35 Short Gift Card & eGift Card Message Ideas


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A gift card or eGift card can be ideal for a wide range of occasions. However, some people worry that a gift card will come across as somewhat impersonal. Regardless of whether this concern is justified, including the right gift card message along with the card itself is often a simple but effective way to make the gift take on a personal quality.

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The ideal choice of words will let the person receiving a gift card know you care for them. The following are a few examples of messages to include with your gift card to consider for a variety of events and circumstances. Refer back to them the next time you’re buying someone a gift card.

Sympathy Gift Card Message Ideas

Example of a sympathy gift card message over an image of hearts

Showing support is one of the best things you can do for someone coping with a loss. If you're sending a sympathy card with a small gift card, consider including one of these messages. 

1. “So sorry. This is for you to relax when you’re ready.”

Include this gift card message with a card for a relaxing activity you think the recipient will enjoy when they’re no longer in mourning.

2. “It’s small, but I hope this makes the next few weeks just a little easier.”

Along with the funeral expenses, people often spend money on food and similar items for memorial services after a death. Help them out with a gift card.

Try this Happy Eats Gift Card, which applies to multiple popular restaurants in the U.S.

3. “Let’s go out together when you’re ready.”

Some are reluctant to accept offers of support after losing someone. Make it easier to accept your offer with a gift card for an activity you and the recipient can enjoy together.

4. “When the kids are ready, we thought they’d enjoy this.”

A loved one’s death is particularly hard on children. Lend a hand with a gift card for something fun, like an amusement park trip.

You could also choose a gift card that helps create fun at home, like this Playstation Gift Card.

5. “Show the kids the best holiday season you can under the circumstances.”

The first holiday without a loved one is hard, especially for kids. Offering a gift card to one of their favorite places can help.

Post-planning tip: If you are the executor for a deceased loved one, handling their unfinished business can be overwhelming without a way to organize your process. We have a post-loss checklist that will help you ensure that your loved one's family, estate, and other affairs are taken care of.

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Get Well Gift Card Messages Ideas

A gift card is often a smart get-well gift. Keep these gift card messages in mind if you plan on sending one.

6. “We’re going out when you get better!”

Use this gift card message with a card for an activity you and the person receiving it can enjoy together when they recover, giving them something to look forward to.

7. “Hopefully this makes being stuck at home a little more fun.”

Help a friend who’s stuck at home with an injury by giving them a gift card they can use to buy something to make the experience more bearable.

For a friend who's a gamer, consider an Xbox Gift Card

8. “Enjoy some entertainment while you recover!”

A subscription to a streaming service is another eGift you might give someone who’s housebound during their recovery.

This Netflix Gift Card or this Hulu Gift Card could just do the trick.

9. “Hoping this helps you with some of the expenses.”

Sometimes it makes sense to give a practical gift to someone who’s ill, such as a gift card they can use at their pharmacy.

This Safeway Gift Card could help pay for some essential recovery supplies. 

10. “You’ll recover, and you’ll deserve some relaxation when you do.”

Facing an illness or injury is stressful. Let someone know you’re thinking about them with a gift card for a relaxing experience they’ll enjoy once they recover.

Wedding Gift Card Message Ideas

Example of a wedding gift card message over an image of flowers

Add some extra joy to the newlyweds’ special day with these gift card messages!

11. “Congratulations! This should help with the honeymoon.”

If you know the newlyweds plan to visit specific spots during their honeymoon (such as a restaurant), include this gift card message with a card for one of those spots.

You could even give the couple an Airbnb Gift Card to help with room and board. 

12. “Let’s all get together when you’re back from the honeymoon!”

Some worry their relationships with friends will grow distant after they get married. Assure a friend that won’t happen with a gift card for an activity you can all enjoy together. 

13. “Congratulations, and don’t forget about date nights!”

Remind newlyweds it’s important to keep the romance alive after getting married with a gift card for one of their favorite date night spots, like the movies.

14. “Remember, you still need time apart, and that’s natural.”

Even happy newlyweds can have trouble adjusting to the lack of alone time they experience after getting married. Help friends comfortably make time for themselves with this gift card message, along with two cards for activities they’d each enjoy on their own, such as a day at the spa or a round of golf.

15. “Get them something nice for their birthday!”

Money is tight after a wedding. Help newlyweds treat each other to nice birthdays regardless by giving a card to each, specifying they should use their card to buy their spouse a gift.

A Visa Gift Card can let your newlywed loved ones buy each other whatever they want. 

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Birthday Gift Card Message Ideas

Gift cards have become go-to birthday gifts. These messages will help yours stand out from a sea of happy birthday messages.

