45 Great Gifts for People Who Work from Home


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Working from home is the latest trend for employees in nearly every industry, from tech support to engineering to startup meal services. While there are certainly perks to working in the comfort of home and pajama bottoms, there can be a significant learning curve, too. 

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Gifts Ideas for Your Newly Remote Employees

Gifts for Parents Who Are Working from Home

Funny and Amusing Gifts for People Who Work from Home

Super-Practical or Helpful Gifts for Remote Workers

DIY Gift Basket Ideas for People Who Work at Home

Gifts for Couples Who Work From Home

Gifts for Elementary Teachers Who Work From Home

Gifts for High School Teachers Who Work From Home

Funny Gifts for People Who Work From Home

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Support the employees, coworkers, friends, and relatives you know who are adjusting to life and work from home with fun, inspirational, and practical gifts for people who work from home.

Gifts Ideas for Your Newly Remote Employees

Welcome a new hire onto the team with a gift from afar. Even though there won’t be an in-house onboarding meeting, a lunchtime get-to-know-you, or a casual meet-and-greet, you can still make your employee feel welcomed and part of the team.

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1. Personalized phone or tablet stand

Get your new hire a stand to place a tablet or phone on. Personalize it with your new hire’s name, your company logo, and a phrase like, “Welcome to the team!”

Try sending this Lamicall Tablet Stand that's compatible with iPads and e-readers.

2. “Thanks for being awesome” sticky pad set

Everyone needs sticky notes. Get your new worker a pad and holder with an inspirational message on the side, like this Thank You Sticky Note set.

Include a nice pen and a note welcoming your new hire to the company.

3. Tumbler and notepad

Think of this as a work-from-home kit. Personalize both items with a company logo and include a note welcoming the new team member to the team.

You can find large, custom insulated tumblers on Amazon.

4. Charging pad and Bluetooth speaker

Your employees will be on their devices more than ever. Get them a wireless charging pad, like this Anker 15W Max Wireless Charger with USB-C, to keep their phone topped up and a wireless Bluetooth speaker for all those meetings you’ll hold.

5. Candle and wine glass

Personalize these items with a phrase such as “teamwork makes the dream work” for the candle and “cheers to joining the team!” for the wine glass.

You can find personalized candles and custom wine glasses online.

Gifts for Parents Who Are Working from Home

Parents who work from home deserve something extra special as they navigate client calls, meetings with the boss, helping their kids, and generally keeping the house running smoothly and in order. This job is certainly not for the faint of heart! Show someone you care by giving one of these thoughtful gifts to the work-from-home parent you know.

6. Noise-cancelling headphones

This gift will be especially welcome for the parent who has multiple kids at home.

Give your colleague their own slice of silence with headphones (we like this Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones) that help them concentrate on the task at hand.

7. Mug warmer

Between getting everyone ready for the day, pre-making lunches, dressing for Zoom meetings, and setting up kids on Skype school, getting a chance to drink a still-hot cup of coffee isn’t likely.

Give your teammate a mug warmer, like this VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer, and the gift of hot coffee or tea all day long.

8. Desk organizer

Going from a private office or cubicle to a kitchen table or makeshift “desk” isn’t ideal.

Help work-from-home parents organize work documents, outgoing mail, and children’s homework organized in one place with a desk organizer that has plenty of space for filing, sorting, and storing paperwork of all types.

We like this Jerry & Maggie - Desktop Organizer Office Storage Rack from Amazon.

9. A cube bot

This is a robot made of wood (see this Areaware Cubebot) that can transform from a cube into a robot and back again.

It’s the perfect fidget gift to endure all those long meetings. Let’s face it, it will work great to keep the kids entertained, too!

10. Mug and tea

All people need something to keep them going. Black tea for the caffeine addicts, green tea for the super health-conscious, herbal for those who just enjoy sipping a good brew.

Personalize the mug, like this custom mug with a photo, to say something fun and witty, such as, “You are mighTEA awesome!” Be sure to include a card with a “thinking of you” message so they know how much you care.

