18 Heartfelt ‘Get Well Soon, Sister’ Messages


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Seeing someone you love suffer as a result of an illness is particularly trying. It’s especially tough when they are going through a serious illness that may have one of two outcomes.

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Below is a wide range of messages for a sister who may be experiencing a grave illness or just a terrible case of the flu. If you have kept a close bond over the years, she will definitely appreciate words that are sweet and sentimental.

But even if you haven’t been the best of friends, sending her a sincere card with healthy wishes can be a great way to remind her that you are in her corner.

How to Say ‘Get Well Soon’ to Your Sister Who’s Seriously Ill

How to Say ‘Get Well Soon’ to Your Sister Who’s Seriously Ill

If your sister is hospitalized and feeling gravely ill, you may want to follow any correspondence with a phone call when she's feeling well enough to chat. Leave a message if she's unable to answer, so she can hear your voice later. However, if the situation is a level above serious, then you may want to consider being with her during some part of her journey.

1. “Hey there, big sis. I am so sorry about the terrible news, but I have every faith that you’re so much stronger than this thing—and that it has zero chance of gaining the upper hand.”

Little brothers and sisters tend to have unbreakable faith in the resilience and strength of their older sister.

Find a sweet card (we like this one), and let that belief guide you when trying to figure out what to say to your sister before she has surgery.

2. “Hey, ladybird. I hear you’re being stubborn again, but I think this is a time when you need to be following the doctor’s orders. I am heading your way in a few days to help take care of the kids and house while you’re in the hospital.”

If you're able to help your sister manage her affairs before, during, and after major surgery, you'll be doing her a big favor.

Pick up a post-surgery gift and send her a quick text once you have made travel and work arrangements, so she has one less thing to worry about.

3. “Sis, I booked a flight and I am on my way…” 

Sometimes you might need to forego any sentimental wording if the situation is looking dire for your sister. This works when you let her know that you're going to get there as soon as possible.

4. “I know you’re not looking forward to staying in the hospital, but it’s the best thing for you right now. Look at it this way, the sooner you go, the sooner you’ll get better.”

Most folks would rather be at home resting than in a hospital, no matter how strong they are. Sending your love to your sister to get through this moment can provide a boost of courage if they feel scared. You can also consider bringing her something cozy, like this throw blanket, to help her feel as comfortable as possible during her stay.

5. "It hurts my heart to see you like this, but I know you are healing as fast as you can. Would you please hurry up and get better? I miss my best friend."

When your sister is your main confidante in life, you want her to be her best—so sending this along in a card can help remind her that she is loved.

It’s even better if you are the younger sister as it's 98 percent heartfelt, and two percent sassy little sister.  

6. “I know things seem serious, but I have every confidence in your ability to beat this thing. I’ll be right beside you the whole way.” 

Being by your sister’s side when she feels like the stakes are particularly high can be a very humbling experience for you both. By letting her know that you're taking the journey with her, it can help her feel less alone.

7. “All of my wishes, thoughts, and prayers are being sent your way.”

Even if you have an unbreakable bond with your sister, it can still be difficult to know what to say when offering your get well wishes.

Nevertheless, if you find a beautiful card, add this short sentiment. She'll appreciate your effort.

8. “You treat a disease, you win, you lose. You treat a person, I guarantee you, you’ll win, no matter what the outcome.”

Robin Williams was known for being a master of comedy, but he was also a great teacher in the ways of life and living. This top-notch message is useful in a card particularly when your sister is experiencing some doubt.

The passage isn’t just about beating a disease, it’s also about supporting the person dealing with the disease.

How to Say ‘Get Well Soon’ to Your Sister Who Has a Short Illness

How to Say ‘Get Well Soon’ to Your Sister Who Has a Short Illness

Thankfully if your sister's illness isn't severe, it's acceptable to express your sentiments in just a card or a text message. If you live nearby, you’ll want to drop the card off in person or follow up the text message with a quick call to make sure she's doing okay. If you live far away, you can still show your support by sending a get well care package in addition to your message.

8. “I am sending you all of my good thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.” 

If your sister follows a faith, it's essential to recognize that when she's not feeling well. This kind of sentiment would also work better in a pretty card rather than just a text message.

9. “Cheer up, little sis. I am sending you a big hug and will give you a call in a few days.”

As the oldest, you know that all your younger siblings will forever be your kid siblings no matter how old you all get. If you have a younger sister, she'll appreciate the sentiment behind the words when she's not feeling her best.

10. “Hey, kiddo. Dad told me you weren’t feeling well. I’m on my way over with some broth from that restaurant you like. Send me a text to let me know if I can pick up anything else from the grocery store.” 

Who said living on your own was all sunshine and roses? Should your sister feel grumpy over being sick, send these words along if you both live close to each other.

Plus, you're letting her know that you're on your way with some of her favorite broth, so it's sure to brighten her spirits knowing that you’re there to help.

11. “Eat, Sleep, Rest, Repeat.” 

It's impossible not to take on the parental role when it comes to siblings who aren't feeling well. If there's more than just the two of you, likely your other sibling will be sending the same mantra over a text message.

12. “Do you remember that time when…” 

They say that laughter is the best medicine, so when your sister is feeling down or unwell, send her a quick note to remind her of a funny experience that you both shared.

If she's been sick for a while, then this works well in a text message, especially if you have multiple stories of which you want to remind her.

13. “You are the best sister any sister could ask for. I hope you feel better soon.” 

Any sister wants to hear how much you appreciate them. If you add in a get well wish, then it becomes the perfect sentimental card. 

14. “When I had the flu, dad used to cover me in newspapers to keep me warm. Should I stop and grab today’s paper?” 

Every parent has some unique ways of managing sick kids. Even if the crazy remedy works, that doesn't mean that kids aren't giggling about it when they're older.

If you share a story like that, send her a quick text message to remind her about those days. Then let her know you're on your way over to help.

15. “You’ve got more willpower than a kid begging for candy in a grocery store. Don’t worry, you’re gonna feel better soon.” 

Blank cards are the best to send when you need all that space to write in your own sentiments for a sibling in need. That means you've got that entire blank canvas to craft some fun and encouraging words for your sister like these.

16. “I heard you have the flu and that you’re sick as can be. I’ll be bringing you some ginger ale and some soda crackers later this morning, but I am showing up wearing hazmat.” 

Nobody wants to get the flu—and nobody wants to give you the flu (except maybe your sibling). But this text message would give your sister some peace of mind about being able to get in some stomach calming foods sooner than later.

17. “Thinking of you.” 

Little sisters will always admire their older siblings. So, if you're an older sibling whose little sis is unwell, a simple note like this one works best in a card. I

t's up to you if you want to choose a sweet or a humorous card in which to write. But taking the time to send a card will mean a lot.

18. “You become stronger, more confident, and even more courageous every time you survive something terrible.”  

When your sister is really feeling down in the dumps over a cold, take care to reassure her that she will get through this. It's perfect for a card and will be something which she’ll cherish.

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Big or Little, Sisters Need to Know You Care

Not only do they know you better than anyone else out there, but some also know your heart better than you know it yourself. So, when you take to send your sister a text message or a card, they've got all of that history combined with your words. With the two together, they’ll make for a beautiful sentiment.

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