflakes. Then, string them together and hang them up over a window or headboard.

Pro-tip: Get out the craft supplies to make homemade cards so they can offer some happy or funny get well wishes.

17. Paper hats and masks

DIY paper hats and masks are super easy. All you need is some quality construction paper, markers, a pair of scissors, a stapler, some glue, and a ready imagination. 

For example, choose a movie that represents the “Hero’s Journey.” Then make several hats or masks that apply to the different characters in the film. You can devote hours to your child with this playtime make-believe.

18. Cookies and Goodies

Do the neighbor kids call you auntie or second grandma? Then this is the perfect time to bring over some homemade cookies and goodies to encourage some smiles. 

Pro-tip: Kids don’t care about the carrying case; all they want are the sweets. Just make sure to include some funny and sweet healing quotes in each container. 

19. Make your own sympathy stuffie

Instead of buying a pre-made plush toy with a faux cast, make one. You may have to buy the stuffed animal, but you’ll have many more choices if you do this on your own. That means you can choose from bugs, monkeys, sharks, or even a unicorn like the one above. All you need to do is sew on the faux cast.

Pro-tip: Make the cast removable, so that when it comes time for the real cast to be removed, their little stuffed animal friend gets to heal too. 

Healing from a Broken Arm

Kids might heal quickly from broken arms, but there are several ways to turn that time into fun activities, filled with laughter. Do your kid a favor and get them a gift to help pass the time when their healing needs to be the focus instead of playtime.

If you're looking for more ways to support an injured loved one, read our guides on what to write on a cast and the best post-surgery gifts.

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