Funny and Amusing Gifts for People Who Work from Home

Laughter is the best medicine for the strain and stress of working from home. Give your friend, coworker, boss, or loved one something to laugh or smile at.

11. Demotivational quotes desk calendar

This is perfect for the person you know who has a quirky, sarcastic sense of humor.

For the right person, it’ll be a hit. Your coworker can mark off important dates and reminders about work while reading quotes like, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man weary, dreary, and demoralized” and “If you can’t learn to do it well, at least learn to enjoy doing it badly.”

We like this Demotivational 2023 Wall Calendar that covers 16 months.

12. Motto of the day cards

Think your friend might need some motivation to keep up the grind from home? Get motto of the day cards. Each day a new phrase encourages your friend onward and upward.

They’ll read phrases such as, “Be awesome today,” “There are no ordinary days,” and “Trust your crazy ideas.” Everyone needs some encouragement and this just might be the push needed. You can buy something like this Motto of the Day Card Set for your colleague's desk.

13. You rock stress reliever

This squeezable stress reliever looks just like a rock (take a look at this Rock Stress Ball), it says, “You Rock” on it and it can take all the de-stress squeezing you can give it.

14. Funny work journal

What’s funny about a work journal? Everything when a quote like this is on the front, “I’ve survived another Zoom meeting that should have been an email.” Or, like this funny work journal that says "things I wanted to say at work but can't."

Now your work friend has somewhere to doodle all while looking like they’re recording all-important meeting information. 

15. Before work/after work mug and wine glass set

Funny, amusing, and poignant all in one, the coffee mug contains the “before work” wording and the wine glass is etched with “after work” for obvious reasons.

If you’d rather get a mug, by all means, give one with a phrase like, “Day drinking from a mug to keep things professional.”

You can find a full "before/after work" mug and wine glass set on Amazon.

Super-Practical or Helpful Gifts for Remote Workers

There’s nothing like getting a gift that you actually need. Check your friend or coworker’s office setup and ask whether one of these gifts is needed.

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16. Standing desk

Help a work-from-home guru stay in shape by switching up their workstation. Standing helps increase blood flow, memory, and a whole host of other health benefits. 

You can buy them a simple, adjustable standup desk like this Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Desk.

17. Desk mat

Whether working at a desk or at the kitchen table, a desk mat, like this Kangaroo Original Standing Mat Kitchen Rug, will keep coffee spills from leaking through, prevent a pen from scratching too heavily and etching the work surface, and help support those wrists while your coworker types all day long.

It’s the ultimate multiuse tool for a work-from-home desk.

18. Wireless charger

Remote workers use their personal devices more than ever. Give them a wireless charging dock, like this Anker 15W Max Wireless Charger with USB-C, for their tablet, phone, smartwatch, and AirPods and keep them working at max capacity.

19. Wireless keyboard and mouse

A wireless keyboard and mouse means you can set your laptop at the proper screen height and keep your hands and arms ergonomically placed, too.

You can even buy a set, like this Logitech MK550 Wireless Wave Keyboard and Mouse Combo.

20. Gift cards

Know someone who has an at-home office set up perfectly? Give your coworker a work-life balance instead.

Get your coworker gift cards for a favorite coffee shop, a restaurant in town, or a night out with their significant other. It’s not exactly work-related, but that’s the point. The best part about it is that digital gifts can be sent and received instantaneously.

DIY Gift Basket Ideas for People Who Work at Home

Nothing says, “Thank you,” “I appreciate you,” or “I care” like a well-timed gift basket. Baskets don’t have to be off-the-charts expensive to be amazing.

Here are several gift basket ideas you can easily do yourself. If you’re giving one of these to an employee in recognition of her hard work, be sure to include a thank you note!

21. Coffee and tea gift basket

Fill up the basket with bags of coffee, fun boxes of tea, tea cookies, and biscotti. They’ll be all set to work from home and, thanks to you, they go from surviving to thriving.

Tip: If you don't want to make a custom basket, send this Coffee and Tea Gift Basket straight to their door.

