25+ Gifts for Someone Who’s Bedridden or on Bed Rest


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No one likes being forced into bed rest, no matter the reason. Though sometimes it’s for the best in some cases such as protecting an at-risk pregnancy, being on bed rest and having to stay in one spot can be hard to swallow. 

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Gifts for Bedridden Older Adults

Gifts for Someone Who’s Terminally Ill

Gifts for Someone Recovering From Surgery

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If you have a friend or family member in your life who is confined to their bed with no option of leaving it in the near future, encouraging them with thoughtful gifts is one way to bring a smile to their face and let them know that they’re not alone.

Gift-giving can be difficult during the best of times, so what do you get someone who can’t even leave their bed? Here are some fantastic ideas for the wonderful folks in your life.

Gifts for a Bedridden Older Adult

Bedrest occurs for numerous reasons and for many older adults, it can be due to a loss of mobility. When an older adult becomes confined to bed, they lose much of their freedom, independence, and enjoyment of life. Help bring life back to them with these thoughtful gifts.

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1. Tea/coffee sampler

For those you know who love coffee or tea, get them an extra special fancy sampler of coffees or teas. Include a special mug to go with it and a heartwarming card with some thinking of you messages.

We like the Starbucks Coffee and Teavana Tea Gift Basket from Amazon.

2. Mug warmer

There’s nothing worse than coffee or tea that gets lukewarm or cold. Get a bedside mug warmer so your friend or relative can keep their favorite beverage warm all day.

We like this Coffee Mug Warmer with Auto Shut on/off from Amazon.

3. Microplush blanket

Sick or not, everyone loves a soft, plush blanket that you can curl up with on a cold day. Get someone you know a plush blanket in their favorite color and include a small candle to go with it for a complete set.

Pro Tip: Some companies allow you to personalize blankets. Add a favorite phrase, quote, piece of scripture, get well wishes, or meaningful pictures to make this gift even more meaningful.

We like the Bedsure Fleece Blanket from Amazon.

4. Foot massager

If your friend or family member struggles with swollen or painful feet, get them a heated portable foot massager to provide them some relief.

We like the Snailax 2-in-1 Shiatsu Foot and Back Massager with Heat from Amazon.

5. Back pillow

For those sitting or lying in bed all day, regular bed pillows don’t provide enough support. Get them a backrest pillow that is made specifically to support their posture when sitting up in bed all day and help them maximize their comfort level.

We like the ComfortSpa Backrest Lounge Cushion with Arms and Pockets from Amazon.

6. Bed tray

Moving around during bed rest can be a difficult task, especially for those with limited mobility. Get them a bed tray so they can have the option of having their computer, cell phone, books to read, pictures to look at, and tea to sip all at hand without risking something falling over.

We like the LapGear Media Bed Tray from Amazon.

Gifts for Someone Who’s Seriously or Terminally Ill

Bedrest can be discouraging in the best of times, but for those who aren’t sure when they’ll ever get out of bed again, it can be downright overwhelming. Thoughtful gifts that help make their life easier will always be appreciated. Include a card with the gift and remind them that they aren’t alone.

If you’re unsure of what to say to someone in hospice, simply keep in mind that everyone wants to know that you’re there for them, you love them, and you care about their wellbeing.

7. Bedside shelf

For those who would rather not have a bed tray, a bedside shelf is the next best option. Once it’s hooked to the bedside, it stays put and remains sturdy. This becomes extra surface area for a person to keep items such as their phone, tablet, books, and a mug.

We like the BedShelfie from Amazon.

8. Weighted blanket

There are few things more comforting or cozy than a weighted blanket. Get a weighted blanket to help them with any stress they may have in their favorite color and include a card with some words of encouragement and love.

We like the YnM Weighted Blanket from Amazon.

9. Neck or back massager

Staying in bed often contributes to increased aches and pains due to the inability to move about. Get them a neck or back massager to help relieve soreness. 

Pro Tip: Get a heated massager to maximize the impact and comfort value.

We like the Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager from Amazon.

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10. Personalized pillows

Personalize a pillow or two with favorite quotes, sayings, phrases, and pictures. These pillows will not only provide a sense of comfort but will give them encouragement as they’re reminded of words, phrases, and people they love.

We like the Shop&Three Custom Design Throw Pillowcase from Amazon.

11. Bedside storage caddy

Give your friend the gift of having everything they need close at hand from their cellphone to favorite books and picture albums. 

Pro Tip: Make this gift extra special by creating a photo album with pictures of you and them and place it in the caddy for them to enjoy.

We like the Zafit 6 Pockets Bedside Storage Organizer from Amazon.

12. Favorite candy

Gift someone a small amount of their favorite candy such as fancy chocolate. While they may not feel like enjoying it right away, it will be ready for them when their appetite returns or they feel better and they’ll thank you for it.

