36 Practical, Fun & Thoughtful Gifts for Nurses


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Nurses are selfless and hard-working. They spend their days caring for others and helping them feel their best. Whether you’re related to a nurse or you want to thank one for being there when you needed them, giving a gift is the perfect way to show you care. 

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Surprise the nurse in your life with a gift that speaks to their profession. Nurses work hard day in and day out, and they deal with difficult things like hospice care and sick patients.

Give them some relief and kindness in the form of one of these practical, fun, and thoughtful gifts below. 

Best Gifts for Nurses Week

Nurses Week is an annual event raising awareness for the important role nurses play in healthcare and society. Every year, the week begins on May 6 and it ends on May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale.

Honor the founder of modern nursing and all the life-changing nurses in your life with these ideas. 

1. Badge clip

The simplest idea is also perfect for nurses week. Badge clips hold ID badges, important information, and other things that nurses need to carry at all times. 

A badge clip is a fun way to show off their personality while wearing scrubs.

2. Silicone ring

Nurses are limited in the jewelry they’re able to wear due to safety reasons. A silicone band is hospital-approved, making it perfect for an engaged or married nurse.

3. Cell phone sanitizer

The average person's cell phone gets pretty dirty, so you can only imagine what nurses’ phones are exposed to on a daily basis. 

With so many germs in hospitals and other facilities, gift the nurse in your life a phone sanitizer

4. Tumbler or mug

Nurses like hot (or cold) drinks, but they don’t always have the luxury of drinking their coffee or tea right away. 

An insulated tumbler or mug helps their drinks stay fresh no matter how long it takes to drink them. 

5. Thank you card

Say “thank you” to the special nurse in your life for all of their hard work. Sometimes the best way to show your support is with a heartfelt thank you card. Here is a list of nursing quotes to help get you started.

6. Baked goods

Another easy way to show your support during Nurses Week is with some sweets. Who doesn’t love baked goods like cookies or cakes? 

This is the perfect late-night (or early morning) pick-me-up for nurses. You can make them yourself, stop by a local bakery, or order a gift basket of sweet treats online to be delivered.

Tip: Read our guide on the best Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) gifts for more ideas.

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Practical ‘Thank You’ Gifts for Nurses

Practical ‘Thank You’ Gifts for Nurses

Nurses are always in need of practical things. They work long hours on their feet, and sometimes they just need gifts that help them get more done. 

7. Nurse Association Membership

Joining a professional organization is a great way to network and grow one's career, but these subscriptions are often pricey. 

Offer to pay the monthly fee for your favorite nurse to help them succeed. 

8. Compression socks

Another practical gift is compression socks. If you’ve ever stood for long hours on your feet, you know how hard it is on your body. 

Compression socks promote blood circulation and prevent swelling. 

9. Stethoscope

A stethoscope is a must for nurses, and a nice one makes all the difference. A personalized or unique stethoscope stands out, and it adds a fun touch to a long workday. 

10. Light jacket

Hospitals are often chilly, and nurses need to stay comfortable. While you might prefer to get a light medical scrub jacket, you also can choose something athletic and versatile

11. Pens

Can you ever have too many pens? Nurses are always writing updates and patient information, and they’re always in need of a nice pen. 

Get a fun, large pack so they always have something to keep them on the ball. 

12. Messenger bag

Nurses rarely sit still. They’re always on the go, and they often have overnight shifts if they work at a hospital. 

A messenger bag makes it simple for them to carry everything they need with them wherever they go. 

Fun or Funny Gifts for Nurses

Nurses like to have fun too. In fact, since so many nurses often spend their days caring for others, they’re usually looking for a way to add cheer to their lives. These fun gifts hit right on target. 

13. Wine glass

This is an off-duty gift, of course, but a fun gift nonetheless. Treat the nurse in your life to a cozy night in with a customized wine glass and her favorite bottle of wine. 

14. Nurse sweater

Recently, there’s been a rise in fun nurse sweaters and apparel. Find something with a funky saying, fun design, or get a personalized sweater and share it with your favorite nurse.

15. Candle

Nurses need to relax more than anyone. A stress relief candle is a great way to unwind after a long shift, and the lighting is a refreshing change from the hospital lights. 

16. Robe

Another way to help them kick back and unwind is with a comfortable robe. A plush robe might not be the same as scrubs, but it’s just as comfortable. Let your nurse take their relaxation up a level. 

17. Hand sanitizer

Nurses are notorious for always using hand sanitizer. A funny gift is to give them even more hand sanitizer. They can always add another bottle to their neverending collection. 

