25+ Romantic ‘Get Well Soon, My Love’ Texts, DMs & Messages


It’s hard to see the ones we love suffer from sickness or disease. In fact, you may wish you could take on some of the symptoms yourself to relieve your partner’s suffering. While this is impossible, you can do things to make their time in the sick bed as pleasant as possible.

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You could order a thoughtful get well gift for your love. The gift could be something traditional such as a book or a magazine, or you could consider something more romantic like flowers or a teddy bear. 

You might also consider preparing a bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup or rubbing your loved ones’ feet. But if you happen to be apart from your sweetheart, and he or she is sick, you may consider sending your significant other one of these messages. We will also include things on our list that you can do for your sick loved one if you are separated by distance.

‘Get Well Soon, My Love’ Messages for Her

Is your girl not feeling her best? Does she need extra attention or encouragement? Avoid sending traditional get well wishes like you would send to your mom or elderly aunt. Instead, you need to step up your game. 

Here are some messages to send or things to do that’ll say, “get well soon, my love.”

1. “I wish I could be there to take care of you.”

Honestly, you may be glad that you aren’t there when your wife or girlfriend has a stomach bug or is coughing and hacking, but saying so isn’t very romantic. Tell your girlfriend that you are sad that you can’t hold her hair back when she gets sick. She will think that you are the most thoughtful partner or spouse ever.

2. Send a bouquet of balloons

Flowers are lovely, but they aren’t very original. Make a statement by having a massive bouquet of balloons sent to the one you love. Balloons aren’t any more expensive than flowers, and your girlfriend or wife will be reminded of your thoughtfulness every time she looks up from her bed.

3. Send a sweet quote

Reassure your sweetheart that you will be there for her, no matter what. Here is a quote to consider: “True love isn’t always romantic. It’s a choice to love each other for better or worse, richer or poorer, and in sickness or health.”

4. Have medicine delivered to her home

You can have anything delivered nowadays. Contact the local pharmacy and pay for the delivery of vitamins or over-the-counter medicine to make her feel better. 

5. “You are so important to me. Please take care of yourself.”

Follow up this message with a promise of everlasting love. She will be swooning in no time.

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‘Get Well Soon, My Love’ Messages for Him

You may be out of ideas of what to say when someone is sick. Here are some messages to consider as well as actions to take when you are away from the man you love. 

6. “Take your medicine and drink plenty of fluids so that we can spend time with each other again!”

Your boyfriend or husband may need a reminder of the benefits of feeling well. You may also encourage him to visit a doctor if the illness seems especially severe or prolonged.

7. Have soup delivered

If you are not in the same city as your boyfriend or husband, call your favorite local chain and have soup delivered to your loved one. Soup helps keep people hydrated and offers nutrients to make recovery go faster.

8. FaceTime instead of texting or DMing

Participating in a video call is much more personal than sending a text or direct message. Seeing your husband or boyfriend on video will also enable you to secretly check his symptoms to see if he is sicker than he claims to be.

9. “You’re worth catching a cold over.”

If your significant other is acting like a gentleman, he is probably avoiding you, so you don’t share germs. Reassure him that you aren’t worried about catching a cold.

10. Have groceries and supplies delivered

If your boyfriend or husband is sick and home alone, he probably is trying to avoid being out in the general public. Complete a quick online order to have tissues, orange juice, and cereal delivered, so at least he doesn’t run out of household staples.

‘Get Well Soon, My Love’ Messages to Share on Social Media

Saying get well to your loved one through social media does two things. First, it enables you to send well wishes to someone you love. But it also allows their friends or family members to see the post and learn that your significant other is not well. If this is your intention, great! Otherwise, perhaps sending a message on social media might not be the best idea. 

11. “I just hugged you in my thoughts! I hope you felt the squeeze!”

This message is an excellent way to send well-wishes to someone you love. It doesn’t say that the person is ill, but it implies that a hug was needed.

12. “Friends and Family, Please send your prayers and well-wishes to Samantha as she begins her first round of chemo tomorrow. She’s tough, and she’s ready to fight, but she still needs her prayers.”

Social media is a great way to request good thoughts and prayers for those who need it. Make sure to get the permission of the one suffering from an illness before you spread the word. It’s not your news to tell.

13. Post a video of “your” song

Luckily for us, song lyricists are around to write the perfect messages for those we love. Post a video of “your” song to remind your loved one that you are in his corner.

14. Post a video of a bear doing something cute

If only social media had more photos and videos of bears and dogs, the world would be a better place. Anyone would feel better after watching a video of two bears swimming in a pool. It’s science.

15. Collect funds for a favorite charity

If your loved one is suffering from a dreaded illness, such as cancer, having friends and family show support by donating to a charity looking for a cure. Social media has its problems, but it enables people to come together to act on important causes.

Funny ‘Get Well Soon, My Love’ Messages

It’s easy to send heartfelt, serious messages, but being funny is hard. Being funny about illness is particularly challenging. Good luck and godspeed in your journey to find an entertaining way to say “get well soon.” Maybe some of these ideas will inspire you. 

16. “Sorry that you feel like poop.”

The word poop makes most people laugh. Even people who aren’t six-year-old-boys think that it’s funny.

17. “Hurry up and get better, so I can get mad at you for something petty and refuse to talk with you for an hour.”

After all, you really shouldn’t play your relationship games when your significant other is under the weather.

18. “Please get better soon. The weather for the rest of the week is perfect for golfing, and I would rather do that than visit you in the hospital.”

Sometimes humor can come from unfiltered thoughts, but be careful with sharing these types of messages. Not everyone thinks that brutal honesty is charming.

19. “I wish I could take your pain and give it to someone we both really hate.”

Again, sometimes brutal honesty is funny, but you have to be careful of your audience.

20. “Surgery sucks.”

By itself, this isn’t a particularly funny message. If you add the message to a bunch of suckers, you have yourself a pretty good pun. 

Short ‘Get Well Soon, My Love’ Text Message Ideas

Are you in a hurry? Do you need a short “get well soon” message to share with someone you love? Whether he or she is getting ready to be wheeled into surgery, or you only have time to send a quick thought before presenting at work, here are some heartfelt messages in less than one line.

21. Send an emoji

In a pinch, a kissy face emoji offers a heartfelt, simple message. You could also consider sending a red heart or another image that spreads cheer. 

22. “You are beautiful.”

Accompany this quick message with a photograph of your wife or girlfriend. What woman doesn’t feel better instantly after being complimented for her looks?

23. “I can’t wait.”

Let your significant other fill in the blank. 

24. “You light up my life.”

Some of you may be unaware of this cheesy song from the 1970s with the same title. Even though the song is a bit dated, it’s sentiments would help anyone recover from a long illness.

25. “I love you.”

We all need to say these three little words more often. No one is guaranteed a tomorrow, and we need to tell others how much we love and care about them while we still can.

Kind Words Go Far

Never discredit the power of words. They are one of the most important tools that human beings have. They can inspire and encourage the ones we love. And if your loved one is ill, he or she may need loads of positive messages and support.

Choose your words wisely. They can take someone down, or they can lift someone's spirits.  

Whether you send a short message or a bowl of soup to your loved one who is under the weather, make sure you do something to show that you care.

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