25 Best Gifts to Give to a Long Distance Best Friend


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Friendships are a special gift. But what do you do when life separates you and your friend? It can be difficult to deal with the distance.

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Rather than letting an important friendship fade away due to time and space, use fun occasions and random times throughout the year to send your bestie gifts that say, “I’m thinking of you.”

Here are some unique gifts for long-distance friends that will help keep your friendship alive.

DIY Gifts for a Long Distance Friend

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Sometimes the best gifts are handmade with love. Put time and effort into these gifts for an extra personal touch and send your best friend a gift that is just as special as your friendship.

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1. Photo cube

DIY a wooden cube with pictures, quotes, and funny sayings on each side. Choose pictures that are special for the two of you, phrases that make you both laugh, or favorite memories. No matter how your friend displays the cube, it’s a great reminder of your friendship.

2. Friendship bracelets

Do you have a good eye for color and coordination? Consider making matching friendship bracelets out of natural stone beads or leather. Add a charm or two to represent a favorite memory from your friendship in the past. 

3. Photo book

Create a photo book with all of your favorite pictures and memories from a specific trip you took together or a season of life.

Make notes and comments to tell the story of each picture as your friend looks through the book. Recounting memories you’ve shared is one of the best ways to say, “Thank you for being a friend.”

4. Book of ‘letters to open when’

Create a book of 12 letters to open during different circumstances. You could order some colorful stationery and make letters to open up for each month of the year or for different circumstances such as, “When you want a hug,” “When you’re feeling discouraged,” or even “When you want to celebrate.”

The sky's the limit for what to write in “open when” letters for a best friend. If you feel truly at a loss for what to put inside “open when” letters, simply tell your friend how much you miss them, how thankful you are that they're your best friend, and how much they mean to you.

5. Personalized candle

Make a candle in your BFF’s favorite scent and wrap it with a label that contains a favorite quote, saying, or message. Every time your friend uses it, they’ll think of you and the wonderful friendship you share.

Interactive Gifts for a Long Distance Friend

Some friendships need an extra special touch — an interactive touch — when they have to part due to distance. These gifts will help you and your friend stay in touch in a special way that is as unique as your friendship.

6. Friendship bracelets

These unique one-of-a-kind bracelets allow you and your bestie to stay just as close as if you were still in the same town.

You can even send your best friend a signal that says you’re thinking of her. Touch a special area on your bracelet and your BFF’s matching bracelet will vibrate and light up in a color you choose.

7. Friendship lamps

Friendship lamps come in a wide variety of styles and shapes and allow you to send a wordless message to your best friend.

When you touch your lamp and light it up in a certain color, your friend’s lamp will glow the same color no matter where you or they are in the world. This is one of the best encouragement gifts you can give your BFF.

8. Long-distance game

If you and your bestie have a favorite board game like Monopoly, Life, or Scrabble, share a game. Take turns playing long distance. Each day you’ll roll the dice, choose an action, or set up a word.

Text your bestie the action you took during your turn so she does the same. Each of you can record the other person’s moves and play your long-distance game until one of you wins.

Sentimental Gifts for a Long Distance Friend

Sentimental gifts for a long-distance friend image

Friendships go deep because of the laughter you share, the jokes you make, and the hundreds of memories you have together. Remind your best friend why your friendship is so special with one of these gifts.

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9. Personalized necklace

Get a necklace imprinted with the state you’re in and the state your friend is in. Every time your friend wears it, they’ll be reminded of the unique friendship you have together regardless of how many miles separate you.

10. State keychains

Get a puzzle piece keychain set with your state and their state. When the keychains are placed together, they’ll fit together.

When apart, they’ll look like the state they reside in. Give the state you’re in to your bestie and keep the state she’s in for your own keyring. Every time they use their keys, they’ll be reminded of you.

11. Personalized mug

Personalize a mug with a sweet quote such as, “Miles apart but best friends at heart.” Personalize the mugs with the states you both live in and a dotted line that connects the states together.

