18 Thoughtful Gifts for a Friend Going Through a Divorce


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A divorce is a difficult life change, and it brings new challenges as well as opportunities for growth. If you know a friend currently going through a divorce, you’ll want to be there for them for this transition. 

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Holiday or Christmas Gift Ideas for a Friend Going Through a Divorce

Care Package or Survival Kit Ideas for a Friend Going Through a Divorce

Small Gift Ideas for a Friend Going Through a Divorce

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Regardless of whether it was a friendly, mutual divorce or a ruthless one, all divorces are frustrating. Your friend needs you now more than ever. This is a chance to be their shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, and a source of ongoing support. 

If you’re looking for small gifts for friends, a thoughtful item can help them get through this murky time. While “divorce presents” aren’t all that common, perhaps they should be. We gift friends and family wedding gifts on their big day, and why shouldn’t we mark this occasion with similar well-wishes for the future? Here are our favorite thoughtful gifts for a friend going through a divorce. 

Holiday or Christmas Gift Ideas for a Friend Going Through a Divorce

The first holiday or birthday a friend spends after his or her divorce is often the hardest. Being there for them during this time helps ease the burden of loss they might be feeling. These gifts are the perfect reminder that better days are ahead. 

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1. Wine or champagne

Why not toast to new beginnings? Most people think of divorce as an ending, but it’s also an invitation to start new. This fresh start calls for some delicious wine or champagne. As a bonus, add a fun, divorce-themed wine label

2. Divorce cookies

While it might be a bit silly, there’s no way not to laugh at these divorce-themed cookies. You can make your own, hire a local baker, or find a selection on Etsy. Just as we celebrate life’s happy holiday moments with baked goods, you can honor this change with delicious treats. 

3. E-reader

The holidays can be lonely when you’re spending them without a partner for the first time. Keep your friend company with their own e-reader like a Kindle. Better yet, include a gift card for ebooks or download a few of your favorites to keep them occupied. 

4. New sheets

Nothing feels as fresh as new, luxurious sheets. This might be the first time your friend has slept in their bed alone for a while. New sheets are the perfect way to begin a fresh chapter, and they’re also a source of warmth and comfort. 

5. Streaming subscription

When it comes to the best digital gifts, it’s hard to outdo a streaming subscription. Gift a subscription to your favorite digital film libraries like Netflix or Hulu so your friend can binge all the latest shows and movies. A bit of escapism might be the perfect holiday activity. 

6. Blanket

A comforting blanket is a perfect way to gift holiday cheer to someone in need. Better yet, choose a heated or weighted blanket so they get even more comfort when they need it the most. Though simple, a blanket is a gift for every occasion. 

Care Package or Survival Kit Ideas for a Friend Going Through a Divorce

For a friend who needs a helping hand, these care package and survival kit ideas will make things a bit easier. Most of all, they’re a reminder that your friend is never really alone. You’ll be there every step of the way. 

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7. ‘Open when’ letters

If you’re not aware, “open when” letters are letters that your friend opens on specific occasions. For example, you might have an ‘open when you’re sad’ letter or ‘open when you miss your ex’ letter. These are designed to be opened in the moments your loved one needs them the most. 

Taking the time to write custom, personalized ‘open when’ letters is the best way to be there for your friend during his or her divorce. Because you can’t always be there in person, be there in spirit. 

8. Meal delivery

Regular, everyday activities and chores are always harder when you’re going through a big change. Regardless of how your friend feels about the divorce, things like cooking can be difficult to stay on top of. A meal delivery service or subscription ensures they’re not neglecting their health. Plus, it’s one less thing for them to worry about. 

9. Divorce book

Going through a divorce can be a lonely experience, especially if your friend doesn’t have anyone in their life who has also broken up with a marriage partner. 

Reading a book about someone who’s already been there can offer great comfort. Some good picks are Lori Gottlieb’s Maybe You Should Talk to Someone and Lisa Marie Basile’s Light Magic for Dark Times

10. Supportive bracelet

Sometimes the best place to wear your heart (or your support) is literally on your sleeve. A supportive message on a stylish bracelet lets your divorced friend carry your wise words with them. This RareLove bracelet spells ‘strength’ in morse code, offering help when you need it the most. 

11. Divorce candle

Candles can be therapeutic. Reflecting while watching a flame is a form of healing, and we could all stand to take a few more quiet moments to ourselves. A candle that celebrates someone’s divorce isn’t just a funny gift, it’s also a reminder to practice self-love. 

12. Household essentials

Basic chores like shopping and cleaning are always more of a challenge when you’re going through something difficult. A household essentials gift basket with things like paper towels, paper plates, cleaning supplies, and so on can be a thoughtful gift. 

Small Gift Ideas for a Friend Going Through a Divorce

If you’d rather give something small but powerful, there are so many ways to lift your friend up with one of the ideas below. It’s always the thought that matters most of all. 

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13. Letter of encouragement

A letter of encouragement is a small token of kindness, and it’s the perfect gift idea for a recently divorced friend. In a letter of encouragement, you can share what you love and admire about your friend, as well as why you know they’ll make it through this stronger. 

14. Gratitude journal

Understanding and coming to terms with the mixed emotions after a divorce is sometimes the hardest part. A gratitude journal gives them a safe space to share their feelings and thoughts on their own terms. Reminding them what they’re thankful for goes a long way in regards to healing and growth. 

15. Pajamas

Few things in life are as soothing as new pajamas. Offering your friend a new pair of comfy pajamas to call their own helps them feel less alone each night, and it’s also a fresh start for a new era. 

16. Self-care items

Taking time for yourself can feel selfish after a divorce. When feelings are running high, it’s hard to hit pause and reflect. Self-care gift ideas like a self-care gift basket or bathtime essentials remind them to take this time they need. Hitting the pause button on life is the best way to really move forward. 

17. Divorce card

A simple gift idea for someone you might not know as well is a divorce card. While there are greeting cards for just about everything, a divorce card isn’t something you’ll find at a big-box store. Luckily, you can find laugh-out-loud divorce cards on Etsy and other creative shops. 

18. Flowers

Lastly, gift your divorced friend fresh, gorgeous flowers. Flowers are a symbol of life, newness, and happiness. Though your friend might need time to come to terms with their new normal, flowers are a form of support that never will go out of style. 

While you can choose any flowers, consider the language behind these blooms. Daffodils are the most well-known flower that symbolizes newness and a fresh start. Similarly, daisies are a sign of rebirth. 

Help Someone Through a Divorce

If you’re helping a friend through a divorce, this is the perfect time to prepare a meaningful gift. These gift ideas above might sound simple, but they’re a reminder that we can surround ourselves with support. While divorces happen and can be messy, they’re also a new start. 

Whether you’re inviting your friend to celebrate this new chapter or you’re helping him or her reflect on their feelings, being there is what matters. How do you help those you love through life’s biggest challenges?

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