25+ Funny ‘Get Well Soon’ Messages for a Card, Text or DM


Being sick at home or in a hospital can be a downer for a lot of people. It’s times like these when a little humor may be able to brighten up people’s days.

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Sending a “get well soon” message as a card or message can help show someone that you love them and care about them. Whether you need a few words of cheer for a friend, colleague, parent, or you’re even looking for some humorous words of encouragement for cancer patients, there’s a message you can send.

Funny Get Well Soon Messages for a Sibling

They say laughter is the best medicine. Well, if you’re got a sibling stuck under the weather, use one of these funny get well wishes to help them smile and keep pushing through.

1. You’re the strongest person I've ever known. After all, your head is harder than a rock. You’re too stubborn to let this sickness keep you down. Get well soon.

The love between siblings is inspiring and sometimes down-right amusing. If you tease your sibling, send a message like this to help lift their spirits.

2. Fight off this sickness like you used to fight me when we were little. Get well soon!

Mentioning little inside jokes in a message can make it a lot more personal and more amusing. It might just be what they need to break through the blues.

3. You can do anything you set your mind to, so get a hold of yourself and concentrate all your energy on getting better. We'll get ice cream when you get better. You pay! Just joking.

There’s nothing like a little laughter, joking around, sweets, and sibling rivalry when it comes to who picks up the tab.

4. This is just a bad phase that will pass away in no time kind of like your junior high goth phase. 

Reminding a person of the time gone by and the memories made can make them literally laugh out loud. That laughter and nostalgia just might give them a perk in energy.

5. Get well soon because you know hospitals creep me out. You gotta stop making me come visit you like this.

This message has a bit of teasing humor that references things only your sibling knows. 

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Funny Get Well Soon Messages for a Parent or Grandparent

A person's parents and grandparents give of their lives and love for their children. When they get sick or fall ill, it can be quite heartbreaking to see them in such a weakened state. Sending along some funnies in a message can go a long way in lightening the mood for them and you.

6. Get well soon, dear Grandma. I miss your delicious cooking! If you’re gone any longer I just might starve to death!

Some folks have grandmas that are famous for their delicious cooking. Remind your Grandma what she means to you and how much you miss her with this message.

7. Get well soon, mom. The house isn't the same without you. There are dishes in the sink and I don’t have a single piece of clean clothing to wear!

There is no one in the world that loves you more than your mom and no one who cares quite the way she does. Show her what she means to you in a humorous way with this message.

8. Get well soon, dad. We miss balancing the remote on your forehead when you’re falling asleep on the couch watching TV.

Does your dad fall asleep sitting on the couch while watching TV or reading the newspaper? Do you mess with him when he does? Reference those special humorous moments you share in a message like this.

9. I miss rolling my eyes at all of your corny dad jokes. Get well soon so we can get back to groaning at how awful they are! 

Dads are famous for dad jokes. Send this message to show your dad how much you love his dad jokes.

10. We miss the sound of your voice scolding us, mom. Get well soon, and come home again.

While it is true that moms scold us a lot, it is also true that they love us more than anyone in the world. Cheer up your mom with this message

Funny Get Well Soon Messages for a Close Friend

Good friends are rare. Having a close friend in your life can be the best gift you’ve ever been given. When a friend falls ill, it can make life seem discouraging and bleak. Whether you’re sending them a card or a surgery gift, use a little humor to cheer them up.

11. Get well soon and get out of that hospital. You owe me money! 

Send this humorous message to brighten your friend's mood. Just make sure they know you’re joking.

12. Remember the time you got stuck in your car and had to wait all night for me to come bail you out? This illness is nothing compared to that!

Memories are a great way to cheer a person up. Reference a time when you helped each other out and bring a smile to their face.

13. Of course, you got sick right when it was your turn to pay for lunch. I see how it is! Get well soon so I can take my revenge.

Debts can be common between friends and are seen as a source of humorous teasing. Use this type of joke to encourage them to get better so you can continue your lunchtime antics and of course, figuring out who pays the bill.

14. You are the most stubborn person I know, and this disease is nothing in front of you. Fight your way through this illness!

Some friendly banter is the best way to cheer someone up. This message encourages them to be their wonderful, stubborn self.

15. You're so insufferable that I'm sure this sickness will be fed up with you. Kick it to the curb and let’s get back to life.

Teasing and jokes are common between friends, and in sickness, they might be the best cure.

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Funny Get Well Soon Messages for Your Boss or Coworkers

Sending a get well soon message to your boss or coworker is no easy task. You have to be careful with the wording you choose. However, for the right person, a little humor can easily be sprinkled into your message.

16. How does it feel to be the one asking for sick leave this time? We’re all waiting for your vacation, I mean, sickness to end. Get well soon!

When does the boss ever take sick leave? Not often. This message is a humorous play on that.

17. Get well soon, or I might take your good chair and leave you my creaky one.

Office chairs are always being stolen, traded, or purchased. Threaten to take away your boss’s favorite chair and get rid of the one you hate.

18. The office isn’t quite the same since you got sick. We party all day and hardly get anything done! Better get well, soon.

Bosses do a lot to make sure the office runs well and stays at peak performance. Send a message like this and tell them how much they’re missed.

19. So you’re sick, huh? Where is it this time? Maui? Paris? Madrid? Get well soon, no matter where you’re vacationing, I mean, staying.

This is a riff on your boss faking sickness to get sick leave. It works best for those you know who would never actually do such a thing.

20. Miss you at work, buddy, Get well soon. PS. I’ve taken all your favorite pens and your good chair.

This message is designed to tease your coworker. Threaten to take their pens and they’re sure to be back soon.

Funny Get Well Soon Messages for Kids

Seeing a child in pain or ill is the worst feeling in the world. You can lighten their discouragement by sending a fun message infused with humor.

21. The teacher called. Recess is canceled until you get well. Recover soon! 

Recess and kids go hand in hand. This is a little joke to help them know how important they are.

22. The playground is empty without you. Your friends are waiting for you to start a game of tag!

Kids love to play in the playground. Reminding them that their friends are waiting for them is sure to brighten their mood.

23. Get well soon, kiddo. When you get home, we'll get so much ice cream your brain will freeze!

Kids love ice cream. This message is designed to give them something to smile at and look forward to.

24. Metropolis called and asked where Superman was. I told them you'd be there in no time. Get well soon!

Calling a kid Superman can be quite inspiring to them and the perfect medicine to lift their spirits.

25. Tonight the tooth fairy asked where you were. I told her that you’ll be back soon. Get well fast buddy. The tooth fairy is waiting for you.

Use special characters like the tooth fairy if they just lost a tooth, Santa Claus, if it’s near Christmas time, or another character that is relevant to their lives and brings a smile to their face.

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Cheering Someone Up With Laughter

Get well wishes are a great way to show love and care for a person. The common refrain of “laughter is the best medicine” can feel a little overused, but there’s nothing quite like receiving a message that makes you smile and laugh when you’re down and out. Don’t make your loved one bust a gut laughing, though.

If you're looking for ways to support a sick love done, read our guides on how to send meals to a sick friend and the best prayers for a sick sibling.

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