18 ‘Thank You’ Gift Ideas for Every Surgeon


Doctors are on the frontlines of daily struggles, always there for those in need. Getting surgery, whether routine or sudden, is understandably intimidating. These doctors are the ones who put our minds at ease in these stressful moments, ensuring we stay safe and healthy.

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While not required by any means, gifts for doctors go a long way. You should always thank the healthcare providers who go above and beyond to make you comfortable and healthy in your time of need.

Whether you choose to write a thank you note to your surgeon or get one of these thoughtful “thank you” gift ideas, there’s something perfect for every type of surgeon. From the practical to the sincere, giving back to those who spend their lives giving to others is incredibly rewarding. 

Gifts for General Surgeons

General surgeons handle all different types of procedures. They can be found working the late shift at your local hospital and putting in overtime to help families in their time of need. Here are the best gifts to say “thank you” to general surgeons. 

1. Hand cream

Hand cream is always a good idea for doctors, but especially for surgeons who spend so much time in the operating room.

Doctors are constantly washing their hands and using drying sanitizers. While this is essential, it also leaves their hands dry and cracked. Nice hand cream is a generous, practical gift. 

2. Yoga mat

Speaking of hours spent in the operating room, it’s understandable that doctors don’t always get the opportunity to stretch and care for themselves.

A yoga mat helps surgeons deal with the mental and physical stress of caring for others’ lives.

3. Indoor plant

An indoor plant that’s easy to care for makes the perfect gift. It’s a little bit of greenery and life to look forward to after a long day, and plants can even help reduce stress naturally.

Anything easy to take care of like a succulent or snake plant is perfect for a doctor’s busy lifestyle. 

4. Oil diffuser

Another way to unwind and de-stress is with an oil diffuser. These are perfect for the doctor’s office, home, or even on the go.

Gift your diffuser with lavender and grapefruit oils, which are ideal for both unwinding and feeling energized. 

5. Baked goods

Last but not least, baked goods are always a fantastic way to show you care. From cookies to muffins, these snacks make the perfect treat or pick-me-up for someone on their feet all day.

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Gifts for Orthopedic Surgeons

Orthopedic surgeons handle all things related to our bones and joints. They’re essential to keeping our bodies moving as they should, so here are the best ‘thank you’ gifts to an orthopedic surgeon.

6. Compression socks

Orthopedic surgeons know more than anyone the importance of keeping your body strong and healthy.

Spending long hours on one’s feet can be hard on the body, and compression socks are a great way to minimize swelling of the lower legs and ankles. 

7. Shoe insoles

Another great way to give your surgeon’s comfort a boost is with high-quality shoe insoles.

These are easy to slip into their favorite pair of work shoes, and they can be cut to fit their specific shoe size. After a long day of work, these really take the pressure off the feet. 

8. Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Did you know many surgeons like to listen to music in the operating room?

It’s true, and music can help many surgeons concentrate. A waterproof speaker that’s easy to clean is a great option, so choose something durable. 

9. Wellness app subscription

Gifting a year subscription for a wellness app is a powerful way to help your orthopedic surgeon recharge and focus on themselves.

We all know that being a doctor is a highly stressful job. Meditation, yoga, and even just calming exercises can make all the difference. 

10. Meal kit

After a long day (or night) or work, the last thing your doctor wants to do is plan a complicated meal.

A meal kit delivery service does the heavy lifting for them so they can put together a delicious home-cooked meal without the stress. There are many healthy options to choose from so they can get the benefits of something made at home without shopping. 

Gifts for Plastic Surgeons

Plastic surgeons can have a huge impact on someone’s life. From changing something cosmetic to relieving muscle pain, they serve an important purpose. Thank your plastic surgeon with one of these gift ideas. 

11. High-quality pen

If you want to give something practical, it doesn’t get any more usable than a nice pen.

Choosing a high-end pen that feels like it dances across the page is an amazing gift they’re likely to use every day. From ballpoint to felt tip, there are endless pens to choose from. 

12. Mug warmer

Surgeons are likely to set down their morning coffee and get distracted, leaving it sitting on the desk for hours.

To keep their mug warm all day, a mug warmer is a must. This simple gift is surprisingly practical. Whether they leave their coffee for a few minutes or hours, it’ll taste perfect. 

13. Coffee or tea

Speaking of coffee, give your plastic surgeon their favorite caffeine.

An afternoon pick-me-up is sure to be used frequently in their office for those longer days. For an extra special touch, gift this with a mug or cup. 

14. Messenger bag

Carrying work essentials to and from the hospital is sometimes easier said than done.

A messenger bag is a classy, sophisticated way to keep track of everything. A nice messenger bag that has room for all of their things ensures they’re always traveling in style. 

15. Portable charger

With surgeons working long hours, a portable charger is a must. This keeps their phone and other gadgets alive even if they don’t have time to relax.

Getting one with two ports is best for the doctors who rely on both a tablet and a phone throughout the day. 

Funny Gifts for Surgeons

Last but not least, funny appreciation gifts also make a kind way of saying ‘thank you’ to surgeons. When in doubt, try these silly gifts below. 

16. Gag prescription pad

Doctors write on prescription pads all day, so this gag gift is sure to get a few laughs.

Like a to-do list, this type of prescription pad isn’t for medications. You can make your own or buy a list online. With recommendations like “Get some sunshine” or “Stay at home,” how can you go wrong?

17. Pajamas

All doctors need their beauty rest, so why not gift a funny pair of pajamas?

With so many options to choose from, this is sure to put a smile on their face. It’s also practical! Pick a style that fits them best, preferably one that’s a bit silly and fun. 

18. Wine or beer

Last but not least, wine or beer is almost always appreciated. To add some humor, swap the label for a prescription or add a tag saying “doctor’s orders.” Who said a glass of wine a day wouldn’t keep the doctor away?

Find the Perfect Surgeon Gifts

Surgeons put in long hours and dedication to help others stay safe, healthy, and well. Say “thank you” for their experience and dedication with one of these appreciation gifts above. From the practical to the laugh-out-loud funny, there are so many things to choose from. 

While a thank-you note is always welcome, going the extra mile with a gift can put an even bigger smile on their face. Show them just how much their work means to you with a small token of kindness. Doctors are the definition of selflessness, so it’s time to give back. 

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