16. “Instead of celebrating just one day, celebrate all week!”

You might use this gift card message for someone with whom you’re very close. Depending on your relationship (and budget), you may give them multiple gift cards they can use throughout their birthday week.

17. “Be safe, have fun!”

If you know someone who’s just reached legal drinking age plans to drink responsibly, include this message with a gift card for a local bar.

18. “Choosing your birthday gift is hard. Loving you isn’t!”

We often choose gift cards when we don’t know what someone specifically wants. This is an ideal gift card message when that’s the case.

19. “Thanks for all the fun times. Now it’s your day to have some fun!”

Give a gift card for a fun activity to someone who gave you fun experiences when you were younger (such as a parent or grandparent), and include this message to wish them a happy birthday and thank them at the same time.

20. “Tonight’s on us. Happy Birthday!”

If you and a group are celebrating a friend’s birthday with a night out, and they’re the type who normally wouldn’t let you pay, pool money with everyone in the group to cover the night ahead of time with a gift card (and this message).

Baby Shower or New Baby Gift Card Messages Ideas

Example of a baby shower gift card message over an image of baby clothes and toys

Help someone celebrate one of life’s greatest joys and say "congrats on the new baby" with one of these messages.

21. “Buy them all the toys!”

A gift card for a baby toy store is a simple but smart gift for this occasion.

22. “Trust me, you’ll go through diapers fast.”

Another common gift for baby showers or births is a gift card to help new parents buy essentials.

23. “When you’re ready, we’ll watch the kids, and you can enjoy the night.”

As exciting as becoming a new parent is, it can also be very stressful. Use this message along with a gift card for a restaurant to let the recipients know you’re happy to help them take a night off when they’re ready.

24. “If they’re anything like their parents, your kid is gonna be a genius.”

Baby books also make great gifts for new parents. Thus, you may want to give a gift card for a bookstore.

25. “Use in case of a ‘Can’t get out of the house with the baby today’ emergency.”

Simply getting out of the house to buy groceries is often difficult with a new baby. This is the right gift card message for a card that will help in these circumstances, such as one for a local food delivery service.

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Housewarming Gift Card Messages Ideas

Moving into a new home is another major milestone. These gift card messages will help you properly congratulate someone on this occasion.

26. “Congratulations! Hopefully, this makes the day a little easier.”

A home store gift card is ideal for someone who recently moved into a new home because after a move, people typically need to buy key items for the new place. 

27. “Give yourself a break as soon as possible. You’ve earned it!”

Moving is hectic. Remind someone to take a break once the move is complete with a gift card for any relaxing experience they’d enjoy.

28. “You moved to a great area with a lot to do. This is just one example.”

Use this gift card message if the person receiving it moved to a new city or state. Help them adjust to this intimidating situation with a gift card for a fun or interesting activity that’s unique to that area.

29. “This should make stocking the fridge a little easier.”

Sometimes, the right gift is one that serves a practical purpose. Buying groceries is often another necessary task the day someone moves into a new home. Thus, they might appreciate that you covered their first grocery purchase for them with a gift card.

30. “So exciting! Here’s a little something to help with the housewarming party.”

Consider this gift card message if you know the person to whom you’re sending the card is planning on throwing a housewarming party. 

The gift card itself should be one you think they’d find useful. For example, if they said they planned on hiring someone to cater the party, give them a gift card for their chosen caterer.

Thank You Gift Card Message Ideas

Example of a thank you gift card message over an image of flowers and trees

Make sure the person you’re buying a gift card for knows how much you appreciate them with one of these messages in your thank you note.

31. “Thanks for being the best teacher ever! 

Many teachers unfortunately have to buy classroom supplies with their own money. Thank your favorite teacher with a gift card that will make this a little bit easier.

32. “Thanks for all your sacrifices. Now go on a date!”

Maybe you’re going off to college, and you want to let your parents know you understand that having a kid in the house limited their freedom. Thank them with this gift card message and a card for a date activity.

33. “Thanks for helping with our dad. Go relax!”

This thank you message is perfect if you want to give a thank you note to a caregiver, thanking them for their hard work tending to a loved one with a gift card.

34. “You deserve this break after taking care of me for so long.”

Are you giving a gift card to a loved one or friend who took care of you as you recovered from an illness or injury? If so, include this gift card message.

35. “Thanks for helping us move! You’ve earned a night out.”

It’s common for people to thank friends and family who helped them move by taking them out for a meal. However, if you won’t have that option just yet, you can instead give a gift card from their favorite restaurant.

Gift Card Messages: An Added Touch

Remember, a gift card is a perfectly fine gift in most situations. These gift card messages will simply make this type of gift a little more meaningful.

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