12. Personalized pillow

Personalize a pillow for your bestie’s home or apartment with pictures, quotes, or fun sayings that you both enjoy. 

13. BFF picture frame or stand

Get your bestie a picture frame or stand that says “BFF.” Give it to your bestie with five to 10 pictures that can be rotated out when your best friend misses you.

14. Personalized coasters

Personalize a set of coasters with pictures special to you and your bestie, places that you both love, or maps of places you’ve explored. No matter how you personalize the set of coasters, your friend is bound to smile whenever they’re used.

15. Memory box

Personalize a memory box filled with pictures, brochures, letters, notes, and mementos from a trip you and your bestie took together. 

Birthday Gifts for a Long Distance Friend

Remind your friends how special they are by celebrating their special day from afar with these well-timed gifts.

16. Give a heart weighted pillow

If you can’t be there to give your best friend a hug, offer the next best thing. The weighted heart pillow is soft, plush, and the perfect size to hug. 

17. Friendship bracelets

These are as versatile as it gets and can be made out of nearly any material you choose. You can even go with something fancy and get matching bracelets with Swarovski crystals so you both feel extra elegant.

If you prefer something more low key, opt for natural stone bracelets such as onyx or amethyst beads in matching or opposite colors.

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18. Subscription box

You’ll have no trouble finding a box that is just the fit for your BFF with hundreds of subscription boxes to choose from.

Sign your friend up for a meal subscription, crafting box, or self-care spa day package. You may not be there to enjoy it with your friend but your love will be sent with the box.

19. Travel fund box

Already planning your next big adventure? Give your friend a travel fund box so it’s easy for them to save up. Start your friend off right by including enough cash to cover your first night out or dinner on the town. Include a list of things you’re both planning to do. 

20. Recipe card box

Is cooking something you both enjoyed doing together? Compile a recipe box of all of your favorite recipes. Make notes and suggestions for things you already do such as substituting regular milk for almond milk or cutting out the peanut butter and using almond butter instead. 

Holiday Gifts For a Long Distance Friend

Holiday gifts for a long-distance friend image

Don’t let any occasion slip by without sharing a reminder of how special your friend is to you.

21. Master class

Thanks to the wide variety of master classes available online, you can sign you and your bestie up for a class to take together. Do you both love cooking? Poetry? Acting? Art?

Choose a class for you both to enjoy. Even if you have to take the class at different times, you can hop on Zoom and talk all about your latest projects and progress.

22. Customized bracelet

Customize a bracelet with a special message just for your BFF. You can use a phrase from an inside joke, a favorite quote, or simply tell your bestie that you love her. Some companies will even use your own handwriting to create the bracelet, giving the gift an extra special personal touch.

23. Gift card

When you can’t be there in person to celebrate a holiday with your bestie, it can feel pretty lonely. Shower your best friend with gift cards for things the two of you enjoy doing together such as shopping at a certain clothing store, participating in an art night, or going to a movie.

Write a gift card message with each card telling your friend why you chose to give that particular card. If you have extra space, include a short memory that goes with each.

24. Personalized ornament

Searching for something to send to brighten up a best friend’s Christmas holiday? Personalize an ornament and send it.

Use a clear glass or plastic ball and insert a favorite picture, some confetti or glitter, and charms. Your friend will think of you fondly every time she decorates her tree and will always be reminded of the adventures you’ve had together.

25. Book of the month club

Do you both love to read? Sign both of you up to get a book of the month. You can read it together wherever you are and plan to discuss it, book club-style, at the end of each month.

Sweeten the deal with a snack box subscription so you both can enjoy the whole book club experience when you hop on Zoom to talk about the book together.

Offer a Touch of Home

No matter what you give your friend or what time of the year you do it, gifts such as these will send warm thoughts and tell your friend how much he or she is loved, missed, and cherished. Your friendship doesn’t have to suffer just because you’re far away from each other.

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