20 Comfy Gift Ideas for People Who Are Always Freezing


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Do you have a friend or family member who simply can’t tolerate the cold? Probably. Some of us thrive in cold temperatures, while others would do just about anything to avoid them. On top of that, a range of medical conditions can make some people more sensitive to cold temperatures than others.

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You might not be able to change the way cold temperatures affect the important people in your life. However, you can help them warm up with the right gift!

If you’re looking for gifts for people who are always cold, keep the items here in mind. Whether your goal is to take care of someone from afar, help a coworker deal with the office temperature, or simply make a friend feel a little more comfortable in a cold house, this list will make finding the ideal gift easy.

Keep-At-Home Gifts Ideas for People Who Are Always Cold 

Most of us spend a large chunk of our lives at home. That’s why the best gifts for people who are always cold are those they can use around the house.

1. Electric blanket

Yes, it’s one of the classic go-to gifts for people who are always cold, but that’s only because it works. Drifting off to sleep is a much more enjoyable experience for some people when they can relax in blissful warmth with a heated blanket.

2. Microwavable neck or shoulder warmer

Heat doesn’t just make some people more comfortable. It can also relieve pain and tension, particularly in areas like the neck and shoulders.

Thus, a neck or shoulder warmer that heats up after only a few seconds in the microwave could be the perfect get well gift for someone recovering from an injury in one of those areas (if they’re the type of person who doesn’t like the cold, of course).

3. Microwaveable slippers

Another classic. This gift for people who are always cold gets even warmer after a few moments in the microwave!

4. Heated lounge seating

Don’t make the mistake of thinking someone actually needs to be inside the house to enjoy a warming gift for the home! For example, many restaurants, bars, and hotels offer heated outdoor lounge seating. Sometimes it’s in the form of small chairs for individuals, and sometimes it’s a big heated sectional. You’ll also find outdoor propane- and electric-powered heat lamps.

Consider this gift for someone who loves to spend as much time out on the patio as possible, but doesn’t love it when cold temperatures get in the way of their comfort.

5. Towel warmer

A towel can be a perfectly fine gift for someone who’s always cold, but if you want to help them warm up even more, you could instead get them a towel warmer. These devices do exactly what you would expect.

Your friend or loved one can place any of their favorite towels inside, and in a few short moments, a basic towel will have become something much cozier.

Gifts for People Who Are Always Cold At Work

It’s rare for coworkers in a decent-sized office to unanimously agree on how warm or cold the workplace should be. As a result, it’s not uncommon to have coworkers who always struggle with feeling cold. Make their workdays a little easier with these gifts.

6. Small space heater

Someone who’s always cold at work probably doesn’t love that their coworkers have decided to set the thermostat lower than they’d wish.

Fortunately, you can help bring a little warmth into their workspace with a miniature space heater

7. Heated seat cushion

This is an ideal gift for someone who works from home. For anyone spending long hours shivering at a desk, a heated seat cushion could make the workday much more comfortable.

Additionally, you can find various larger versions of this type of product that are perfect for draping over couches and other larger pieces of furniture.

8. Heated fingerless gloves

Gloves are already naturally warm, but some fancy new gloves heat up with the help of a USB connection! They also come in fingerless varieties, which is helpful for someone whose job involves a lot of typing.

9. Thermal undershirt

Sometimes, the office dress code doesn’t allow someone who’s always cold to wear the clothes they need to stay warm.

However, there are plenty of thermal undershirt options that hide perfectly beneath more appropriate office wear. This could help a coworker stay warm without attracting complaints from HR!

10. Temperature control mug

Does one of your coworkers drink coffee and tea throughout the day not only to perk themselves up but also to keep themselves warm?

If so, make someone’s day by giving them a temperature-controlled mug. This will ensure their hot tea or coffee stays at temp for hours on end.

Comforting Gifts for a Loved One Who’s Sick and Cold 

Some people are always cold due to health conditions. They need all the comfort they can get. Offer them some relief with these gift options. 

11. Microwavable eye mask

It’s important for someone who’s constantly sick to get proper rest. An eye mask can help them do that already.

That said, if they also tend to be cold much of the time, a microwavable eye mask offers even greater relaxing benefits.

12. Tea set

Many of us find a little relief from cold symptoms by sipping on the right wellness-restoring teas.

If a friend or loved one is constantly sick and cold, they’d likely appreciate a tea set featuring such health-restoring flavors.

13. Warm body wrap

Like the microwavable neck and shoulder warmer mentioned earlier, this type of product can relieve aching muscles, which could be very helpful for someone prone to illnesses that cause muscle tension or pain.

Unlike the neck and shoulder warmer, a body wrap can, as you may have guessed, soothe the entire body, instead of just one area.

14. Warming body scrub

People who often feel sick sometimes find a little comfort in taking steps to care for their bodies and appearance. Although no one needs to feel this way, plenty of us understand that feeling sick can also equate to feeling unattractive. 

A friend or loved one prone to this type of thinking would love a warming body scrub. There are plenty of scrubs out there that warm the skin while also restoring its beauty and glow.

15. Adjustable warm scarf

One of the side effects of chemotherapy is sensitivity to the cold. However, this sensitivity can affect different areas of the body.

Thus, if you’re putting together a chemo care package, consider including a warm scarf. Specifically, consider one with a practical design that allows someone to adjust how they wear it depending on which parts of their body they want to warm up at any given time.

Gifts for People Regularly Faring Cold Weather

If you know someone whose job or lifestyle constantly exposes them to cold weather, offer them some comfort with these gifts.

16. Waterproof coat or jacket

Any type of warm coat or jacket is a nice gift idea for someone who regularly endures cold weather conditions.

However, facing cold weather usually means facing rain and snow, so a warm waterproof coat or jacket may be an even better gift.

17. Heated insoles

For some people who often face cold weather, the extremities are sometimes the first parts of the body to feel the effects. This includes the feet.

Such a person would probably love this gift. Various brands offer insoles you can heat up before inserting them into your shoes. That’s one smart way to stay warm in wintry conditions!

18. Thermal sleeping bag

Sometimes even people who dislike the cold still end up bracing it if it allows them to enjoy other experiences.

For example, someone who loves the outdoors may venture into subzero weather for the right camping destination. Help them have even more fun during these getaways with a thermal sleeping bag.

19. Heated car blanket

Some people live on the road for their job. And the job doesn’t stop when the weather gets cold. So make their trips a little easier by gifting them a heated car blanket.

20. Handwarmer device

Although various types of handwarmer products have been around for quite some time now, if you know someone who’s regularly on the go in areas where warmth is hard to come by, you might want to give them one of the newest models.

Some hand-warming devices today serve two purposes: protecting hands from the cold and charging smartphones. 

Gifts for People Who Are Always Cold: Offering Warm Feelings

It’s important to consider just how uncomfortable daily life can be if you’re the type of person who is highly sensitive to cold temperatures.

That said, it’s also important to consider just how much you can make such a person feel loved simply by showing you want to help.

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