18. Fun bandages

Everyone knows nurses are healers. Gifting a fun set of bandages with a unique design is perfect for at-home use.

They’ll remember that you’re thinking of them every time they use them. 

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Inexpensive or Cheap Gifts for Nurses

Inexpensive or Cheap Gifts for Nurses

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to impress the nurse in your life. These inexpensive gifts are just as thoughtful, and they’re sure to go a long way.

19. Hand cream

The constant hand washing makes nurses’ hands dry and uncomfortable.

Nice hand cream is the perfect way to restore moisture and keep their skin from cracking. It also smells great! 

20. Instant coffee or tea

Because nurses don’t always have time to brew a fresh cup of coffee or tea, instant coffee or tea packets are a real lifesaver. 

Choose a flavor that your nurse loves or put a few varieties together to make a gift pack. These will definitely come in handy for those late shifts. 

21. Blanket

Is there anything better than a cozy blanket? Help them unwind after a long day or find some comfort during long shifts with a nice blanket

22. Lunch containers

Sometimes nurses just want a nice meal from home! Gifting a lunch container or a nice lunch box makes it easy for them to pack their favorite meals and snacks from home without any hassle. 

Look for small containers that are easy to reuse and store away

23. Coffee gift card

For a simple gift that’s sure to impress, give a coffee gift card. A local coffee shop gift card makes it simple for them to grab their favorite latte on the way into their shift. 

24. Books

If the nurse in your life is a reader, why not gift a book? Choose a bestseller, your favorite, or one of the top healthcare books. You can also consider gifting them an e-reader or a Kindle Unlimited membership if they don't already have one.

Books are perfect for on-shift downtime or even just unwinding at home. 

Unique Holiday, Christmas, or Birthday Gifts for Nurses

When a holiday or birthday comes around, show the nurse in your life that you care with a thoughtful gift. Showing that you understand their profession goes a long way when it comes to supporting nurses everywhere. 

25. Wearable health tracker

Wearable health trackers are smarter than ever. They monitor our steps, stress, and even our sleep. 

These are perfect for nurses who are always on the move and might want to check in with their own health. 

26. Necklace or jewelry

While nurses can’t usually wear jewelry on the job, they still like to show off their style when they’re not on the clock.

A nurse-themed necklace or other jewelry is a great way to let the world know their commitment to others. 

27. Comfortable shoes

Comfortable shoes really do make all the difference! A nice pair of shoes helps nurses get more done without any pain. 

28. Coffee maker

A coffee maker is another unique, thoughtful gift for the nurse in your life.

Look for simple makers that brew single cups since that’s all nurses usually have time for. They’re sure to use this gift a lot.

29. Nurse clipboard

Nurses are never caught without their clipboards. Choosing one that’s designed specifically for nurses offers a lot of help throughout long shifts.

30. Scrubs

That’s right—nurses can never have too many scrubs. Gifting a special set of nursing scrubs is a thoughtful way to show you care. There are so many great styles to choose from. 

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Creative Holiday, Christmas, or Birthday Gifts for Nurses

Creative Holiday, Christmas, or Birthday Gifts for Nurses

Sometimes it pays to be a bit creative. If you’re stuck in a gifting rut, consider these ideas when it comes to creative holiday or birthday gifts for nurses. 

31. Nurse watch

A nurse watch is designed with nurses’ needs in mind. These are usually made of medical-grade silicone and safe for use in different medical environments. 

32. Meal kit

Offering a subscription to a meal delivery service is definitely a creative choice.

Most nurses don’t have time to do things like meal planning, so having all the ingredients shipped to them is a real lifesaver. 

33. Massage gift card

Treat the nurse in your life to some me-time with a massage gift card. Giving him or her the chance to be taken care of for a change is quite the treat. 

34. Pocket organizer

A pocket organizer is a safe way for nurses to store all their must-have items. They store things like pens, scissors, penlight, cotton swabs, and more. 

35. Donation

Many nurses appreciate any gift that does good in the world. A selfless gift in honor of an important association or charity is a heartfelt way to do something good. 

36. Portable phone battery

Finally, nobody likes dealing with a low phone battery. Nurses don’t usually have the luxury of stopping mid-shift to charge their phones. 

Gifting a small phone battery that they can keep with them makes all the difference. 

Treat the Nurse in Your Life

Though small, gifts are a powerful way to show your thanks. Many people think about gifts for doctors, but don’t forget the nurses. These individuals put others first, and they deserve all the recognition in the world. 

One of the best gifts to give anyone in your life is the gift of planning for the future. Start end-of-life planning to make sure you’re ready for anything, no matter what tomorrow might bring. 


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