20+ Short Get Well Soon Messages for Flower or Gift Deliveries


Have you ever gotten flowers or small gifts when you’ve been ill? Remember how much you appreciated those get well wishes

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Most of the time, you are limited in the number of characters you can use for the message that accompanies a floral delivery. Here are some ideas of what to write in several different scenarios.

Messages appropriate for a close family member may not be well received by a work colleague, so make sure you choose the proper tone in your get well messages for flowers to match your relationship with the recipient. 

Get Well Soon Messages for a Family Member’s Flowers

Do you have a family member who is facing surgery or is in the hospital recovering from a serious illness? Here are some messaging ideas to accompany a small gift. (If you are looking for gift ideas, check out this article about surgery gift ideas.)

Most of the time, you can kid with family members, especially if they are your siblings. Some of these examples may include lighthearted joking that your brother or sister would expect to receive from you.  

1. “You better recover from this surgery. Mom is driving me crazy, and I don’t think I could stand being an only child.”

While this type of message would not be appropriate for every sibling relationship, it may be perfect for yours. Of course, your mom may not appreciate this gentle ribbing, but the message may cause your sibling to smile.

2. “I wish I could be there to cheer you on in your recovery, Dad! I promise to visit you soon. I love you!”

It’s hard when distance separates you and an ailing family member. Tell your family member that you regret not being there. If the prognosis is dire, consider making arrangements for a visit. 

3. “These white daisies remind me of you, Mom! They are cheery, sunny, and always put people in a good mood. I hope you feel back to normal soon.”

You may consider telling your family member why you picked a particular type of flower. Many families have “signature” flowers that everyone enjoys.

4. “I’m happy to hear that the surgery went well. Listen to the doctors and nurses so you can get out of there ASAP!”

Do you have a family member who does not make a good patient? You can always try to encourage good behavior.

5. “I know this is hard. Please know that we want to be there with you, but it’s better if we keep our distance for your sake.”

Most families find it extremely hard to be separated from their loved one who is recovering in a hospital. Unfortunately, many families find themselves in this challenging scenario lately. 

Get Well Soon Messages for a Close Friend’s Flowers

Is your close friend sick or fighting a dreaded disease? Brighten up her hospital room by sending a bouquet. You may also consider sending a funny or cheerful message if your friend is a cancer patient.  

Here are some quick notes to include with the flowers for your friend. You may also consider bringing snacks that family members and friends can enjoy while visiting the hospital. 

6. “You are one tough cookie! I’m sure better days are coming soon!”

Encourage your friend who is feeling rotten by reminding her how strong she is. Don’t forget to remind your friend that the pain is temporary. 

7. “Remember, you have a whole team of people who are behind you! You are loved and are in everyone’s thoughts and prayers.”

Are you in charge of sending flowers from a group of people? Make sure your friend knows that the entire church group, workplace, or neighborhood is supportive.

8. “I miss our daily walks! If you don’t recover soon, I’m going to have to throw out all my jeans and only wear sweatpants.”

Your message to your friend doesn’t have to be serious. In fact, it may be smart to get your friend’s mind off her illness for a while by writing a lighthearted message.

9. “I miss having my partner in crime around. Get well soon!”

Even if you are allowed hundreds of characters on your note, you don’t have to use them all. Short and sweet notes are always in vogue.

10. “Sending hugs and well wishes!”

Send an upbeat, friendly note with upbeat, friendly flowers! Consider the size of the hospital room when making your purchase. While large bouquets may be beautiful, they may be unwieldy to manage in a small space. 

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Get Well Soon Messages for a Boss, Coworker, or Client’s Flowers

Most people are much more formal when sending a note to a business associate. Here are get well messages for a boss or someone else from the office. When writing to a business associate, you may not want to include anything specific about the illness. Even if you heard the reason for the hospitalization through the office grapevine, you still need to respect your coworker’s privacy. 

11. “Sorry you aren’t feeling your best. Get well soon!”

You may not know why your boss or coworker is out of the office because of privacy issues. Skirt around the issue by sending a general statement like this one.

12. “We hope these flowers brighten your day! Thinking of you!”

This message is sweet, simple, and succinct. This makes it a perfect message for a business associate.

13. “Get well soon! Everyone’s lost without you!”

There’s a fine line between making someone feel guilty for missing work and making sure they know that they are missed. Tread this line carefully. You don’t want someone to rush back to work too soon.

14. “We miss you, but please don’t worry about the office right now. Focus on your recovery.”

Are you sending flowers to a workaholic? Remind your teammate that work is not the most important part of life.

15. “We know that you are used to calling the shots, but make sure you follow your medical team’s orders. We will see you back in the office soon!”

Is your boss rather bossy? He or she may have a difficult time following advice from the doctor. 

Get Well Soon Messages for a Partner or Spouse’s Flowers

Sending flowers to a partner or spouse who is ailing is a loving gesture. Here are some messages to consider.

16. “We’ll get through this together.”

Your spouse may need to know that he or she is not alone in the battle for recovery. Reassure your spouse that you will be there every step of the way.

17. “I love you more and more each day.”

Your partner may feel like a burden. Reassure your husband or wife that you will be there for through sickness and in health.

18. “You are my sunshine.”

Do you have a loving phrase that you often share with each other? Or an inside joke that will surely bring a smile to your loved one’s face. Use this phrase in the card accompanying the flowers.

19. “I miss you terribly at home. Please focus on getting better, so we can be together again.”

Is your loved one fighting an illness alone at the hospital? Encourage your loved one to get better soon. 

20. “XXOO”

A simple message can be perfect. 

Other Ideas for Brightening Up a Hospital Room

While flowers are a lovely gift for someone who is recovering from surgery or illness, there are other ways to brighten up a hospital room.  

Consider sending a bouquet of balloons. This gift provides cheer and doesn’t take up valuable table space. 

You may also consider sending a stuffed animal to your loved one or friend. After all, who says that stuffed animals are only for kids? You may also consider sending photos of a beloved pet to someone in the hospital.

You may consider sending treats to your ailing friend. Make sure your gift doesn’t go against the doctor’s dietary orders.

Finally, if you are able to go for a visit, your presence is usually the best present that a person can receive. Hospital stays are long and tedious, and your friend or family member will appreciate having someone to help fill the long, empty hours. 

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