22. Healthy snack crate

People who work from home already have a lot on their plates without having to figure out mid-day snacks for them and the kids.

Put together a fun crate of healthy snacks (or send a pre-made basket of healthy snacks) for the whole family to enjoy while they’re hard at work and school. Make sure to throw in a few fun goodies, as well! Life can’t be all work and no play.

23. Work survival gift basket

Include essentials for the work-from-home employee that recently transitioned to an at-home office.

Add office supplies like sticky notes, a fun pen and pencil holder, a small desk organizer, a motivational quote pad, and a small potted plant.

24. Healthy lifestyle gift basket

Help your friend, employee, or coworker stay healthy at home. Include a kombucha brew kit, a DVD for at-home workouts, and a healthy foods cookbook.

Staying active and healthy will help work go well all day long.

25. Office in a basket

Give an office in a basket. Include a succulent, a fancy pen holder, fun desk sign, and something to fidget with, like wooden stacking stones.

Gifts for Couples Who Work From Home

Couples who work from home already share the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen areas. Now, they’re now sharing the office space, as well. Get your favorite work-from-home couples something special to let them know that you’re thinking of them as they duel for workspace and try to maintain quiet during competing Zoom calls.

26. His and Hers mugs

Is there anything worse than getting your coffee just how you like it, taking a sip, setting it down, and then wondering which mug is yoursーafter you placed it right beside the identical mug belonging to your spouse? Solve this all-too-common problem by getting a His and Hers mug set. Now they’ll never wonder which mug was theirs or why half their coffee is gone even though they never took a sip.

27. Uber Eats gift card

Working from home is tough. Both people are absorbed in their daily responsibilities, and neither has the time to even think about swinging by the grocery store for dinner. Take away the nightly frustration of finding something to eat with an Uber Eats gift card. Now, they can order what they like and have it delivered directly to their door. Dinner: solved.

28. Matching 32-ounce water bottles

Hydration is incredibly important and even more so during the hot days of summer. You may be inside, but working from home often means forgetting the little things like getting enough water each day. Now, your favorite couple can make a friendly game of it by challenging each other to get through their 32-ounce water bottles.

29. A charging station

Do you know of a couple constantly battling over a favorite outlet in their home to charge devices? Solve the battle of wills with a charging station. Now, both members can charge their favorite devices in the best spot in the house without having to fight over the outlet.

30. Diffuser and essential oils set

Give a diffuser and essential oils set to help your friends fill their house with rejuvenating scents to keep them alert during the workday or relaxing vibes when they’re done with their to-do lists.

Gifts for Elementary Teachers Who Work From Home

Teaching is a challenge when in the classroom. Teaching from home is a whole other world. Show your love and support with gifts like these.

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31. Weekly planner

What teacher doesn’t need a planner? Gift them our favorite, this weekly planner for teachers. This is a perfect mix of style and function with its non-dated 52 weekly pages.

32. Custom hot or cold tumbler

Make this a seasonal gift by giving a hot or cold drink tumbler to hold their favorite drink depending on the time of year. Get a customizable hot drink tumbler for the cold winter months and a customizable cold drink tumbler for spring and summer. Add a few words of thanks, an encouraging phrase, or a photo montage to make this drink holder extra special for the favorite teacher in your life.

33. “Why you’re the best teacher ever” fill-in book

If you’re looking for a gift that will melt the heart of your child’s teacher, have your child fill out this book about why they love their teacher. They’ll provide filled-in answers and complete sentences such as, “You are the best at _____,” “You make learning stuff fun, even ______,” and “You taught me to _____.” 

You might want to add a pack of tissues because this sweet book is sure to produce a tear or two as they read through your child’s reasons why they’re the best teacher ever.

34. Personalized tote bag

A tote bag may not be the first thing you think of to give a teacher that works from home but the reality is, your child’s teacher moves around. They’re teaching behind their at-home workstation, then likely going into the classroom for teacher meetings, grading papers at a Starbucks, and returning home to teach some more. 

A personalized tote bag might be just the thing they need to take their computer, papers, and planner with them wherever they go.

