22 Best Get Well Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls


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If there’s a teenager in your life who’s sick and stuck at home, you might want to send her a get well gift. But what can you give a teenage girl to help her get through such a tough time?

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Get Well Gift Basket Ideas for a Teenage Girl

Individual Get Well Gift Ideas for a Teenage Girl

Small or Inexpensive Get Well Gifts for Teenage Girls

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Buying gifts for teenagers is never easy, and that’s especially true when it comes to get well gifts. You might not know what you could give a teenage girl that could make being sick more bearable.  

Below, we’ll list some ideas of get well gifts that would be perfect for a teenage girl. Whether you want to send a gift basket or just one individual gift, you’ll find a variety of options, in a range of different prices, that could be perfect for your loved one. 

Get Well Gift Basket Ideas for a Teenage Girl

Instead of sending one larger gift, you might want to send a basket full of smaller gifts. This gives you the opportunity of giving your daughter, granddaughter, or niece a variety of fun treats and surprises to cope with her time on the couch. 

Here are some ideas for gift baskets that would be perfect for a teenage girl who’s stuck at home. 

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1. Monochromatic gift basket

A popular and aesthetically pleasing theme for gift baskets is based on color. To create a monochromatic gift basket, just choose a color (ideally, the teenager’s favorite). Then fill the basket or box with gifts that match that aesthetic. 

For example, you could create a monochromatic yellow get-well gift box. Add to it yellow fuzzy socks, a gold sheet mask, a yellow scented candle, and a sparkling yellow bath bomb, and you’re done! 

2. Bath and body basket

Nothing feels better than self-care when you’re recovering from an illness. You can make that self-care even more relaxing and rejuvenating with a bath and body gift basket.

Either put one together yourself with gifts like scented Epsom salts, body butter, and bubble bath or purchase a pre-made gift package. 

A popular brand for bath, body, and beauty gift boxes for teenage girls is Frank Body. But you can also find them at beauty retailers and from independent sellers on Etsy

3. Cozy and cute wearables basket

Nobody wants to get dressed when they’re sick. So chances are, the teenage girl you’re sending a gift to is wearing PJs pretty much day in and day out. 

You can make her feel better about that by giving her a get-well gift basket full of cozy and cute wearable items like fuzzy socks, slippers, and PJ bottoms

4. Beauty basket

Just because she’s feeling sick doesn’t mean she doesn’t have time to practice her beauty skills. In fact, she might have even more time on her hands to do exactly that. 

You can give a teenage girl a get-well-soon gift box with items like highlighter, lip gloss, eyeshadow, and mascara to help her look forward to feeling great again. 

Just shop the “popular now” and “new arrivals” sections of websites like Sephora and Ulta to get a sense of what’s “in.” 

5. Snack basket

Some people lose their appetite when their sick; others eat everything in sight. If the teenage girl in your life is the latter, a gift basket full of snacks could be the perfect way to go. 

Again, you can create this type of basket yourself, adding in all of the treats you know she’ll love. You can also find gourmet and unique edible gift baskets from sellers like Milk Bar.

6. Bookworm basket 

If the teenage girl you’re sending a gift basket to is an avid reader, you can give her more reading material to get through her time being sick. 

Add in some books you have around that you’re not going to read again and pick up a couple of new releases. You can even include a gift card for Audible or Kindle and a list of some of your favorite reads. 

7. Entertainment basket

If she’s more of a movies-and-video games kind of girl, you can put together an entertainment-themed gift box. 

Put in some DVDs of movies you think she’d love or a DVD set of her favorite show of all time. You can ask her friends or family which video game or computer game she’s been coveting if you’re willing to spend a little extra cash. 

To complete the gift basket, add some packages of microwave popcorn for the ultimate movie night. 

Individual Get-Well Gift Ideas for a Teenage Girl

If a gift basket doesn’t feel like the right choice, you might want to send just one or two individual gifts, as well. These are gifts that cost more on their own, so they should be things that your loved one can use again after she recovers. 

Here are some ideas for individual gifts that might help a teenage girl feel better when she’s feeling sick. 

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8. Hoodies

The most popular and current brand in teen comfy-wear is Champion. If you give a teenage girl a Champion brand hoodie like this one as a get-well gift, you can’t go wrong. 