We like the Godiva Chocolate Biscuit Gift Box from Amazon.

Gifts for Someone Recovering From Surgery

Recovery from surgery can be a long and drawn-out process. Having to stay in bed during the recovery process often makes the time feel even longer. Encourage your friend or loved one by bringing them a get well gift and help keep their mind off of how long they have to stay in bed.

13. Gratitude journal

Recovery can be a long and difficult journey. Help someone you know keep their mind on the good and positive things during their time of recovery with a gratitude journal. Include a fancy pen with regular journals or a set of colored pencils with some dot grid journals to complete the gift.

We like The Five Minute Journal from Amazon.

14. Crochet or knitting kit

If your friend or loved one enjoys crafting and learning new things, give them a craft kit so they can learn a new technique such as crochet or knitting. Always check to make sure the kit includes everything they’ll need to complete the project.

We like the Calm Club Blanket Knitting Kit from Amazon.

15. Inspirational quote or wall art

There’s nothing worse than having a blank wall to stare at when you’re stuck in bed. Give the gift of visual encouragement with an inspirational quote on canvas or a comforting piece of wall art for them to enjoy.

We like the Custom Floating Quote Frame from Amazon.

16. Bouquet of flowers

There’s nothing like having a brightly colored bouquet of flowers on the bedside when you’re recovering from surgery. Bring the beauty of the garden into their room to brighten up their environment.

We like the Benchmark Bouquets Assorted Asiatic Lilies from Amazon.

17. Heated blanket

It can be hard to stay warm enough when someone is largely immobile due to bedrest after surgery. Help them stay cozy with a heated blanket large enough to cover their bed.

We like the Amazon Basics Ulta-Soft Micromink Sherpa Blanket - Throw, Grey from Amazon.

18. New pair of pajamas

Gift the person with a new pair of PJs as a welcome home gift after their surgery. There’s nothing better than slipping into brand new pajamas after having been in hospital scrubs for days on end.

We like the Joyaria Womens Soft Bamboo Pajama Set from Amazon.

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Gifts for Someone on Pregnancy Bed Rest

Pregnancy is an exciting time of eager anticipation. As the months go by and preparations are made, the nursery gets put together, names are discussed, and life is imagined with a new bundle of joy.

But when all of that gets put on hold because of doctor-ordered bed rest, it can feel discouraging, at best. Help keep your friend or relative encouraged with these thoughtful, fun, and enjoyable gifts.

19. Pedicure or manicure

If you know how to give pedicures or manicures, gift your friend with a manicure set and a spa day. They’ll love getting to spend time with you and will feel extra special and pampered thanks to your thoughtfulness and creativity.

We like the OPI Nail At Home Manicure Kit from Amazon.

20. Body pillow

Get someone on pregnancy bed rest a body pillow and you’ll introduce them to their new best friend. Body pillows are instrumental in keeping them resting comfortably all day long.

We like the PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow from Amazon.

21. Food gift basket

Put together a basket of the person’s favorite snack items including salty and sweet snacks, and drink items. Since they won’t be able to go out and shop at their local grocery store, they’ll love that you thought of their favorite foods. 

We like the Wine Country Gourmet Gift Basket from Amazon.

22. Coloring book

Give the gift of something fun and enjoyable to do for the mom who has to stay in bed. Include a set or deluxe coloring pencils or markers to go along with the coloring book. 

We like the Color & Frame Coloring Book from Amazon.

23. Spa gift basket

Being confined to bed and feeling ill or uncomfortable is a recipe for women to feel less glamorous or like their usual selves. Gift them a basket of spa self-care items such as a peel-away facemask, a sleeping mask, a lavender-scented neck pillow, lip balm, and extra hydrating lotion in their favorite scent.

We like the Cruelty-Free Bath Body & Spa Gifts Box from Amazon.

24. New book series

If your friend or loved one has a favorite author or genre of reading material, get them a new book or two to enjoy and pass the time while they’re stuck in bed.

25. Luxury sheet set

Gift an extra soft, silky, microfiber, or flannel sheet set depending on the season. Since they’ll be staying in bed so much, give them the gift of luxurious sheets that will feel soft and smooth against their skin and contribute to a sense of wellbeing.

We like the Sonoro Kate Bed Sheet Set from Amazon.

26. Video streaming subscription

Gift a subscription to a video streaming site such as HBO Max, The Criterion Channel, Amazon, Netflix, or Hulu. This will provide them with an outlet to keep their mind off of the fact that they’re stuck in bed and give them an opportunity to catch up on beloved shows or find a new favorite.

Bring a Smile to Their Face

When someone finds their lives suddenly reduced to the space of their bedroom, it can be difficult to have a positive outlook and remain encouraged.

Gifts of all shapes and sizes can be used to help bring a smile to their face, show them that you care, and keep them looking forward to the good that each day can bring.

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