25+ Short ‘Get Well Soon, Grandpa’ Messages & Sayings


When our loved ones are sick, it’s incredibly important to show up for them more than ever. Of course, it may not be possible to visit your grandpa in person. Sending him messages and sayings can have just as big of an impact on his mood and outlook—which are both crucial to healing.

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If you’re looking for inspiration or general ideas to help you express your well wishes in a variety of ways, we have plenty of ideas for you below. We also have ideas for some actions you can take that can add to your sentiments.

‘Get Well Soon, Grandpa’ Messages for a Card

Get well wishes for cards don’t have to be complicated, but sometimes you may need help thinking of different ways of expressing them. Here are five ideas. 

1. “You’re tough as nails, you’ve got this!” 

Remind your grandpa of how strong he is, even if the circumstances are difficult. You’ll never sound like a broken record when telling someone you love them or believe in them.

2. Make your grandpa a custom card 

Making your grandpa a custom card — artistic abilities or inabilities aside — can be a very special way to show you care. Your card will help him feel as though you’re there with him, even if you can’t be. 

3. “Promise me you’ll feel better soon so we can have a reunion?” 

Giving your grandpa something to look forward to, such as reunion, can help motivate him to work harder in his physical therapy, recovery, or whatever else he’s going through. 

4. Send him treats or a basket of goods

Comforting your grandpa with a basket of his favorite homemade baked goods, snacks, or other favorite things is a great way to show you care. Plus, he probably isn’t able to make or go out and get these things for himself right now. 

5. Write your grandpa a poem

Haikus, anagrams, free verses, and more can be an easy and lighthearted way to share something with your grandpa. Here are some other poetry ideas for your grandpa.

‘Get Well Soon, Grandpa’ Texts or DM Ideas

How complex your message is may depend on how tech-savvy your grandpa is. Here are a few ideas for how to say “get well soon” via text or DM. You may also be interested in these other ideas for when someone you know is sick

6. “I’m thinking of you — you’ll get through this. This is just another part of your amazing story.” 

Again, reminding your loved ones of how strong they are and everything else they’ve overcome can help give them some perspective. 

7. “I love you, Grandpa! I’ve been praying for a quick recovery.” 

You can never go wrong with a simple, straightforward “I love you.” Sending prayers, good vibes — whatever — can mean a lot, too. 

8. “I hope you feel better soon, I miss you and love you. Can I call you sometime?”

If you don’t chat on the phone with your grandpa very often, now can be the perfect time to set up a phone date to check-in. It can be a great thing to keep him going and motivated.  

9. Send a GIF or two with your message

Adding a GIF, meme, photo, or something else with your message can make it that much more entertaining for your grandpa, especially if he’s having to hang out at home or in bed. 

10. Include a video 

You can text your grandpa a video of you wishing him well, or even a video clip that he’ll enjoy from the web. He may not have much in terms of outside entertainment as he recovers, and you can play a big part in this. 

Funny ‘Get Well Soon, Grandpa’ Messages

Humor is one of the most powerful things — through good or bad times. Keeping the tone of your message funny and light may be exactly what your grandpa needs. You may also be interested in these get well gifts

11.  “Your illness is gonna wish it never existed by the time you’re done with it — keep kicking butt, you crazy old man!”

Honesty and humor go hand-in-hand. Something like this would probably strike your grandpa in a funny way, especially if he’s known for being quiet or gentle.

12. “You behave yourself. I don’t want to hear about you flirting too hard with your nurses or other patients.” 

This message is another lighthearted way to handle the situation.

13. “If you think you can get out of dancing at my wedding this easily, forget about it, pal! You’re gonna be well enough to tear up the dance floor in no time!”

Remind your grandpa of something he (or may not) be looking forward to, especially if it means quality time between the two of you.

14. Write a skit about his life 

Playing your grandpa in a skit about his life can be the perfect thing to boost his spirits. Be sure to include any of his quirks or catchphrases. You can either record it or perform it live with some friends or family.  

15. Have a roast in his honor

If your grandpa is known for being a jokester or a wise guy, a roast may be the perfect thing to take his mind off of his illness. You can have your family submit videos of them roasting him if you’re unable to have one “live.” 

‘Get Well Soon, Grandpa’ Social Media Post Ideas

If your grandpa is on social media, shouting him out here may be the perfect way to rally a larger following around his healing. Of course, be mindful of what you publicize as well as your family’s privacy. 

16. “My hero, my grandpa, isn’t feeling well. I’d appreciate any prayers during this time. I love him dearly.”

It may be hard to be vulnerable with your social media following (or anyone). However, there’s a good chance that some, if not all, of your followers have been through a similar situation and can lend genuine care and support. 

17. Ask for donations to a charity in his honor

If your grandpa was passionate about a certain cause or is dealing with a specific illness, asking for donations in his honor is a great way to not only help his spirits, but others, too. 

18. Ask for pet photos (or anything, really) 

If your grandpa has a favorite animal or pet, such as dogs, ask your social media community to send pictures of their dogs. It’ll definitely brighten his day. If he has another favorite thing instead, such as wildflowers or pizzas, ask for images of these things instead — get creative!

19. A GoFundMe for his hospital bills

It’s an unfortunate fact that many people are faced with hospital bills they can’t afford. You can help your grandpa and the rest of your family out by starting a GoFundMe in his honor. 

20. Post a favorite photo or memory 

Telling your friends and loved ones about one of your favorite memories with your grandpa can widen the circle of prayers or well wishes being sent his way.  

‘Get Well Soon, Grandpa’ Messages After a Surgery

Getting through surgery is never a small feat, no matter how minor it was or how healthy you are. After surgery, recovery can be quite tough. Your message will surely mean the world. 

21. “You always told me to never give up, now it’s your turn.”

Remind your grandpa of a special lesson or virtue he’s taught you. Sometimes the strongest people in our lives need a shoulder to lean on. What better than one they helped raise? 

22. “You’re the strongest person I know. You’re going to bounce back from this.” 

Keep reminding your grandpa of his strength and your belief in him, but also take care to listen to his fears and concerns if he shares these, too. 

23. “Just take it one day at a time, you’re doing great.”

For many people, rest is difficult. They want to be back doing the things they once were without giving themselves any patience or any type of break. It’s your responsibility to help him understand that his recovery may take time. 

24. Make or buy him something special to wear to physical therapy 

Making a fun T-shirt, ballcap, or even a cape for your grandpa to wear to his physical therapy can give him confidence. It’ll remind him that you’re supporting him, too.  

25. Write him a collection of encouraging messages

It’s no surprise that we all could use some motivation from time to time. Consider writing your grandpa a few different letters or messages for when he needs motivation

Even Short Messages Matter

You don’t have to write a novel to your grandpa or any loved one to have them know how much you care. It’s much more about the feelings behind your message and the fact that you’re reaching out at all, especially if the two of you don’t chat too often.

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