Tip: Buy hoodies at least a size larger than the size chart suggests. Hoodies should be oversized for maximum comfort. 

9. Oodies

Another popular choice for those stay-at-home days is the blanket hoodie which--you guessed it--acts as both a hoodie and a comfy blanket to keep you warm. 

The most popular blanket hoodie brand is the Australian brand, Oodie, but you can also find them at other retailers, like this one on Amazon

10. Throw pillows and blankets

For an even comfier environment at home, you can give a teenage girl comfortable and cute throw pillows and blankets. Look for soft materials as well as colors and designs that match her style. 

11. Monogrammed or unique phone case

When she’s stuck at home trying to feel better, the teenage girl you know is probably spending a lot of time on her phone. A monogrammed or unique phone case can make that experience feel new again. 

You can find high-quality phone cases with unique designs from the popular brand Wildflower, as well as lower-cost options from other sellers. Many sellers also offer monogrammed phone cases with either a first name or initials.  

12. Water bottle or mug

Drinking water is a key part of overcoming any illness. And drinking tea is a comforting experience that can help, too. 

A cute, high-quality water bottle or mug can make a perfect get-well-soon gift for a teenage girl. Consider the popular brand Hydroflask, which offers both. 

13. Sweatpants and leggings

Another cozy item of clothing that’s essential for sick days is sweatpants or joggers. 

You can also go with the always-popular leggings or yoga pants. Look for sweatpants that would look cute if worn to the gym or school, in addition to just being worn at home. Turn to brands like Champion, Nike, and Adidas to see what’s popular. 

14. Wireless speaker or earbuds

When she’s stuck at home, the teenage girl you know is probably listening to a lot of music to pass the time. But that experience could be better with a small Bluetooth speaker or wireless earbuds. 

15. PJs

If she’s wearing sweatpants and sweatshirts during the day, she’ll need an even more comfortable pajama set to wear at night. Popular brands for PJs amongst teenage girls are Victoria’s Secret and Peter Alexander

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16. Gift card

Finally, if you’re not sure exactly what item to get a teenage girl as a get-well gift, you can always give a gift card instead. Consider a gift card for Starbucks or for the teenager’s favorite clothing brand. A big benefit of gift cards is that you can also send them entirely virtually

Small or Inexpensive Get-Well Gifts for Teenage Girls

You don’t have to splurge to give a teenage girl a get-well gift. There are plenty of small and inexpensive gifts that will help her feel loved and cared for, too. 

Here are some ideas for smaller and less expensive get-well gifts for a teenage girl. 

17. Facial masks

Any type of spa face mask, whether it’s a cooling sheet mask or a rejuvenating clay mask, makes a perfect get-well gift for a teenage girl. And they usually cost under $10. 

18. Fuzzy socks

Rather than going all-in with a gift basket full of cozy wearables, you could just pick up one item, like a pair of fuzzy socks. 

19. Journal and pens

Without many people to talk to, a teenage girl might enjoy having a place to write down her thoughts and doodle throughout the day. Look for journals that are aesthetic and colorful and pens in multiple hues.

20. Lip balm

You can pick up high-quality but inexpensive lip balms at your local grocery or drug store. Popular brands for lip balms for teenage girls include Burt’s Bees and Eos

21. Jade face roller

A “jade” face roller might sound pricy, but they usually cost around $10 or less. They have soothing properties, in addition to helping the skin look fresher and cleaner. Plus, they’re popular amongst teenage girls. 

22. Cable Bites

Has the end of your cell phone or tablet’s charging cable ever fallen apart after resting it on your lap for hours on end? If so, you would benefit from a clever invention called a Cable Bite

These little figurines snap (or bite) onto the end of a charging cord so that it stays in one piece. And it’s a perfect, inexpensive get-well gift for a teenage girl who’s spending most of the day on her devices. 

Creating a Get Well Care Package for a Teenage Girl

Whether you’re giving a single gift or a care package to a teenage girl, it’s important to package your gift well. Small details, like stickers, a personalized letter with your get-well wishes, and colorful packing paper, can make all the difference. 

When it comes to get-well gifts for anyone in your life, it’s truly the thought that counts. And the more thought and effort you put into the gift, the more your loved one will appreciate your gesture. 

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