35. Favorite candy

Even grownups need a little bit of happiness in their lives, and what better way to deliver it than with an old-fashioned box of candy or goodies that they love? Choose a candy-only box if they have a real sweet tooth or a CraveBox with a mix of sweet and savory items if you’re unsure of their favorites.

Gifts for High School Teachers Who Work From Home

High school teachers are a special bunch. They see their students on a rotating basis and, now, keep them motivated through the ups and downs of online schooling. They make it through to the end of each year after creating and grading quizzes, projects, tests, papers, midterms, and finals. Needless to say, these heroes of the school system deserve a little TLC. 

36. Custom stationery

Teachers write notes一a lot of them. They write notes to students, to parents, to themselves, to their spouses; the list is pretty endless. So why not get them their own unique stationery set? Customize it with their name or a fun saying as a way to tell them you’re grateful for what they do.

37. Keychain AirPod or earbud case

Every high school teacher has one thing in common: they grade massive amounts of work. Many go to Starbucks or their favorite hangout to get out of the house while grading. What do they take with them? Their AirPods or other earbuds, of course. Gift the teacher in your life a snazzy way to take their AirPods on the go with a keychain AirPod case.

38. Teacher themed bath bombs

While no one brings an apple to school these days, you can give your teacher these awesome apple bath bombs that they’re sure to love. Who doesn’t need to wind down at the end of a hard day (or year)? Give the gift of a nice relaxing soak with these fun bath bombs that are good for any time of year. 

39. Dry-erase desktop easel

Teachers who have the unique task of explaining concepts to their students over Zoom will utilize any visual aids available. Though many use in-screen applications such as whiteboards to draw out a concept, sometimes there’s no substitute for the good old-fashioned dry erase board. The Quartet Glass Whiteboard Desktop Easel is angled for easy writing, it wipes clean, and it can be used for note-taking on the go. 

40. Lap desk

Let’s be realㅡthe home office desk, kitchen table, or island is going to get old after a while. Every teacher will need to grab a glass of wine, plop on the couch, and keep on grading. So help them relax as much as they can while still carrying their tremendous workload with a LapGear Designer Lap Desk.

Funny Gifts for People Who Work From Home

Working from homeㅡwhether you love it or notㅡcan get a little old. So spice up life for someone you know with one of these gifts that will have them smiling all day long, even if they’re the only ones around.

41. Tears of my staff mug

Are you friends with a boss babe, boss mom, or another hard-core boss who loves the team they lead and also loves joking around? Get them a mug for their morning coffee or tea labeled, “Tears of My Staff.” Your friend (or boss!) is sure to get a kick out of it and get a chuckle each day as they use their mug.

42. Tortilla blanket

Can anything be better than wrapping yourself in a warm tortilla blanket? We sure don’t think so, and we bet your friends and family will agree. This oversized, super-soft, double-sided flannel blanket is sure to win you compliments as a gift giver for giving one of the coolest and enjoyable gifts of the year.

43. Custom face socks

If you’re a boss in need of funny gag gifts for your staff, you can’t get much better than this. Have their face or your face printed all over a pair of custom face socks, and give them to your hardworking team. If you have an office mascot, say a dog or cat, you can even have their cute mug printed all over the pair of fuzzy feet-warmers. It’s a gag gift, to be sure, but it just might be the hit of a Zoom office party.

44. Desktop boxing

Does your friend or loved one have a high-stress job? Get them this humorous mini desktop boxing set complete with boxing gloves for your fingers. The punching bag sticks to a desktop thanks to a suction cup, and the gloves fit neatly over the thumb and index fingers. Your friend will punch their stress away with this mini punching bag and get a laugh while they do. 

45. Punderdome

Everyone needs to unwind from time to time, so give the pun-lovers in your life Punderdome. It’s a hilarious game of matching words and creating puns. They’ll be laughing up a storm before they know it.

Work From Home Made Easier

Transitioning from office space to home office space isn’t always easy. These inventive, fun, and practical gifts will help the work-from-home employee you know make the best of their changing circumstances. 


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