12 Unique Gift Card Tree Ideas


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On holidays and special occasions, sometimes an extra-special gift is in order. A gift card tree is a display featuring an assortment of gift cards. There are many occasions when a gift like this can really come in handy. It’s great for a high school or college graduate moving on to a new time in their lives. It can also be a useful and thoughtful wedding gift for a young couple starting out.

Our Picks for a Unique Gift Card Tree

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If someone you know is having a baby, you can get them an array of gift cards to stores that sell items they’ll need. Gift card trees can also make great raffle prizes for fundraisers, great gifts for all sorts of occasions, and there are also plenty of ways you can customize them and make them special and unique.

Here, we explore some ideas for one-of-a-kind gift card trees. 

Holiday Gift Card Tree Ideas

When the holidays roll around, family members will often chip in together on a bigger gift for someone else. A gift card tree is a great gift for multiple people to contribute to. Several people can purchase gift cards in agreed-upon amounts to add to the gift. Here are some thematic ideas you can use for inspiration.  

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1. Restaurant-themed gift card tree

If you have a friend or family member who loves going out for dinner, get several people to contribute local restaurant gift certificates.

Each person who participates can get a gift card for a different eatery. The recipient can then embark on a culinary journey over the course of the year. This takes a relatively simple gift and turns it into an event.   

2. Gift card wreath

If you’re the crafty type, you can make a homemade holiday wreath for a friend or loved one. Just pick up an artificial wreath to use as a backdrop. Then select ornaments and decorations to add to it that are geared to the recipient’s taste.

Finally, place gift cards in decorative envelopes and affix those to the wreath as well. The cards will be this year’s gift, and the wreath can be saved to be used as decor in future years.   

3. Holiday Advent calendar

Many Christian churches celebrate Advent in the days and weeks leading up to Christmas. During Advent, people keep track of the days in anticipation of celebrating the birth of Jesus.

One of the most popular ways people celebrate Advent is by using an Advent calendar as a countdown to Christmas. Each day, people open a compartment in an Advent calendar and reveal a small gift, often just a piece of chocolate.

You can create an Advent calendar that holds gift cards in nominal amounts as a fun variation on this tradition.  

4. Plywood Christmas tree gift card tree

If you’re the handy type, you can make a gift card tree in the shape of a Christmas tree. Use a stencil to outline a Christmas tree onto a sheet of plywood, then use a jigsaw or band saw to cut out the design. You can paint the tree green and paint decorations onto it if you’d like. Then use a strong adhesive to mount gift card envelopes onto the tree.

Again, this piece can later be used as holiday decor. In the meantime, it makes a cute and clever delivery system for a collection of gift cards. 

Appreciation Gift Card Ideas for Staff

Whether you’re an individual with a child caretaker or a CEO overseeing a massive workforce, it’s important to let your employees know that you care about them. You can do this by providing a fair wage, benefits, and an environment with a good work-life balance as a bare minimum. It’s also nice to give appreciation gifts like a gift card tree.

Complete the gift with thoughtful gift card messages expressing your gratitude for their hard work. Here are some ideas that will appeal to many kinds of employees.    

5. Gift card tree for support staff

In many workplaces, members of the support staff are the true backbone of the business. Administrative staff members like secretaries and receptionists are often unsung heroes. Unofficial holidays like Administrative Professionals’ Day remind us to show them our thanks for all the things they do.

If there is support staff in your office, organize the people they support to contribute to a gift card tree. Have them contribute gift cards from businesses near your workplace to ensure that they are convenient for the recipients to use. 

6. Caffeine-themed gift card tree

Many people rely on a hefty dose of caffeine to make it through their workday. If your employee can’t resist the siren song of caffeine, you can do a fun variation on a gift card tree. Put together a gift box with a regular coffee mug or travel mug and some coffee beans or tea bags.

You can also include a collection of gift cards for some local coffee and/or tea shops. This gives them gifts they can use at home and also bankrolls them for future coffee runs.  

7. Lottery ticket gift card tree

One fun variation on a gift card tree is a lottery ticket tree. Instead of buying gift cards for several businesses, you can get an assortment of different types of lottery scratch tickets.

Buy a small potted plant and then hang lottery tickets from it as an appreciation gift. Hopefully, if your employee ends up winning it big, they’ll still give you two weeks’ notice.

8. Teacher appreciation gift card tree

Even if someone isn’t employed directly by you, their job may make your life a whole lot easier. Teachers are a great example of this.

You can always coordinate the parents of your child’s classmates to contribute to a gift card tree. Gift cards to stores that sell school and office supplies, as well as grocery gift cards, are always appreciated by teachers.  

Gift Card Tree Ideas for Kids

It’s important for kids to learn the value of money. Giving them gift cards is a great way to help them begin to understand concepts like budgeting. Kids also sometimes really enjoy the process of getting to pick gifts out for themselves.

If a kid you know is celebrating a birthday or other milestone, gift card trees like these make perfect gifts. 

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9. Gift card map treasure hunt

Unwrapping a bunch of gift cards might not be a fun gift for some kids. But a gift card tree does not have to be a gift that is passively unwrapped.

You can create a treasure map and stash gift cards in hiding places around your home for a child to find. You can even put little compartments on the map for the gift cards to be placed into when they are discovered. This way, the child ends up assembling the gift card map as they go. 

10. Clothing gift card tree

Is a kid you know in need of a wardrobe overhaul? You can put together a fun gift card tree featuring gift cards for different clothing stores they like shopping at. There are many different ways you can present an idea like this.

One fun way would be in a book of sketches of a kid wearing different outfits. In each picture, the child could be holding a gift card. This can be a fun way to kick off a shopping excursion.

11. Digital gift card tree

If your kid is a big fan of video games or online gaming, you may want to get them digital gifts like a subscription to a gaming platform. But gifts like that usually end up in someone’s email inbox and aren’t easily gift-wrapped.

Put together a gamer snack basket with the child’s favorite food and drinks, and include print-outs of any digital gift cards. This is a great adaptation of the gift card tree concept. 

12. Gas card gift card tree

Young kids aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a gift card tree. A teen with their own car would probably love prepaid gift cards for gas stations that would allow them to fill up their car.

Get a handful of those car air fresheners that are shaped like trees and stick gift cards to them with adhesive, then box them up as a gift. They make for cute and funny literal gift card trees.    

Gift Card Trees Make Special and Unusual Gifts 

Many people avoid giving gift cards on birthdays or holidays because they’re afraid that it is an unoriginal gift idea. But gift cards can be very useful for people, and sometimes are the best choice for a gift.

But you don’t have to just send out some eGift cards and call it a day. Taking some time to put together a creative and unusual gift card tree is a great way to personalize what could otherwise feel like a generic gift.  

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